Hitori de Yoru wa Koe Rarenai 2.5

Hitori De Yoru Wa Koe Rarenai

Chapter 4

518 Sep 11,23 Matsumoto Yoh

1950s Japan. Ex-soldier, Seishirou, is working as a waiter in a cabaret near an American military base, passing his days in a stagnant cycle. One day, he is approached by Jim, an American soldier who speaks fluent Japanese. Seishirou is moved by Jim's soft smile, and Jim soon confesses his interest in him. Seishirou sees this as a chance to change his life."Shall we try doing this whole 'coupl
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Koukan Kougai 3.6

Koukan Kougai

Chapter 2

651 Aug 24,23 Yamazaki Kazuma

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Heaven Instance Dungeon - Steal the Handsome Guy’s Heart 2.7

Heaven Instance Dungeon - Steal The Handsome Guy’S Heart

Chapter 87

2.1K Aug 09,23 Snap Studio (三原社/热萌文化/猫猫子/社畜本人)

A handsome CEO's soul was transmigrated to heaven and became a beautiful angel named Bracchi. His task is to collect love noumenons by going into fictional worlds and seducing the characters. However, no matter how many men Bracchi seduces, there's only once man that he yearns for: Lucifer
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Galewind Murim Tales 4.4

Galewind Murim Tales

Chapter 4

3.9K Jul 21,23 Saber, Clear water

The protagonist, who was thoroughly enjoying training female characters in a game, unexpectedly finds himself falling into the world of murim. At first, he was bewildered and desperately striving to survive. However, as time passed, he become stronger in the murim realm and made a vow to build his own harem while traveling through the murim world, training various talented female warriors...
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Troublesome Sister 4.1

Troublesome Sister

Chapter 13

11.7K Jul 08,23 Chanis

Eun-Seol, who always took care of me and played with me when my friends didn’t play with me because I was sick. The problem is that even when you become an adult, you treat them like a baby. In the end, even when I came to college, the nickname ‘Bae-dung-i’ spread and became an outsider. Now, even if you look like a man to your sister, you have to get away with treating her like a child.
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Bad Thinking Diary 4.1

Bad Thinking Diary

Chapter 61: [Review]

20.6K Jul 07,23 Park Do-Han

Min-Ji and Yu-Na, who have always been together. From the age of 17 to the age of 21, they are each other’s best friends. From one day the relationship is subtly different. Min-Ji’s wild dream about Yu-Na started! Their relationship begins to change into something other than their best friendship. Unrequited love, excitement, and obsession. “‘bad ideas” growing up in their own minds. Where will th
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Meeting You Again 4.3

Meeting You Again

Chapter 40.5

12.1K Jun 29,23 Hijun

Kyung-Soo, a high school teacher has his eye on Yura, a girl student who resembles his first love. Even if I draw the line by saying "I am a teacher and she is a student", Yura tempts me even more "Sir... I am an adult now so don't hold back."
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Deviant Diary 3.6

Deviant Diary

Chapter 46.5

17.2K Jun 25,23 PYO

A collection of short stories with hot art, kinky sex similar to 'Sexual Exploits'. The writer of 'Sexual exploits' is supervising 'Deviant Diary' too.
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Gyakure Banchou Zenpen 3.8

Gyakure Banchou Zenpen

Chapter 2

4.6K Jun 20,23 Miyashiro Yousuke

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Die if you aren't a virgin 3.6

Die If You Aren't A Virgin

Chapter 16

1.9K Jun 11,23 Samjang Shaman

On the first day of his transfer, Gyu-tae fell in love with Seok, who greeted him warmly. He dreams of a "real" first love story with him, but soon he hears a bolt from the blue. "I think men who are not virgins should die". Shocked by Seok's strange love philosophy, Gyutae, who had been in a crush for years, one day witnessed Seok receiving a ring from another man...
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A One Time Mistake 3.7

A One Time Mistake

Chapter 5

421 Jun 01,23 Haseo

Seongmin, who is a rent boy, has repeatedly failed to satisfy his customers, but promises to succeed this one last time. Somehow managing to mistake another man for his client, he leads the wrong person back to the hotel. But, this man turns out to be the boss of a criminal organization?
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Lightning Rod 3.6

Lightning Rod

Vol.2 Chapter 19: Finally I Have A Girlfriend

2.4K Jun 01,23 Kkamja (깜자)

After a lightning strike, an ordinary loser begin’s his extraordinary life.
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I Had Sex With My Sister And Then I Had Sex With Her Friends 4.1

I Had Sex With My Sister And Then I Had Sex With Her Friends

Vol.1 Chapter 10.5: On My Journey... (Expectation)

9.9K Jun 01,23 Itaba Hiroshi

1. Instead of her boyfriend...2. Since you asked for a video...3. Since you asked to see it raw...4. Since you asked for a three-some...5. Since you asked for his cock...6. Since everyone was begging...7. Since there's no one else...8. Since it's just masturbation...9. Since you said to be an adult...10. But it feels so good...10.5 Bonus - On my journey... (
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Mitsudaku Kanojo 3.4

Mitsudaku Kanojo

Vol.1 Chapter 12: Good Intentions, Acts, And The Changing Room

3.8K Jun 01,23 Sabashi Renya

1. Oneechan ni Omakase♡ (Just Leave It to Oneechan!)2. Honto no Kimochi (True Feelings)3. Hitorigurashi Banzai! (Living Alone Rocks!)4. Itazura♡Date (Tease Date)5. Dokidoki♡Date (Exciting Date)6. Nami no Manimani (At the Mercy of the Waves)7. My Loving Wife8. Sweet Sweet9. Rinjin Bath Romance (Roman Bath Neighbor)10. Reikan Onsen (Supernatural Hot Spring)11.
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Don't treat me as a child 2.1

Don't Treat Me As A Child

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Private One-On-One Corrective Love Counseling

2.3K Jun 01,23 Rico

1. Koakuma Trap (Little Devil Trap)2. Gimai-chan wa Shibararetai (Mana-chan Wants to be Tied Up) (My Little Step-Sister Wants to be Tied Up)3. Onii-chan wo Hitorijime (Monopolizing Onii-chan)4. JC Imouto S Mode ♥ (My Middle-School Little-Sister's Sadist Mode)5. Himitsu no Renai Kobetsu Shidou (Private One-on-one Corrective Love Counseling)**TAGS****MALE** glasses, teacher,
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Chiisana Kanojo no Meswitch 2.2

Chiisana Kanojo No Meswitch

Vol.1 Chapter 9: Onii-Chan's Exclusive Bitch

2K Jun 01,23 Rico

1. Hitomebore2. Kimi ni Shooting (Shooting in You)3. Loli na Kanojo no Meswitch (My Loli Girlfriend and her Female Instinct)4. Benkyou yori mo Ecchi Shiyo♥ (Forget Studying! Let's Fuck!)5. Chippai Karada de Hadakanbyou6. Amai Itazura Tabehoudai (Sweet Prank Smorgasbord)7. Onii-chan no Sukumizu Model♥8. Suteneko Nyan Nyan9. Onii-chan Senzoku Bitch (Onii-chan's Exclus
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Family, Now and Forever. 2.8

Family, Now And Forever.

Chapter 6.5

1.4K Apr 26,23 Hakase

Naguru lives with his son, Towa, and his boyfriend, Herapi, as they spend their warm and peaceful days watching innocent Towa grow up.
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Yaoyorozu Sex~My Virginity Was Taken by Japanese Gods~ 3.2

Yaoyorozu Sex~My Virginity Was Taken By Japanese Gods~

Chapter 1

3.2K Apr 13,23 prhs

"If he keeps licking me like that, I’m gonna-…!" Strange-looking customers bet on a figure being fiddled and played with on stage. The one on auction is my virginity…
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Childhood Bride 4.2

Childhood Bride

Chapter 44

31.8K Apr 04,23 Yoo Wol

Coming back to his hometown in 7 years, this place has changed into a place that no man can resists, unlike what it used to be! A noona wearing a sexy female diver suit, up to his sexy mom’s friend with a mature figure that stimulates the hearts of men…! “The things we weren’t able to do back then… Shall we do it now?”
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Gimai ni Ani wo Torarete Shimatta Namaiki Imouto-chan +18 4.2

Gimai Ni Ani Wo Torarete Shimatta Namaiki Imouto-Chan +18

Chapter 2

4.5K Mar 31,23 Contllenge

The version you read along with your sister.
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Kyoudai Ai 2.6

Kyoudai Ai

Vol.1 Chapter 10: Passionate

2.2K Mar 30,23 Hindenburg

1-2. Aru Shimai (A Certain Pair Of Sisters)3. Kyoudai Ai (Sibling Love)4-6. Kazoku no Himegoto (Family Secret)7. Enkyori Renai (Long-distance Love)8. Futago no Imouto (Twin Sisters)9. Kimi ni Goal-in (Goal In To You)10. PassionateTAGS-male: rape, shotacon-female: anal, big breasts, bloomers, defloration, double penetration, glasses, impregnation, lactation, loli
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National Married Academy 3.8

National Married Academy

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Her Little Brother Is Her Imaginary/ideal Boyfriend 2

4.8K Mar 30,23 Maimu-Maimu

1-4. Kokuritsu Hitozuma Gakuen (National Wives Academy) 5. Nama Hame Tsuushin (Live Sex Broadcast) 6-7. Otouto wa Mousou Risou Kareshi (Her Little Brother Is Her Imaginary/Ideal Boyfriend)TAGS-male: bondage, business suit, teacher, virginity-female: anal, apron, big breasts, bloomers, blowjob, bondage, breast feeding, catgirl, cheating, collar, defloration, exhibitionism, gag,
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