Hentai Elf to Majime Orc 4.1

Hentai Elf To Majime Orc

Chapter 11: The First Invitation [End]

3,914,303 Jan 07,19 Yudokuya (tomokichi)

It's about a super crazy-sexy elf with a very very serious Orc....
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-Rain- 4.5


Chapter 88

1,792,533 Aug 07,18 Hayase Hashiba

On a rainy day, when Mai got stood up by the guy she likes, she met a beautiful girl who told her that she was the Rain and that she had come because of her tears. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart. A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season.
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Honey Honey Boy - He Is a Sweet Temptation 4.3

Honey Honey Boy - He Is A Sweet Temptation

Chapter 50.5

975,676 Oct 16,18 Shinjo Mayu

The new student body president, Kiyomasa Saionji, is more strict about rules and punishments--and poor Rika can't stop breaking the rules. Is Kiyomasa too strict? Is Rika just too clumsy? ...Or are the punishments a sweet temptation?
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Ramune no Shalala 4.2

Ramune No Shalala

Chapter 115

866,101 Oct 06,18 Tagura Tooru

It's a story about summer, pool and Ramune.
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Toujuushi Bestialious 4.8

Toujuushi Bestialious

Vol.3 Chapter 18

843,941 Nov 05,19 Kakizaki Masasumi

70 A.D. The Roman army has conquered almost all of the human civilization, now they move towards non-humans orcs and wyverns. Durandal, last of wyverns has trained son of the man who it killed. Fin, orpahan and a slave, who wishes to see the outside world.
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Darling in the FranXX! - 4-koma 4.8

Darling In The Franxx! - 4-Koma

Chapter 78: Art Compilation

693,717 Mar 16,19 mato (Mozu Hayanie)

Official 4-koma manga for Darling in the FranXX.
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Ningyou no Kuni 4.8

Ningyou No Kuni

Chapter 36

661,531 Feb 27,20 Nihei Tsutomu

Set on a frozen planet littered with alien artifacts, Ningyou no Kuni weaves a tale of a young man and his small but fateful encounter.
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JC no Life 4.2

Jc No Life

Chapter 28

633,754 Dec 29,18 Engiyoshi

A present day, girl's secret story, effective in life.
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Kocchi Muite, Ai 4.6

Kocchi Muite, Ai

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : Kocchi Muite, Ai - Extra [End]

559,025 Dec 27,18 Michinoku Atami

Includes also oneshot: "Hi Manyuaru Ren Ai": Akio suffers because of the harsh words that the man that left him used ‘If you only were a woman, it would be a lot better.’ Asking himself ‘Why did you say something like that?’ He runs into a friend in a bar, who also was left by his partner. They’re both uke, but they try to do it anyway. Could it be that one of them has an interior seme? What will
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Vanguard of Archer 2.9

Vanguard Of Archer

Chapter 20

530,589 Aug 29,20

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XXX Allergy 4.8

Xxx Allergy

Chapter: Bonus 3

521,623 Aug 25,18 Hinohara Meguru

Canis Major Scanlation: Growing up in an environment full of all kinds of animals, there’s only one animal that Shouhei loves and that’s rabbits. Because of his love for rabbits, he sometimes helps out in a rabbit specialist shop. And there, he meets Mito Itsuki, his unrequited love. However, he has a secret he has to keep no matter what. Would he be able to keep that secret in order t
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Blue Phobia 4.7

Blue Phobia

Chapter 15: Gamble With My Body

500,558 Feb 19,20 Eri Tsuruyoshi

Winner of Shinman GP 2017.
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Akogare no Onee-san 4.1

Akogare No Onee-San

Chapter: Oneshot

481,838 Jul 05,18 Ogino Jun

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Romantic Beauty 4.3

Romantic Beauty

Vol.1 Ch.5+Extra

455,146 Jan 21,16 Doumoto Nao

Collection of 5 stories 1. Romantic Beauty - Yuka, who during the Junior High graduation got rejected by Takigawa-kun from that day on goes on a diet, loses 20 kilos, and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This is because she wants to meet up with Takigawa-kun again, confess her love a second time, and have her first time with him! The completely transformed Yuka goes back to her old home t
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Golem Hearts 4.6

Golem Hearts

Chapter 15

454,436 Feb 24,18 Gen Osuka

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Hana to Ikkun 4.4

Hana To Ikkun

Extra [End]

429,246 Dec 16,18 Abe Akane

It's the sequel to Hana ni Kuchizuke
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Cage 4.6


Vol.2 Chapter 9: Like The Barren Wasteland

378,200 Jan 18,20 Tateno Makoto

Older brother forces younger into a sexual relationship after their parents' death.
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Complex Age 4.8

Complex Age

Vol.6 Cospedia: Glossary Of Cosplay Terms

374,735 Dec 13,18 Sakuma Yui

Oneshot: Unknownst to her coworkers, Sawako, 34 years old and in her second year of marriage, has the hobby of wearing gothic lolita clothes. She had always kept it as her hobby, but as the years pass by, she begins to notice the pleasure she derives from those clothes waning...
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Fu Junai 4.7

Fu Junai

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : [Extra] How Shinohara-San Spends His Weekend

361,943 Jan 20,16 Enjouji Maki

From Alice Dreams : When Onosaka Kumiko returns home from grocery shopping, she finds a stranger waiting for her, in front of her house. The stranger, Shinohara Yuki, is an old collegue of her who quit working because of an illness - which cannot be cured. So, Shinohara wanted to tell her his feelings before he dies. Together, they start to live in Kumiko's house while living with the thoug
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Komaki x Kusame Special 4

Komaki X Kusame Special

Vol.11 Chapter 133 : -134: 133-134

357,391 Jan 20,16 Tanemura Arina

By Fateful Encounters: After Komaki confesses and Kusame accepts unwillingly, Kusame tries to break up with her, but how?
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Suki ni Naru Made Matte 4.9

Suki Ni Naru Made Matte

Vol.1 Ch.6

328,653 Apr 17,16 Shimaki Ako

Compilation of short stories. • Suki ni Naru Made Matte Whenever it was break time, Hikami-kun sat at my desk and talked with his friends. I was concerned about it, but since he is a popular guy I couldn’t say anything about it. On that fateful day, I dropped Hikami-kun’s cell in the fish tank, and now I have to be his slave?! - Manga Abyss • Uso to Koi no Hajimari Akane does a favor for
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Chiguhagu Lovers 4.7

Chiguhagu Lovers

Vol.2 Chapter 17: Well Then Everyone, Hopefully We'll Meet Again Once More Roll

324,692 Jan 21,20 Suzuki Nakaba

This story is about two childhood friends, Sayaka and Mushin, who have both practiced kendo for a long time. Sayaka is fairly strong and Mushin is not, but he dreams of protecting her anyway. Even though he doesn't realizes it, it's Sayaka the one that always protects him whenever he is in danger, without him being aware of it.... however Mujin has a strong weapon of his own, which is something th
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Mitsuai Celeb 4.6

Mitsuai Celeb

Vol.1 Ch.6

317,547 Jan 21,16 Anthology,Konno Risa,Mame Moyashi,[add],Mitsuki Kako,Motomi Kyousuke,Shiiba Nana,Yokoyama Mayumi

From Intercross: A collection of short stories. 1) Friendly Fire by YOKOYAMA Mayumi Azusa was recently dumped by her boyfriend, so her best friend, Naoto, tries to cheer her up. However, the following morning Azusa wakes up next to Naoto, naked and covered in kiss marks... What the heck happened!!?! 2) B?F Romance by MITSUKI Kako The first meeting was caused by Misato's hair getting caugh
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Hime-sama to Dorei-chan 4.3

Hime-Sama To Dorei-Chan

Chapter 1

305,950 Oct 10,16 Peachpulsar (mira)

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