Yamome no Tamago 4.4

Yamome No Tamago

Vol.1 Chapter 6: A Kiss

545,062 Aug 11,19 Akahoshi Jake

After being abandoned by his lover, Motomi vows to become an artist. One day, he is brought home by Nueno Koji, the artist he admires. That night while resting in Koji's room, Motomi accidentally saw what was going on in his neighbor's house through the window, and unexpectedly it evoked uncontrollable excitement and lust...?!
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Omega Labyrinth Dengeki Comic Anthology 4.4

Omega Labyrinth Dengeki Comic Anthology

Chapter 14: The Legend Of Omega Labyrinth (Ookawa Bkub) [End]

276,195 Jul 23,19 tenkla, SAWANOAKIRA, GENTSUKI, Tomokichi, Tatsu Tairagi, John Sitch-Oh, ARU RA UNE, Tokiwa Midori, Ekakibito, Fujishima Sei1go, Hirno, Uesugi Kyoushirou, Naoya, Ookawa Bkub

A comics anthology about girls and breasts from one of D3 Publisher’s games, titled Omega Labyrinth.
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Face 3.7


Vol.1 Chapter 7: All Of Heaven And Hell, Extra

95,001 Jul 11,19 Nishida Higashi

1-2) Face: Sakurada of the Tokyo metropolitan police is assigned to cover personal security for Prince Noora during the prince's trip to Japan. The prince takes his official duties seriously, but in his downtime all he cares about is cute boys and teasing his security personnel. And sometimes he acts extremely un-princelike, triggering disturbing suspicions for Sakurada. 3) Let
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Hanaya no Nikai de 4.6

Hanaya No Nikai De

Vol.2 Chapter 10: With Extra

137,665 Jul 06,19 Sugano Akira

This time, the focus is on the second eldest brother in the family from Mainichi Seiten — the bespectacled Akinobu who wakes up one morning in an unfamiliar bed with someone most familiar and unexpected. Mainichi Seiten series: Vol 1-2 Mainichi Seiten Vol 3-4 Kodomo wa Tomaranai Vol 5 Children's Time Vol 6-7 Kodomo no Iibun ----Aki-chan no Iibun
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Yasashii Anata... 4.4

Yasashii Anata...

Vol.1 Chapter 5.6: Extra: In The Café

180,817 Jul 07,19 ishida Higashi

Harumoto, advisor to yakuza boss Taniguchi, is known for his street smarts and short temper. But he has a softer side, and when he meets Mizuta sensei in a nightclub, he begins to dream of romance with this classy intellectual who seems to be from another world.
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Konna Ore wo Suki Toka Majika 4.5

Konna Ore Wo Suki Toka Majika

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5

225,437 May 21,20 Hiiragi Nozomu

Even though cafe owner Mugimaru is good looking, rumors say he's a playboy. But that doesn't stop the pessimistic, anti-social, and overly serious salaryman, Roku, from going there, since he likes how the owner makes his coffee. However, one day, the drunk Mugimaru pushes Roku down and says, "Since you like my cafe, that means you like me too, right?&qu
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Caligula 4-Koma - Extreme Kitaku-bu 4.3

Caligula 4-Koma - Extreme Kitaku-Bu

Chapter 20

124,461 Jul 22,19 Tadashi Satomi

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BeruBara Kids 5

Berubara Kids

Vol.1 Chapter 6

34,598 Jul 01,19 Ikeda Riyoko

An official 4-panel parody manga of The Rose of Versailles.
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Ike Loli 4.7

Ike Loli

Chapter 37

781,399 Jul 13,20 Koyubita

This is a love comedy about a highschool couple spending their time carefreely. The boyfriend, Tooru, has a habit of being a Lolicon/ is a Lolicon, while the girlfriend, Rumi, who has an appearance similar to a grade-schooler.
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Bimajyo no Ayano-san 4.4

Bimajyo No Ayano-San

Vol.2 Chapter 63

1,691,567 Oct 28,19 Aihara Akito

Ayano-san is a beautiful housewife with a son, Yuusei, who doesn't seem to approve of her carefree ways. Always smiling and well-meaning, Ayano-san still finds a way to make herself an object of curiosity and appreciation by passing people. "Bimajyo" (literally beautiful witch) is a term apparently used in Japan to describe a woman older than 35 or so who has retained he
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Ore no Oniku-chan 4.6

Ore No Oniku-Chan

Chapter 5.5

318,417 Jun 26,19 Mochino Kome

Ryuugasaki Kou is as fat as a meatball, and has a huge crush on his high school senpai, Hiiragi Chiaki, who calls him “oniku-chan”. On Chiaki’s graduation day, Kou finally works up the courage to… not quite ask him out, but is horribly rejected! After working to lose all of his weight, Kou is now new and improved, but when he finally runs into Chiaki, he disco
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New Danganronpa V3 Comic Anthology 3.8

New Danganronpa V3 Comic Anthology

18,528 Jun 15,19 Suzuka,Tamura Muto,Hako Itagaki,Youichi (遥一),Hayase Reku,Horiguchi Reo,Koichi,Kazuomi Mochizuki,Miwashiba,Chikichiko,Hanasaki Manio,Ririo (II),Takada Fumiko,Uchida Temo,Watarizora Tsubamemaru,Bunko,Ha

Based on the game of the same name, a variety of authors and artists write a large offering of short stories starring the various characters featured in the game. The stories range from being lovingly heartfelt, packed full of comedy and gags or being downright evil or messed up sometimes!<br><br>Note: These are NOT doujin. These are official comic anthologies licensed by Spike Chunsof
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Dating was the Easiest 4.6

Dating Was The Easiest

Chapter 47: [End]

299,217 Jun 09,19 Tuna Can

Back at her hometown for the first time in 9 years, this high school girl has no time to reminisce when it turns out the tiger from her childhood is still very determined to marry her. That said, there is a plan: she will transform this tiger into the most irresistible Casanova, and the tiger will surely go on to only seduce women "much better than someone like her."
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1.8m² no Himegoto 3.9

1.8M² No Himegoto

Vol.1 Chapter 4: My Dear Lina Goddess

68,774 Jun 08,19 Ozaki Ira

A girl who sneaked into her boyfriend's closet. Later, as she heard the conversation between her lover and his best friend, she started to think which one she loved more, her current lover or his best friend.
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Flighty Love 4.4

Flighty Love

Chapter 63: Special 5

346,294 Jul 07,19 YU Hyeon Suk

After years, Suk-O is thrilled to run into his high school crush, Suh-hee, but is shocked to find out that she is the mother of a newborn son. Unable to let her go, he finds himself in a budding relationship with Suh-hee and her child while another man from their past comes back into the picture.
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Shoujotachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu Yukidoke no Oto 4.3

Shoujotachi Wa Kouya Wo Mezasu Yukidoke No Oto

Vol.1 Chapter 8

263,714 Feb 17,20 Minatosoft

A side-story providing an alternative retelling of the events of the anime as well as original stories.
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Aijin Incubus 4.3

Aijin Incubus

Vol.1 Chapter 4

270,812 May 30,19 Shinba Rize

Fujimaru is your average adolescent boy - horny and girl-crazed. Like many boys his age, he enjoys spending ‘alone time’ in the bathroom with erotic magazines, doing… you know. Unlike many boys his age, Fujimaru has a demon incubus, Rei, lurking about his house. Rei wants nothing more than to feed off of Fujimaru’s perverted mind! Now Fujima
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Dear 4.7


Chapter 60

148,007 May 27,19 Fujiwara Cocoa

Meet Chiruha: She lives alone in a small secluded house deep in a mountainous forest, the TV her only connection to the outside world. After years of watching and dreaming of what life must be like in the outside world, she has gathered up her courage to venture out and explore the local village. However, she must be careful not to stand out among the humans, for Chiruha holds a secret... Ki
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The Part-time Housekeeper! 4.6

The Part-Time Housekeeper!

Chapter 8

519,642 Oct 12,19 Gotwi

Fired from his part-time job and out of money, Han Jaemin ends up having a one night stand with a rude but handsome guy. But when he finally gets a new job, Han Jaemin finds that he is his new boss?!
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The Girl in the Diary of Unrequited Love 3.3

The Girl In The Diary Of Unrequited Love

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5: Memory I Want To See

59,937 May 25,19 Nakamura Asumiko

A collection of six short stories centering around romance and family: 1- Musume no Toshigoro no Musume 2- Torikahebaya de Aimashou 3- Genshoku Megane Danshi Hyouhon 4- Machibito Kitari (New Year's Fortune: Waiting for the One) A chance meeting of two strangers at a train station on New Year’s Eve... 5- Chichi
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Saikyuukin 4


Vol.1 Chapter 1.0: Taming The Monkey

60,768 May 24,19 OTOSAMA

Journey to the West, but with female Wukong.
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Kimochi no Katachi 4.8

Kimochi No Katachi

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Kana Part 7

93,704 May 22,19 KITAO Taki

Takenaka Satsuki, first year high school student and Library assistant, is secretly attracted to her Senpai, Kitamura Kano. With the help of an accepting friend, Satsuki must learn to overcome her own sense of what is 'normal' in order to embrace her feelings for the one she loves.
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Pet Shimasu! 4.7

Pet Shimasu!

Vol.1 Chapter 7

217,671 May 20,19 Hakutou Noriko

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