A Small World 5

A Small World

Vol.1 Chapter 1.1

71,318 Jan 20,16 Nishikata Mai

High Schooler Mei's parents have both passed away. The only family she has left in the world is her happy-go-lucky step father. Since her mom's passing she has had one question that she wanted to ask him...
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A Cat That Loved A Fish 5

A Cat That Loved A Fish

Chapter 0 : Our Love That Fell Asleep

35,033 Jan 20,16 Yoon Mi-kyung

Two step-siblings explore an aquarium, while one of the step-siblings thinks of their love for the other.
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-SINS- 5



34,289 Jan 20,16 Miura Masataka

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Gengenji 5


Chapter 0

35,748 Jan 20,16 Sasaki Goro

From Village Idiot: I want to paint it red. Gengenji. A beautifully portrayed story about how emotion can truly warp one's true desires, and the lengths that they're willing to take to control them.
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Genesis 4.4



40,003 Jan 20,16 Kago Shintaro

The Biblical story of the Genesis, revised and depicted with the usual unholy irony of Kago, with delirious situations quickly following one after another. The story is from the collection called Kasutoru Shiki.
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Get Nude 4.3

Get Nude

Chapter 0

48,318 Jan 20,16 Hanamori Pink

When you look in the dictionary for "uptight" the definition is Misao Moshiki. She's head of the school Disciplinary Committee, and if you take one step out of line you're history. Until she zeroes in on school playboy Subaru Shibatani. In her zeal she accidentally ruins his shirt. In return he tells her he'll keep quiet about it if she goes with him to the beach on Saturday. Misao's world is comi
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Ginrou no Sakura 4.7

Ginrou No Sakura

Vol.0 Chapter 1

66,585 Jan 20,16 Hibiki Wataru

"A beautiful wolf with silver hair and silver eyes -- surely I'll be captured..."
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Good-bye, My 19 year Old Self 4.4

Good-Bye, My 19 Year Old Self

Vol.1 Chapter 0

40,665 Jan 20,16 Kim Mi Jung

Jin-Pyo is in love... but with his brother's girlfriend. Sadness and tragedy will come out of it.
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Hatsukoi no Chikai 4.2

Hatsukoi No Chikai

Chapter 1 : First Love's Pledge

49,547 Jan 20,16 Takemiya Jin

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Grant My Wish Aizen 4.7

Grant My Wish Aizen

Vol.1 Chapter 2

89,827 Jan 20,16 Minamoto Yuu

Aizen Kanou, named after the God of Love, is almost terrified of girls and his luck is not about to get any better when he wishes for a hot girl... and the spirit of his family grants him one - himself. And so Aizen become female to his utter dismay. From Baka-Updates: Aizen Kanou, just like any high-school boy, yearns for a girlfriend. But he's so painfully shy he flees when any girl trie
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H2 Love 5

H2 Love

Vol.1 Chapter 1

62,315 Jan 20,16 Azuki Ryou

Due to living with her 3 brothers and father for so long, 2nd year Mizumori Hidarishita has come to hate all guys! Against all odds, she encounters Koizumi Ikurou, an avid girl-hater because of his troublesome sister. Tired of being pursued by the opposite gender, they both seek refuge in holding onto their beliefs, but what happens when Mizumori's dream world is torn apart?
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...Curtain 5


Vol.1 Ch.5 : Love Supplication Guidance

267,721 Jan 20,16 Mizutani Kyoko

Contains 5 stories: 1. ...Curtain. Living purely together with Sensei: Hiyori Okamura is a new mathematics teacher at a high school she graduated from. She still loves Shibasaki, a chemistry teacher who she loved as a student. One day, it happened that Hiyori couldn't use her room, so she moved to Shibasaki's room in the same apartment house, and began to live there. A curtain divided the room
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'Hajimete' Ageru! 5

'hajimete' Ageru!

Vol.1 Ch.1

92,450 Jan 20,16 Hoshimori Yukimo

Sayu was quite surprised when the popular Yano-senpai told her that he likes her. Nevertheless, she is still happy to go out with him. But when others start asking why would Yano-senpai want to go out with someone like her, Sayu can’t help but also wonder why...
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Hajimete... 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 1

76,636 Jan 20,16 Hattori Miki

Yui has always loved Koutarou to the point that she became the manager of the athletic team. One day Koutarou confessed to her and they become a couple. Will there be heaven or hell waiting for Yui?
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0x0 Memories 4.3

0X0 Memories


69,094 Jan 20,16 Takeuchi Kozue

Due to an accident, Tsuda Rei has lost all of her memories. She can't remember her favorite foods, her parents, or even her childhood best friend, Ichi. Ichi drags Rei to the place where she lost her memories, but says he won't tell her anything. Then along comes the handsome upperclassman, Kujou Manabu, who tells Rei that is it okay if she doesn't remember anything...
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Step One 4.7

Step One

Ch.0 : Oneshot

91,806 Jan 20,16 Ichikawa Kei

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Kiss and Hang!! 4.6

Kiss And Hang!!

Ch.0 : Oneshot

146,043 Jan 20,16 Okashii Kankei

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Yours and My Different Meanings 4

Yours And My Different Meanings


151,025 Jan 20,16 Kanarashi Works

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