Mirror Flower 4.7

Mirror Flower

Chapter 2

22,790 Jun 15,20 夭夭/清明

Mrs. Meng took advantage of a poor opportunity to reincarnate into the world so she could safe her loved ones from the past life. However, due to the loss of the seal in the mirror, Meng Po was unable to restore her memory after the rebirth. So when she met the lover of her previous life, she couldn’t help falling in love with him again. At the same time, he was caught in a dangerous conspir
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Mr. Ostrich 3.6

Mr. Ostrich

Chapter 5

22,231 Jan 02,21 2020

The male lead suddenly wakes up and finds himself turned into an ostrich, and what’s more, he even got his precious egg squished by a customer?! Have you ever seen a kidnapping and escape happen due to an ostrich egg?! It’ll have you laughing until you’ve lost your mind! (Source: Hour of Lunacy)
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This Edge of the Shore 3.7

This Edge Of The Shore

Chapter 7

21,239 Feb 22,21 翻翻动漫 - fan fan animations

There have been many outstanding cases and events in all parts of the world, which are often dubbed as mysterious, strange, and supernatural concepts, which are daunting. A female officer named Mu Xi & her sidekick dive deep into dark secrets in the night. Will she be able to solve this case or will she end up in the dark?
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I can’t escape 3.5

I Can’T Escape

Chapter 0

21,225 Sep 04,20 涂山君

I approached him deliberately but found out that I was the one who had fallen into his trap. Why does every guy make my life so miserable? — My superior who seems gentle but is deceitful, my childhood friend who has a vicious tongue, and my prideful junior… I’m gonna find my mother and brother, you guys get lost!
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You Shou Yan 4

You Shou Yan

Chapter 4: Do You Dare To Answer When I Call For You?

21,161 Aug 27,21 Xue Xia Mao Yao Zi

In the wake of scientific advancement, the once majestic mythological animals can't be compared to the olden days now. The mythological animal Si Bu Xiang received orders to descend to the mortal world and to help out other mythological animals in dire straits wandering the human world. In the secular world, he met his old colleague Pi Xiu in a tight spot, his drinking buddy Tu Ye down in his
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Black Universe 3.9

Black Universe

Experiment 1

19,757 Apr 03,21 Kwon na hyun / Aru

A spin-off episode of the popular mobile game Black Survival! A dangerous project for new humans under the name of light. The story started in a dark place, Black Universe!
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My Beloved Ghost 4.4

My Beloved Ghost

Chapter 1

19,443 Sep 27,20 버덩 (beodeong)

Jo Jaekyung live as the so called “Ghost”. Long black hair, pale skin, and her horror aura are the cause for that nickname. This girl with scary aura must learn how to love to chase her dream to be an actress. But who wants to be her boyfriend? Her encounter with Cha Minhyuk, a cold and merciless President, might be the beginning of her love story!
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Jun And Wang Xin 3.7

Jun And Wang Xin

Chapter 5

19,089 Oct 04,20 Zuo Xiao Yu

Lu Wang Xin is the Miss of Yun Jian province. She fell in love with Xia Hou You. However, after Xia Hou You ascended the throne, he put Lu Wang Xin into the Cold Palace. Heartbroken, Lu Wang Xin died. Reborn at age 16, Lu Wang Xin embarked on the road of revenge…
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Uneven Love Contract 4.2

Uneven Love Contract

Chapter 0

18,650 Oct 07,20 Jīn xiǎo gé

After encountering the betrayal of catching her fiance together with her younger sister, she accepted the blind CEO’s confession during her heartwrenching grief. However, she miscalculated in becoming his housemaid. Not only does she has to feed the delicate prince, but she also has to assist him in changing clothes and has to bring his bath towels to him. Moreover, she must hug him for him
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Scroll of The Realm 4.4

Scroll Of The Realm

Chapter 45

18,340 Sep 07,20 YueZang

An indifferent boy from a virtual reality enters the real world to save his world, will he succeed?
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One Day(Huo Mo) 4.4

One Day(Huo Mo)

Chapter 1 - If Or If Not

17,609 Sep 20,20 Huo Mo

This city is awfully big. Although we may not know each other, we may have brushed past each other on the road at some point. Perhaps we share a love of reading the same book and listening to the same song, or perhaps we’ll talk about love with an expiration date of one day. But on this day, we saw each other’s true selves, and that will forever be engraved on our lives.
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This is my home 4.1

This Is My Home

Chapter 3

17,545 Aug 29,20 Dinosaur

The story about Seo Eun-woo’s inheritance in the midst of her difficult life! And the mysterious people living in the house she’s supposed to inherit!
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While We Broke Up 4.2

While We Broke Up

Chapter 3

17,474 Oct 12,20 Oha(오하 )

Just as Ira started to live independently, her guy friends started to appear in front of her as men!
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My Lobster Man 4.3

My Lobster Man

Chapter 6

17,025 Aug 07,20 Sasadongman

The ordinary freshman Lv Han experienced one of the most extraordinary days in her life… her doll got a spirit! It can not only speak, transform, but also shop for Lv Han… Touched and confused, Lv Han asked about his identity, only to find a handsome red-haired boy in front of her, and he claimed himself as a miraculous man?! The only way for him to change back is to achieve Lv Han&r
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Feathers of Light 4.6

Feathers Of Light

Chapter 1

14,563 Oct 23,20 Tuanz_zzzzz

Once, when he was about to disappear, she appeared as the light that illuminated his existence; Now, when she is about to give up her dreams and extinguish the light in her heart, he comes to her side. Their story originated in the book world of Alice in Wonderland and continues in the real world where you and I live. Will the wishes they’ve always held in their hearts come true in both the
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Before Halloween is Over 4.2

Before Halloween Is Over

Chapter 5

13,129 Nov 06,20 소낙비

Only on Halloween, a door is opened to the human world.
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Another Life 3.6

Another Life

Chapter 0

12,570 Oct 22,20 Kuaikan Manhua,Tianji Yanjia

Croyez-vous qu’un tel pouvoir existe dans ce monde ? Il suffit juste d’appuyer sur le bouton “Return” de votre portable, et vous pouvez changer la vie d’autrui, mais le prix de ce pouvoir est… Lorsqu’une présentatrice obtient soudainement ce pouvoir, pensez-vous que ce qui lui attend est la renaissance ou la destruction ?
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Daisy and the Prince 4.3

Daisy And The Prince

Chapter 1

11,396 Aug 04,20 Kaykayb

Daisy doesn’t want to live a luxurious life because her family is restraining her from doing what she likes. Instead, they want her to be an elegant lady and marry a nobleman. Will she accomplish it when the Crown Prince appear making it more complicated for her goals?Source of collecting this is kaykayb, I’m sorry for the incorrect grammar I&rs
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Yu Yu Hakusho - 4-Koma 4.7

Yu Yu Hakusho - 4-Koma

Chapter 6: Brother's Clue [End]

10,418 Aug 08,20 Kitayama Mari

A series of Yu Yu Hakusho 4-Koma by the anime's character designer. They ran in Weekly Shonen Jump following the main manga's conclusion.
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Summer Breeze 4.3

Summer Breeze

Chapter 1

8,191 Sep 30,20 Han Kyoung Charl

In an unfamiliar place I met a boy with a not so unfamiliar gaze. After the summer breeze passes, we will be… Han Gyung Chal’s new summer special!
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Angel from snow 2.4

Angel From Snow


8,032 Apr 07,21 Quintessa

Two leaders must team up together in order to write their wrong. An assassin and a samurai who has a bad past but put their differences aside, but can they change their feelings?!
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