Saint Seiya: Episode Zero 5

Saint Seiya: Episode Zero

Vol.1 Chapter 3: "to Whom I Trust"

46,166 Apr 06,19 Kurumada Masami

Backstory of the events taking place before Saint Seiya.
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Dokunie Cooking 4.6

Dokunie Cooking

Chapter 32: How Did This Happen (Monster-San)?

2,307,645 Apr 05,19 Minazuki suu

A monster appears close to a village. To prevent it from attacking, the villagers offer it the town's only virgin, Popa, as a sacrifice. The monster doesn't like the taste...
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Kyochuu Rettou 4

Kyochuu Rettou

Vol.6 Chapter 44: Extra Chapter: How To Walk In The Mountains

4,747,697 Apr 03,19 Fujimi Yasutaka

From tethysdust at MangaHelpers: After an airplane crash during a school trip, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates were stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Mutsumi found the other survivors, and used her wilderness knowledge to help them. She expects that they will be rescued in about three days, which doesn't seem so long to endure. However, she didn't account for the fact that the isla
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Gensou Suikoden III - Unmei no Keishousha 4.6

Gensou Suikoden Iii - Unmei No Keishousha

Vol.11 Chapter 2

147,679 Mar 06,19 Shimizu Aki

"A long war between the Grasslands and Zexen has taken a heavy toll. When a long-needed truce fails, a quest is undertaken to find the legendary Flame Champion, who saved the Grasslands in another war years before." The third of the Suikoden series highlights the struggle of the bearers of the 5 elemental True Runes; True Fire Rune, True Water Rune, True Lightning Rune, True
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Fushigi Yuugi 4.5

Fushigi Yuugi

Vol.18 Chapter 0

310,602 Mar 06,19 Watase Yuu

From Viz: Miaka Yuuki is an ordinary junior-high student who is suddenly whisked away into the world of a book, The Universe Of The Four Gods. There she becomes the priestess of the god Suzaku, and is charged with finding all seven of her Celestial-Warrior protectors.
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FullMetal Alchemist 4.8

Fullmetal Alchemist

Chapter 108.7: Perfect Guide 01: The Blind Alchemist

2,857,659 Mar 06,19 Arakawa Hiromu

The brothers perform the banned alchemic technique of human transmutation in a effort to resurrect her when Trisha dies of the plague. As a result, the transmutation backfires and in law with equal exchange, the left leg and Alphonse's whole body of Edward are ruined. Edward loses his right arm to save Alphonse's soul, binding it having a blood seal into a suit of armour. Roy Mustang invit
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Dragon Knights 4

Dragon Knights

Vol.8 Chapter 51: Wind Dragon (12)

328,225 Mar 04,19 Ohkami Mineko

Three Dragon Knights go on a quest to retreive Demon lord Nadil's head and return it back to their kingdom in Dragoon where the Dragon lord awaits their return. Each dragon knight has their own battle dragon in which they fight demons with. The dragon knight of fire: Rath, a boy with an obsession with killing demons and a mysterious past which has yet to be revealed; the dragon knight of earth: Th
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Shinobi no Onna 3.3

Shinobi No Onna

Vol.1 Chapter 1

54,584 Mar 03,19 Kayono

Another collection of short stories by Kayono involving strange worlds. 1) Secretly a Woman (Shinobi no Onna) - By day she's an ambiguous high school girl, but by night...she transforms into a super-hot male host (gigolo)! Yes, Yuka is "Secretly a Woman," but then a woman named Renka comes to the host club and steals both her body and her heart...!? 2)
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Kiryuuin Kaya ni Chi o Suwareru Dake no Kantan na Oshigoto 4.3

Kiryuuin Kaya Ni Chi O Suwareru Dake No Kantan Na Oshigoto

Vol.3 Chapter 16

473,885 Feb 24,19 Sanshoku Amido

It's a simple job, getting your blood sucked by Kaya Kiryuuin. it?
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Sentimental Garden Lover 4.7

Sentimental Garden Lover

Vol.1 Chapter 7.5: Extras

144,970 Feb 23,19 Ogura Muku

DMG: Love is found in the strangest places and with the most unexpected partners. The men (and cats!) of SENTIMENTAL GARDEN LOVER burst into heart-throbbing bloom! A scruffy stray cat wishes for big hands to hold an abused man, and a cute kitten begs for speech to comfort a broken-hearted stranger. Wander further into the garden, and you'll find close siblings upset by a love rival; a jaded
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Bakuretsu Hunters 5

Bakuretsu Hunters

Vol.13 Chapter 71: Epilogue [End]

452,941 Feb 18,19 Akahori Satoru

From Tokyopop: In an age of magic and sorcery, the world is divided between those who have supernatural powers and those who don't. Fighting for justice and against black magic and evildoers everywhere are the Sorcerer Hunters: Gateau, Carrot, Chocolat, Mocha, and the rest of the gang. Their quest is to destroy each of the Platina stones- the objects the evil sorcerers use for creating their blac
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Stealth Symphony 4.9

Stealth Symphony

Chapter 20.5: Volume 3 Extras

181,570 Feb 17,19 Narita Ryougo

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Kaibutsu Oujo 4.8

Kaibutsu Oujo

Vol.20 Chapter 87 : Princess Resurrection

890,943 Feb 14,19 Mitsunaga Yasunori

Hiro Hiyorimi is a boy who has just moved to the Sasanaki City to meet his sister. While walking down the sidewalk, he is suddenly hit by a car (crushed by construction beams in the anime). On the verge of death, he is seen by a young woman clad in gothic clothes. She then resurrects him, leaving him alive in the hospital morgue. He wakes up confused over what happened, only to encounter the woman
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Selgadis 4.3


Chapter 39: [Season 2] Ep.8.6: New Series! [End]

795,882 Feb 08,19 Selgadis, R. Merryweather

Cecily goes to a prestigious wizarding school and is obsessed with her brother.
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Glamorous Lip 4.1

Glamorous Lip

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5: A Day In Hana's Life

192,408 Feb 08,19 YANAO Rock

1) Love is Here Hina, a 20-year-old assistant to a photographer, has always admired Kouzuki, a beautiful model. He wants nothing more than to be his stylist, but Kouzuki has other ideas. 2) Music Hour Taka, bass player for an up-and-coming band, has always liked the boy who works the concession stand at the live house, Shibuya Juice. But then Hina, Taka's friend, comes
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Koihime Soushi 4.5

Koihime Soushi

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : I Want To Return On That Day

73,966 Jan 17,19 Koge Donbo

From Angelic Powder: The princess of love, Koiko is given the power to zap people to admire her but the power will leave her when her time of adulthood and marriage. There was one boy she had never zapped before, Shirou. But he turns out to be some one different when he didn't show up as he promised. Turns out he was one of the legendary shadow ninjas. Koiko, being heartbroken, runs to find him,
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Yawarakai Onna 3.9

Yawarakai Onna

Chapter 8: Haruhiko The Eccentric

627,691 Jan 15,19 Tomi Akihito

Eight short stories: 1. Box Seat 2. Kanojo to Kare 3. Thank You 4. Motto Motto...! 5. Hana Seigaku Kan no Hi 6. Aoi Udedokei 7. Hana Chibo (Five-Fingered Flower) 8. Haruhiko Kikou
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An Unbelievable Story 4.4

An Unbelievable Story

Chapter 5: An Unbelievable Story (Final)

78,461 Jan 15,19 Yetsaram

A collection of love stories between normal yet extraordinary people. Ch01-05: An Unbelievable Story Ch06-13: One Step, Three Steps Ch14: Secret Ch15-22: Return Ch23-24: Ballerino Ch25-31: Same Age Ch32-34: Not Lonely Ch35-36: Knock Ch37-38: Manito Ch38.5: Illustration (New Year Special) Ch39-41: Manheim Ch42-45: Secret
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Hentai Elf to Majime Orc 4.1

Hentai Elf To Majime Orc

Chapter 11: The First Invitation [End]

3,890,642 Jan 07,19 Yudokuya (tomokichi)

It's about a super crazy-sexy elf with a very very serious Orc....
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.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu 4.8

.hack//tasogare No Udewa Densetsu

Vol.3 Chapter 21.7

159,348 Dec 25,18 Hamazaki Tatsuya

Welcome to The World, the most advanced online game ever created. Fourteen-year-old twins Rena and Shugo are two middle-school students who enter The World as level-one game characters--and now they're ready to take on anything...or so they think. When Shugo's character dies, he is transported to another level where he is entrusted to bear the Twilight Bracelet by the mysterious Aura. Shugo must f
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Tales of the Abyss - Another Story 4.5

Tales Of The Abyss - Another Story

Vol.5 Chapter 0 V2 : Another Story 5: Ion, Anise, And Jade Gaiden: Episode 00 [End]

83,697 Dec 21,18 Bandai Namco Games

> Another Story The story of Asch, born Luke fon Fabre to the Duke and Duchess of Kimlasca. This story shows his trust in Van, the loss of his previous way of life, and the other events that led to him joining the Order of Lorelei as "Asch the Bloody" > Another Story 2A story about the life of the Original Ion. It shows the despaired life he lived as a someone who could tell the future, who could
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Rain Shower 4.8

Rain Shower

Chapter 3 [End]

122,094 Dec 21,18 Jjugool

Little Geuroo was curious about him. That boy from next door who asked him a strange question. The boy, Lee Garam, who always avoided him even though all Geuroo wanted was to get close to him. But before Geuroo could even confess, Garam disappeared in thin air, leaving only clusters of blue light behind. And then, one summer, he appeared in front of Geuroo as if nothing happened...?
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The Fairy and the Hunter 4.4

The Fairy And The Hunter

Chapter 4 : Hong Family's Young Master

57,815 Dec 12,18 Kim Mi Jung

Very short (4 pages) full color manhua about a fairy and her hunter. Even though it's short, the colors and art are gorgeous and worth taking a look at. :)
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Queen of the Beast 3.8

Queen Of The Beast

Chapter 2 : [End]

378,181 Dec 01,18 Yokota Takuma

Once every five thousand years, the twelve beast kings do battle to determine their places in the zodiac. That time has come once again, and the snake king Jaou has chosen Makabe, the "queen" of her school, to be his proxy in the upcoming war. A two-chapter short series.
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