Kenja no Ishi 5

Kenja No Ishi

Chapter 22 : The Island Of Silence 2

356 Jan 20,16 Akino Matsuri

From Aerandria Scans: Mysterious alchemist Lorenzo Lusignano, descendant of the royal family of Cyprus, is searching for the ultimate secret of alchemy – the Philosopher’s stone “Elixir.” Rumors of this blood-red gem creep everywhere, but nobody seems to have seen it, so Lorenzo’s travels through Europe’s Renaissance are never easy.
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Oukoku no Ko 4.5

Oukoku No Ko

Vol.1 Ch.1 : A Candidate For Stand-In

103 Jan 20,16 Bikke

{Paradise Love Scanlations} One country‘s cruel custom: “leading the life of a stand-in……“. Away from the center of the city in a theater, an actor, a boy called Robert, is asked to become the stand-in of Elisabeth who has the right of succeeding to the throne. “I will definitely survive and come back-“. Is Robert to be swallowed by the things to come as the wheel of fortune starts to spin? Decei
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Sengoku Basara 2 4.5

Sengoku Basara 2

Vol.2 Ch.8.1 : Side-Story Mini Sengoku Basara

130 Jan 20,16 Haibara Yaku

From Bliss: With the death of Nobunaga, Japan is thrown into a mist of battle once again as the many warlords of the nation try to unite it as one. But can any succeed when faced against Nobunaga's sucessor, Toyotomi and his lust for power thats sets the flame for war as he try to take over the world fulfilling his ambitions of absolute power?
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Sengoku BASARA Ranse Ranbu 5

Sengoku Basara Ranse Ranbu

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Showdown!!

124 Jan 20,16 Shimotsuki Kairi

The manga is about the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States Period) of Feudal Japan. The rulers of the land - Daimyo - and their servants - Samurai - fight to get the rule of all Japan. Especially, the most powerful ones are the Devil King Oda Nobunaga of Owari, the Tiger of Kai Takeda Shingen, the Dragon of Echigo Uesugi Kenshin, the Hojos of Odawara Castle
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Sengoku Jieitai 1549 4.8

Sengoku Jieitai 1549

Vol.1 Ch.4.5 : Afterword

151 Jan 20,16 Hanmura Ryo

A military test accidentally sends a modern-day army back in time to feudal Japan. When their actions in the past begin to have an effect on the present, another unit is dispatched to retrieve them. But the commander of the lost unit has other plans. He intends to use his advanced technology to conquer Japan and change his country's destiny. -- {Summary by Manga
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Sentiero 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

96 Jan 20,16 Inariya Fusanosuke

Inariya returns to war fiction, with this story of two Italian soldiers on the Russian front during the last days of WWII.
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Shiawase no Ashioto 5

Shiawase No Ashioto

Vol.1 Ch.6

150 Jan 20,16 Morii Akira

Collection of 6 oneshots: 1) Shiawase no Ashioto 2) Omoi no Yukue 3) Magic Smile 4) Travelers with Prince 5) Kimi bi Yori Artist Okano has a crush on his roommate, feckless Tsukamoto. When Tsukamoto asks Okano to teach him to draw, Okano treasures their time together. But will it last? 6) Seiten no Hekireki Aihara is afraid of his room, because it's making strange sounds. Fujit
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Shinden Yuuden Kakumeihen - Ochita Kuroi Yuusha no Densetsu 5

Shinden Yuuden Kakumeihen - Ochita Kuroi Yuusha No Densetsu

Vol.1 Chapter 1

131 Jan 20,16 Kagami Takaya

The tyrannical rule, foolish king and greedy nobles cause the powerless citizens nothing but misfortune. In this ruined land, Sion Astal, the son of King Roland and an ordinary woman is faced with the difficult destiny of rescuing the country...and his friend!
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"garo" Keisai Sakuhin

Vol.1 Ch.34 : 5 Yen Coin

75 Jan 20,16 Mizuki Shigeru

Anthology of Mizuki's Garo stories.
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Kumo o Koroshita Otoko 5

Kumo O Koroshita Otoko

Vol.1 Ch.2

102 Jan 20,16 Ima Ichiko

In a country without water, there existed a ritual whereby the people prayed for it. In this country said to be inhabited by the Cloud Dragon, legends speaks of a dragon tamer who can bring rain. Presenting, a collection of grand oriental fantasies including "The Man Who Slayed the Clouds," and three other stories.
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Shipwrecked 4.8


Vol.2 Chapter 10

200 Jan 20,16 Jung Hye-na

From Entropy: William’s mother is now tired of his fantasies and dreams of traveling to the east. He is in danger of getting married and never being able to see the wonders of the world! Through his friend Yan’s help, he sneaks on to a Dutch ship that’s heading for Nagasaki, Japan… But he doesn’t even know how long it will take to get there. Then, the ship hits a storm and William, trapped in his
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Ryuurouden 4.6


Vol.28 Chapter 110 : Shadow Of Destroying Phoenix

2K Jan 20,16 Yamahara Yoshito

A shounen story where 2 teenagers went back in time to the "Three Kingdoms" period of China. An entertaining action series with some light moment & a bit of romance. You also get to learn a bit about that era. From JanKenPon: Middle schoolers, Shiro and Masumi, encountered a mysterious dragon that brought them back to the time of the Three Kingdoms; situated in ancient China. As soon as they a
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Lost in London 5

Lost In London

Vol.5 Ch.33 : [End]

537 Jan 20,16 Lee Eun Young

Mysterious murders have been taking place in town lately and everyone is uneasy. Anne may look like an ordinary teenage girl in plain human’s eyes but she has something unique and exotic that attracts Vampires. May it be her blood type or even something in her skin that makes vampires so attracted to her? No one knows... One thing is for sure, Vampires keep coming in the city she lives in and they
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Hayabusa - Sanada Dengekichou 5

Hayabusa - Sanada Dengekichou

Vol.3 Chapter 17.5

258 Jan 20,16 Matsunaga Kuuya

From Shoujo-Sense: Sasuke Sarutobi is the commander of the Sanada army's elite force, Hayabusa. While Sasuke serves Yukimura with respect and love, within his squad he is known to be very strict and have an extreme S personality. As Sasuke twists their arms to make them stand up to it, Hayabusa members strive day after day to uphold their duty... Note: S = sadist
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Nobunagan 4.9



166 Jan 20,16 Hisa Masato

Shio Ogura is a Japanese high school student, who is visiting Taiwan on a school trip when she is suddenly attacked by monsters. Agents known as "E-Gene Holders" from the government agency DOGOO also arrive, who wield weapons infused with the spirits of historical figures. Shio is revealed to also be an E-Gene Holder when the soul of Oda Nobunaga awakens after she tries to rescue a frien
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Sui Tang Heroes 4.8

Sui Tang Heroes

Vol.3 Ch.15

209 Jan 20,16 Yung Kao

From At the end of the Sui Dynasty (581AD - 618AD), the oppression from the Imperial Court threw China into chaos as rebellions erupted all over the country. Duke of Tang, Li Yuan, decides to return to his hometown Taiyuan in order to avoid the dangerous political games. Meanwhile, a young priestess prophesizes a white dragon--the symbol of rulers--for the Li family. She keeps a close
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Twin Cross 5

Twin Cross

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Blank

83 Jan 20,16 Hazuki Shinobu

Once upon a time when gods' world is so close to the Earth. There are four god families symbolize East - West - South - North called Seiryuu, Byakko, Suzaku and Genbu. Kira is original god of Kouryuu - the central god family which is the most powerful. Someday, while travelling with his brother, Kira met with an accident which made him lose power and felt to the Earth. Later, while looking for the
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Kuro Kishi Monogatari 5

Kuro Kishi Monogatari

Vol.1 Chapter 16.5 : World War 3 In Japan: Soviet Invasion Of Japan!

259 Jan 20,16 Kobayashi Motofumi

Action manga about the German 8th tank company on the Eastern Front of WW2 during the fall of 1943.
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Goshimei Bushou Sanada Yukimura - Kageroi 5

Goshimei Bushou Sanada Yukimura - Kageroi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

87 Jan 20,16 Asaoka Shuku

In the year 1589, the Tokugawa clan is looking for a way to destroy Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi depends on the resourceful, intelligent samurai Sanada Yukimura to help him protect his people and foil the plots of his enemies. He also assigns the loud-mouthed, impetuous shinobi Sarutobi Sasuke to work with Sanada -- to their mutual annoyance. Though each disapproves of the other's approach to cri
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Kamidori 5



81 Jan 20,16 Ikezawa Haruto

The peerless chivalrous thief is finally caught!! The poor Goemon will be boiled in a pot!? The oneshot about the great thief who doesn't even fear the gods.
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Karasu 4.6


Chapter 1

86 Jan 20,16 Machida Kazuya

During the fourth year of the Keiou Era (1868), the Sendai Domain tries to gather men to fight against the loyalist army, allowing even peasants to join their ranks. Amidst the unrest, orphaned brothers Taichi and Souji are reduced to begging and unwilling to die on the streets, Taichi suggests joining the Samurai. While reluctant, Souji follows his older brother but their uneducated ignorance
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Tarantula 4.2


Vol.1 Ch.2 : Paradise Of Fools

122 Jan 20,16 Minami Megumu

Collection of One Shots: Chapter 1 ~ Tarantula The story of the man Tara and Dietrich during the Holy Crusades of Europe, when greed and lust overcame men. Tara captures Dietrich and seduces him into his bed. What follows is the history behind Tara's current predicament, his purpose, and the journey back. It must be said that there is something ominous about Tara's name - Tarantula. Chapter
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Te to Kuchi 4.9

Te To Kuchi

Ch.9 : Orin's Misfortune

298 Jan 20,16 Oosaki Tomohito

With the setting of Edo, we have that the more a wealthy a city grows, the more people will gather, and as a side effect more seeds of discord can easily be found. In one hand we have Shusuke, a slacker "almost" apprentice of a merchant with a rather large mouth who is pretty skilled in conversational skills and reading into people's intentions. In the other hand we have Rie, and gracious Yamat
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