Fushou no Musuko 5

Fushou No Musuko

Vol.01 Chapter 7 : That Lovely Girl

49,965 Nov 19,18 Shimura Takako

Shinichi works as a mangaka's assistant while trying to get published himself, but his determination falters when his father gets remarried…to a teacher Shinichi had a crush on years ago and who was the inspiration for his first manga. If he gives up on his hopeless crush, will he still find inspiration for drawing?
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I Hate 4.9

I Hate

Chapter 5.5 : Extra

139,322 Nov 16,18 Natsume Kazuki

Hiro’s construction company has assigned him to assist in renovating a host club. But there he meets a familiar face, the source of his past trauma and present misery.
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Ookami Lover 4.6

Ookami Lover

Vol.01 Chapter 2 : Delivery Bride Pt. 2

81,009 Nov 13,18 Momoyama Anzu

A girl visits a dog shop owner everyday, and suddenly is confessed to by the scariest guy in school! What is she supposed to do?
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Slice of Black Chocolate 5

Slice Of Black Chocolate

Chapter 7: Alice In Underground

69,430 Oct 26,18 Mihara Mitsukazu

Generally..... a story about really cute guy trying to hook up with this really egoistic girl... although its not really like that^^ By EvilFry A guy falls for a girl who is out of his reach/from a different class. He plies her with gifts... but will these win her affection? This is a an amusing tale with a wonderful twist.
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Matsuri Night 5

Matsuri Night

Vol.1 Chapter 1

47,179 Oct 25,18 Kio Nato

Strange events during a festival night.
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Chiisaku Furikabutte 4.8

Chiisaku Furikabutte

Chapter 4 [End]

63,916 Oct 23,18 Higuchi Asa

Chiisaku Furikabutte, lit. “Small Windup”, was published in Afternoon between the tankobon publications of volumes 15 and 16 and during the 2011 hiatus, and it is a series of specials about the lives of Oofuri characters. (Nice Pitching!)
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Poor Mama 4.7

Poor Mama

Chapter 5: Poor Mama

48,144 Oct 18,18 Hagio Moto

A man returns from a trip after hearing news about his former love's passing.
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Honey Honey Boy - He Is a Sweet Temptation 4.2

Honey Honey Boy - He Is A Sweet Temptation

Chapter 50.5

968,053 Oct 16,18 Shinjo Mayu

The new student body president, Kiyomasa Saionji, is more strict about rules and punishments--and poor Rika can't stop breaking the rules. Is Kiyomasa too strict? Is Rika just too clumsy? ...Or are the punishments a sweet temptation?
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Dandan 5


Extra Story: Red Tulip In The Language Of Flowers

107,611 Oct 15,18 Hagiwara Saori

Matsuki and Nishimori have been best friends, but when Matsuki develops romantic feelings for her, he decides to confess. His unrequited love means little to Nishimori because she doesn't see him the same way and she's perfectly content with the friendship they have now. Can the flames ever be rekindled or will it remain cold?
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Ramune no Shalala 4.1

Ramune No Shalala

Chapter 115

864,182 Oct 06,18 Tagura Tooru

It's a story about summer, pool and Ramune.
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Apple Lip-tan 4.7

Apple Lip-Tan

Chapter 0 V2 : [Oneshot]

57,750 Sep 27,18 Komatsu Eeji

Oneshot about a Tea Fairy with the mission of giving a better taste to the tea.
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Senpai to Douseichuu 4.1

Senpai To Douseichuu

Vol.01 Chapter 4 : Vol 01

83,251 Sep 20,18 Asano Minako

A story about a girl that's living with the guy of her dreams, clichéd manga
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Trigun: Rising 5

Trigun: Rising

Chapter 3: Trigun: The Lost Plant

63,986 Sep 16,18 Takeyama Yuusuke

A oneshot to celebrate the release of the Trigun movie. The story focuses on Rai The Blade, one of the Gung-Ho Guns, who is living in a small Plant town.
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Sensei, Ote o Douzo? 4.4

Sensei, Ote O Douzo?

Chapter 1: Oneshot

75,265 Sep 05,18 Takanashi Sora

This one-shot is a short but sweet age-gap romance about a girl named Hina who has suffered from social anxiety ever since she was a kid. Back then, her nursery school teacher Satoru-sensei encouraged her and helped her face her fears. Hina later grew up to become a nursery school teacher herself thanks to Satoru-sensei's influence. But when Hina gets a job at the same nursery school as him, Sator
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Past Heaven 4.7

Past Heaven

Chapter 1: Oneshot

76,317 Sep 04,18 HANATSU Yaya

Continuation from .traeH. After became a friend, finally Yuu visits Ayumu's home for the first time and learns that she lives alone. What follows is a story of holding on to the past and learning to move forward.
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Scandal (GOTOU Yuuki) 5

Scandal (Gotou Yuuki)

Chapter 4: Delusion Diary

103,069 Aug 30,18 Gotou Yuuki

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Ritz 5


Chapter 8: Ritz - Final Hand

89,433 Aug 25,18 Owada Hideki

From Manga Updates Oneshot about Saki author Kobayashi Ritz, who revolutionized the world of mahjong manga with her mix of "moe" and "mahjong".
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XXX Allergy 4.7

Xxx Allergy

Chapter: Bonus 3

516,759 Aug 25,18 Hinohara Meguru

Canis Major Scanlation: Growing up in an environment full of all kinds of animals, there’s only one animal that Shouhei loves and that’s rabbits. Because of his love for rabbits, he sometimes helps out in a rabbit specialist shop. And there, he meets Mito Itsuki, his unrequited love. However, he has a secret he has to keep no matter what. Would he be able to keep that secret in order t
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Kanda-kun to Serizawa-san 5

Kanda-Kun To Serizawa-San

Chapter 1: Oneshot

72,603 Aug 16,18 東385 (Higashi385)

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Rabbit Foot 4.4

Rabbit Foot

Chapter 5

96,662 Aug 14,18

Rabbit Foot is a oneshot about a treasure hunter from the sky who recruits a passerby to help her look for a treasured doll located in the world below.
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-Rain- 4.6


Chapter 88

1,786,478 Aug 07,18 Hayase Hashiba

On a rainy day, when Mai got stood up by the guy she likes, she met a beautiful girl who told her that she was the Rain and that she had come because of her tears. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart. A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season.
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I Want to Lock You Up 4.2

I Want To Lock You Up

Chapter 5

272,545 Jul 16,18 Rokuroichi

In her dreams, Chika can freely confess her love for Mitsuki. But the reality, where she barely manages to talk properly with her classmate, isn't as kind.
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Akogare no Onee-san 4.1

Akogare No Onee-San

Chapter: Oneshot

478,757 Jul 05,18 Ogino Jun

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Xuerende Liwu 4.5

Xuerende Liwu

Vol.01 Chapter 6 : Vol 01

61,969 Jun 29,18

A girl granting a little boy's wish...
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