Megane Danshi na Kare. 5

Megane Danshi Na Kare.


57,490 Jan 20,16 Aikawa Hiro,George Asakura,Sakurai Machiko

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Ikemen Paradise 5

Ikemen Paradise

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Ikemen Fighter!!

56,911 Jan 20,16 Anthology

From Chibi Manga: Lifting a ban on an omunibus with only good looking men!! Ikemen Fighter!! How will the handsome fighter who have a one sided love express their feelings to their true girlfriend? Ikemen Kyoushi!! Minagawa is an extremely popular teacher with the female students because he is extremely nice to everyone, but in reality his hidden personality is... Ikemen Brothers!!!!
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Sukinandakedo 4.5


Vol.1 Ch.2 : But I Love You 2

54,853 Jan 20,16 Takaoka Motonari

From MangaUpdates: With nervousness, Iijima Tadahito decided to confess to his close friend Nagano Naoki. To his bliss, Nagano agreed to go out with him. But when he realizes that their dating life doesn’t differ much from the normal friendship they had before, and Nagano’s expressionless face also stays unchanging, Iijima gets all the more distressed... The book also contains several oneshots
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Itsuka wa Kuma Goroshi!! 4.9

Itsuka Wa Kuma Goroshi!!

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Do You Know My Name?

52,653 Jan 20,16 Matsu Takeshi

Compilation of short stories: • Itsuka wa Kuma Goroshi!! • Boku no Namae wo Shiterukai? Handsome Shiro is dumped again, and finds his way to the bar, sitting next to the young, brash Takuya. Has Shiro found the man of his dream? Can Takuya figure out why Shiro is always dumped. • Dai-chan Kou-chan • Baido Yamemasu! • Ureshii Yatsura
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My stallion 3.3

My Stallion

Volume 1 Chapter 2

51,513 Apr 06,21 Vicky / Jaeun balbok

"I just need to take care of one alpha" Omega Jian, a researcher at the U.S Genetic Research Institution, will be in charge of managing the lab's cash cow and the excellent Alpha "Adam Barrett," who possesses both body and intelligence. Barrett's plight as a stallion and selling himself to unwanted partners keep Jian weakened and unintentionally helping him to run away. - All this pretending
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Demon Express Delivery 3.8

Demon Express Delivery

Chapter 1.2: Demon Prince Enma

49,736 Dec 02,19 Go Nagai

Four grown demons (Enma, Yukihime, Kapaeru, and Grandpa Chapeauji) are part of a Yokai-Patrol searching for demons that have escaped from Hell into the human world. They form the group known as the Enma Detective Agency as a cover for their activities.
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Gu Bae's life reversal 3.3

Gu Bae's Life Reversal

Chapter 2

49,348 Apr 21,21 블토

He enjoys a promiscuous dating life, but is a sincere and ordinary high school teacher. One day, a blonde mafia'Yuan' is standing at the screaming of his younger brother Eighth heard over the handset... . Gu Bae's future, who wanted a normal and quiet life...?
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Caroselli's Christmas Baby 4.3

Caroselli's Christmas Baby


47,583 Dec 28,19 Michelle Celmer,Mayu Takayama

Every time Terri breaks up with somebody, she seeks the comfort of the chocolates her best friend Nic makes. Though she’s now given up on marriage before the age of thirty, she still has one goal: to become a mother! But Nic is completely against the idea of her using a sperm bank. Instead, he proposes an even more far-fetched idea: Nic thinks he would be the perfect man to become the father
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5001 Yakuza Wars 4.5

5001 Yakuza Wars


47,144 Oct 26,16 Koenji Hiroshi

Anno Domini, The Final Days of The Year 5001. Join the Kanto Ijigen Family on their bodacious adventure going where no Yakuza has gone before... SPACE!
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