Lost in London 5

Lost In London

Vol.5 Ch.33 : [End]

283,899 Jan 20,16 Lee Eun Young

Mysterious murders have been taking place in town lately and everyone is uneasy. Anne may look like an ordinary teenage girl in plain human’s eyes but she has something unique and exotic that attracts Vampires. May it be her blood type or even something in her skin that makes vampires so attracted to her? No one knows... One thing is for sure, Vampires keep coming in the city she lives in and they
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Hayabusa - Sanada Dengekichou 5

Hayabusa - Sanada Dengekichou

Vol.3 Chapter 17.5

137,018 Jan 20,16 Matsunaga Kuuya

From Shoujo-Sense: Sasuke Sarutobi is the commander of the Sanada army's elite force, Hayabusa. While Sasuke serves Yukimura with respect and love, within his squad he is known to be very strict and have an extreme S personality. As Sasuke twists their arms to make them stand up to it, Hayabusa members strive day after day to uphold their duty... Note: S = sadist
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Nobunagan 5



71,235 Jan 20,16 Hisa Masato

Shio Ogura is a Japanese high school student, who is visiting Taiwan on a school trip when she is suddenly attacked by monsters. Agents known as "E-Gene Holders" from the government agency DOGOO also arrive, who wield weapons infused with the spirits of historical figures. Shio is revealed to also be an E-Gene Holder when the soul of Oda Nobunaga awakens after she tries to rescue a frien
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Sui Tang Heroes 4.9

Sui Tang Heroes

Vol.3 Ch.15

108,096 Jan 20,16 Yung Kao

From At the end of the Sui Dynasty (581AD - 618AD), the oppression from the Imperial Court threw China into chaos as rebellions erupted all over the country. Duke of Tang, Li Yuan, decides to return to his hometown Taiyuan in order to avoid the dangerous political games. Meanwhile, a young priestess prophesizes a white dragon--the symbol of rulers--for the Li family. She keeps a close
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The Grand Legend Ramayana 5

The Grand Legend Ramayana

Ch.0 : Preview

39,777 Jan 20,16 Is Yuniarto

A Fantasy Fiction comic that inspired by a tale of Rama and Laksmana...
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Twin Cross 5

Twin Cross

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Blank

39,134 Jan 20,16 Hazuki Shinobu

Once upon a time when gods' world is so close to the Earth. There are four god families symbolize East - West - South - North called Seiryuu, Byakko, Suzaku and Genbu. Kira is original god of Kouryuu - the central god family which is the most powerful. Someday, while travelling with his brother, Kira met with an accident which made him lose power and felt to the Earth. Later, while looking for the
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Kuro Kishi Monogatari 5

Kuro Kishi Monogatari

Vol.1 Chapter 16.5 : World War 3 In Japan: Soviet Invasion Of Japan!

130,612 Jan 20,16 Kobayashi Motofumi

Action manga about the German 8th tank company on the Eastern Front of WW2 during the fall of 1943.
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Teikoku Kyoudai 4.7

Teikoku Kyoudai

Vol.4 Ch.13

172,955 Jan 20,16 Kaji Eiri

A story of two half brothers, Robert and Emile met each other just three years ago when they both started working for the emperor. Robert was promoted to captain of the Royal Guard at the young age of 17, while his younger brother Emile remains a Royal Guard and lady killer of the court. Though Emile is the younger brother, he feels a need to protect Robert. So when Robert is targeted at a parade,
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Goshimei Bushou Sanada Yukimura - Kageroi 5

Goshimei Bushou Sanada Yukimura - Kageroi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

40,738 Jan 20,16 Asaoka Shuku

In the year 1589, the Tokugawa clan is looking for a way to destroy Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi depends on the resourceful, intelligent samurai Sanada Yukimura to help him protect his people and foil the plots of his enemies. He also assigns the loud-mouthed, impetuous shinobi Sarutobi Sasuke to work with Sanada -- to their mutual annoyance. Though each disapproves of the other's approach to cri
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Kamidori 5



36,716 Jan 20,16 Ikezawa Haruto

The peerless chivalrous thief is finally caught!! The poor Goemon will be boiled in a pot!? The oneshot about the great thief who doesn't even fear the gods.
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Karasu 5


Chapter 1

37,942 Jan 20,16 Machida Kazuya

During the fourth year of the Keiou Era (1868), the Sendai Domain tries to gather men to fight against the loyalist army, allowing even peasants to join their ranks. Amidst the unrest, orphaned brothers Taichi and Souji are reduced to begging and unwilling to die on the streets, Taichi suggests joining the Samurai. While reluctant, Souji follows his older brother but their uneducated ignorance
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Tarantula 4.2


Vol.1 Ch.2 : Paradise Of Fools

55,155 Jan 20,16 Minami Megumu

Collection of One Shots: Chapter 1 ~ Tarantula The story of the man Tara and Dietrich during the Holy Crusades of Europe, when greed and lust overcame men. Tara captures Dietrich and seduces him into his bed. What follows is the history behind Tara's current predicament, his purpose, and the journey back. It must be said that there is something ominous about Tara's name - Tarantula. Chapter
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Te to Kuchi 4.9

Te To Kuchi

Ch.9 : Orin's Misfortune

147,340 Jan 20,16 Oosaki Tomohito

With the setting of Edo, we have that the more a wealthy a city grows, the more people will gather, and as a side effect more seeds of discord can easily be found. In one hand we have Shusuke, a slacker "almost" apprentice of a merchant with a rather large mouth who is pretty skilled in conversational skills and reading into people's intentions. In the other hand we have Rie, and gracious Yamat
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Kootetsu no Hana 5

Kootetsu No Hana

Vol.1 Chapter 3

89,044 Jan 20,16 Kanno Aya

From Saigo no Shou: During the turbulent Bakumatsu, a group defends the capital city of Kyoto and the Tokugawa Bakufu: the Shinsengumi. The man known as a "demon" throughout the group: Vice Commander Hijikata Toshizo. The top swordsman in the group, one who looks up to Hijikata: Okita Souji. But deep inside Okita's heart lies an Okita who hates Hijikata with a passion... and that Okita is about
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Xue Lian 4.9

Xue Lian

Vol.2 Ch.7 : Seedling

104,154 Jan 20,16 Yan Xi

Legend has it that on the last day of every year, demons and evil creatures would create havoc. People named this as "Nian". On one snowing day of this day, a pretty young man with long silky hair picked up an abandoned baby and named her as "Xue". 15 years later, Xue has grown up to be a young lady. One day, a young man appeared and told Xue with a gentle voice that could melt the coldest ice,
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Tenshi no Fukuin 4.7

Tenshi No Fukuin

Vol.1 Ch.6

68,222 Jan 20,16 Togawa Mitomo

In olden Britian, Orland, who is in search for the key to becoming King, meets a beautiful priest by the name of Ethelred, who is on the verge of being killed as a sacrifice. Now begins the dangerous adventure of these two, who have met in a chaotic world surrounded by swords and spiritual beliefs...
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Tenshou no Ryoma 5

Tenshou No Ryoma

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Escape

41,651 Jan 20,16 Umemura Shinya

From Easy Going Scans: At the end of the age of shogunates, a great man is given a second chance to restore a crumbling, feudal Japan. Toward the end of the Edo Period, samurai and visionary Sakamoto Ryouma led a revolutionary movement to overthrow the Takagawa Shogunate. Inspired by the Western principle of "all men created equal", he envisioned a modern Japanese government, free of oppress
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In Full Bloom 4.9

In Full Bloom


484,386 Jan 20,16 YON Jae-won

One ruler...One assassinOriginal webcomic:
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Goblin Mad Dog 4.6

Goblin Mad Dog


60,273 Jan 20,16 Fujisawa Tohru

Crossover between Ino Head Gargoyle and GTO. > Ino-Head Gargoyle( )> GTO ( )
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Seiki No Raito Oria 5

Seiki No Raito Oria

Vol.1 Ch.1 : The Begining Of The New Hero

33,241 Jan 20,16 Karaida,Asraf94

Collona Merri is a remote country whereby experiencing a strange phenomena that seldom occur in other countries, ''The Light Sparks''. Due to the phenomena, one group of its citizens obtains a mysterious power that is unknown. However, the country was in peace and harmony for 89 years until the strike of an unexpected war. Leighton, which was only 12 years old at that time was selling fruits in th
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Kantai Collection -KanColle- nano desu! 4.9

Kantai Collection -Kancolle- Nano Desu!

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Countermeasure Committee, Setting Sail…...nanodesu!

44,189 Jan 20,16 Nanaroku

Inazuma and Ikazuchi, the Akatsuki-class Destroyer Kanmusume fighting with the Abyssals as their duty in the Naval School, had a secret they couldn't tell to other Kanmusume"When we fight, we want to win, but we want to save their that weird?"The kindhearted Kanmusume will do their best at their duty today as well.
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Digimon: Data Hunters 4.3

Digimon: Data Hunters

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Awakening Of Chirubi, Helpf Of Akari And Bunnymon

41,781 Jan 20,16 Watermelon Kid,Matd

Akiko Chirubi (明子 智流美) is a boy who studies at highschool in Tokyo. When he turns to 17, his life suddenly changes. He starts to hear strange parasyte voice on his mind and gets confused and mad. Moreover a digital virus occupies smarts phones world wide and very strange situations occur everyday. His best friend Tsukide Akari (月出 光 ) tries to calm down and help Chirubi but she has a secret. There
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Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet 5

Todd Allison And The Petunia Violet

Vol.1 Ch.11 : Fame & Fotune

101,608 Jan 20,16 Nozmo

The first time Petunia Elkwood met Todd Allison was an accident and the next time she met him was also an accident. It was also an accident that they came to live next door to each other in an apartment and it was perhaps an accident still when Petunia Elkwood found out something about Todd Allison that she wasn't quite sure what to make of.
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