Basara 4.6


Vol.27 Chapter 6.2 : Appendix 6.2: Kanata Red Story: Silvervine

673,611 Mar 15,18 Tamura Yumi

Born under a prophecy that will liberate and unite Japan, Sarasa has had to take her brother Tatara's place as the "Boy of Destiny." Fighting for the oppressed, Sarasa journeys across Japan to gain allies and defeat her enemies--all while keeping her identity a secret!
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Fukai Nemuri no Hana 4.9

Fukai Nemuri No Hana

Vol.2 Chapter 9 : [Includes Chapters 9-10]

44,482 Mar 12,18 Kazumi Yuana

From Tokyopop: Yuuki is an energetic teenager who carries the disturbing power of foresight in her dreams. She finds that this is tied to the mysterious Deep Sleep that has overtaken her sister, Yuuka. Clues left on her cell phone and visions that come to her in her dreams begin to reveal a strange puzzle... and then in one dream, a glass wall stands between her and her sister while a faceless lit
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Maison Ikkoku 4.8

Maison Ikkoku

Vol.b Chapter 4 : Lost Chapter

436,363 Mar 08,18 Takahashi Rumiko

[From Viz]: Travel into Japan's nuttiest apartment house and meet its volatile inhabitants: Kyoko, the beautiful and mysterious new apartment manager; Yusaku, the exam-addled college student; Mrs. Ichinose, the drunken gossip; Kentaro, her bratty son; Akemi, the boozy bar hostess; and the mooching and peeping Mr. Yotsuya.
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Hikaru no Go 4.6

Hikaru No Go

Chapter 191 : Sho Ji Ko

1,461,158 Feb 25,18 Hotta Yumi

A regular school boy, Hikaru Shindo stumbles upon an old GO board while looking through his grandpa's old storage room for something worth money. From inside the board came an old spirit named Sai who once dedicated his life to GO. Together, Sai continues to search for the move people call "The god's hand" while Hikaru slowly began interest in this ancient game and walks down the
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Whistle! 4.7


Vol.24 Chapter 212.5 : Epilogue (The Last Story) You'll Never Walk Alone

305,139 Feb 13,18 Higuchi Daisuke

Whistle! is about a boy named Shō Kazamatsuri. He transfers from Musashinomori School to Sakura Josui Junior High School for better hopes to make the soccer team, since he never got a game at his old school due to his small stature. Yūko Katori, his teacher, introduces him as a former star of the famed Musashinomori team, causing his classmates to be wrongly ecstatic. Right after that, one of the
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Ouran High School Host Club 4.8

Ouran High School Host Club

Chapter 160

2,906,067 Feb 11,18 Hatori Bisco

Haruhi is a poor tomboyish student at a school for the ultra-wealthy, and is able to attend because of a scholarship, but is unable to even afford a uniform. One day, she stumbles across the peculiar but very popular Ouran Host Club. She tries to leave, but accidentally breaks a vase, and is unable to pay for it. She's told that she'll have to stay and do odd jobs. That is, until they deci
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Angel Sanctuary 4.9

Angel Sanctuary

Chapter 120

217,539 Feb 09,18 Yuki Kaori

The angel Alexiel loved God, but she rebelled against Heaven when she saw how disgracefully the other angels were behaving. She was finally captured, and as punishment sent to Earth to live an endless series of tragic lives. She now inhabits the body of Setsuna Mudo, a troubled teen in love with his sister Sara. Setsuna's misery mirrors the chaos among the angels, and their combined passions t
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Beauty is the Beast 4.3

Beauty Is The Beast

Chapter 28

159,720 Feb 09,18 Matsumoto Tomo

When bubbly eleventh-grader Eimi Yamashita finds out that her parents are relocating for work, she decides to strike out on her own and move into a dormitory for girls. Little does Eimi suspect the exciting romantic adventures that await her there! Eimi's fellow residents are a little bit crazy but a whole lot of fun. They've got a secret mission planned for Eimi's new resident initiat
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Backstage Prince 4.9

Backstage Prince

Chapter 6 : The Distinguished Son Is Always The Hero

96,341 Jan 09,18 Sakurakouji Kanoko

Akari is drawn into the exciting world of kabuki theatre, She then spends her time after school assisting the famous actor, Shonosuke Ichimura. In the real world, however, this prince of kabuki is actually a high school cutie named Ryusei. The pair's relationship gets off on the wrong foot but eventually, with the help of a cat known as Mr. Ken, might start to fall in love.
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Code: Breaker 4.8

Code: Breaker

Vol.24 Chapter 230.5 : 5 Years Later

3,450,715 Jan 07,18 Kamijyo Akimine

One-day, riding the bus, Sakura Sakurakoji stands over individuals and seems out the window to see people being burned alive with a fire as a boy her age stays unharmed. There are not any corpses or evidence of any type of homicide, only a little fire when she dates back straight back to the website a day later. She finds the new transfer student is exactly the same boy she saw the day before, whe
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Chibi Vampire 4.8

Chibi Vampire

Vol.14 Chapter 58.5 : Lost Girl In The Forest Of Braunrick

579,621 Jan 07,18 Kagesaki Yuna

Karin's a cute, cheerful high school girl. She loves the sunshine, cooking with garlic, and has a part-time job as a waitress. All in all, she's pretty average... except for one thing. Karin is a vampire, and lives with her parents and two siblings, who are also vampires. But even among them, she's different, for she doesn't take blood but give blood that is increased in her body.
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Hanako to Guuwa no Tera 5

Hanako To Guuwa No Tera

Chapter 19 : Folklore Detective

88,218 Dec 31,17 Esuno Sakae

Folklore detective Asou Daisuke would rather deal with normal, everyday, things like cheating spouses, embezzling partners and the like. (That and his huge collection of ero-manga.) Because whenever he deals with the supernatural, he gets the hiccups. But no matter, an endless stream of desperate people come to him troubled by what he calls allegories. Those are stories, usually urban legends, tha
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Hatsukoi to Akane Sora 5

Hatsukoi To Akane Sora

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

72,772 Dec 30,17 Konno Risa

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Koi o Hitokuchi 4.9

Koi O Hitokuchi

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : End

321,208 Dec 26,17 Yamada Papiko

From Fujoshi Bitches: Katsura and Katsuraya, two rivaling well-established Japanese sweets shops, are located next to each other. The two successors of the rival shops, Takahiro and Kazushi, are currently not on good terms. Takahiro believes that Kazushi has far more skill in creating sweets than his own clumsy self. So when Kazushi randomly decides to stop making sweets, Takahiro decides that wha
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La Corda D'Oro 4.8

La Corda D'oro

Vol.16 Chapter 075 : End

271,496 Dec 26,17 Kure Yuki

Every few years, the prestigious Seiso Academy holds a prominent musical competition, and only the very best students at the Academy are allowed to participate. Though all are eligible to apply, only students from the music department actually make it to the competition...until now. Hino Kahoko goes to this amazing school, though she is in the regular department and knows nearly nothing of music.
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Slam Dunk 4.8

Slam Dunk

Chapter Oneshot : 10 Days After

5,800,090 Dec 20,17 Inoue Takehiko

There are many different popular mangas out there in the real world, but this particular form of anime can be hard to find, especially if looking for something that was originally in print years or even decades ago. In this case if you want to find some quality old stories, like being able to read Slam Dunk manga online resources are your best hope.
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Shoujo Tsubaki 4.1

Shoujo Tsubaki

Chapter 8

239,098 Dec 02,17 Maruo Suehiro

12-year-old Midori is the constantly abused chore girl for a freakshow. Things begin to change for her after a dwarf magician joins the freak show, but not always for the better.
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Vampire Knight 4.6

Vampire Knight

Vol.19 Chapter 93.9 : Between The End Of Life And Heaven

1,821,147 Aug 24,17 Hino Matsuri

Yuuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, where she was attacked by a vampire... And then rescued by another. Now 10 years later, Cross Yuuki, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, has grown up and become a guardian of the vampire race, protecting her childhood crush, Kaname, from discovery as he leads a group of vampires at the elite boarding school. But also
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Rosario to Vampire 4.8

Rosario To Vampire

Vol.10 Ch.40.5 : Omake

1,135,656 Jan 20,17 Ikeda Akihisa

The story revolves around Tsukune Aono, a boy who accidentally gets enrolled in a school inhabited by monsters and demons. He quickly befriends Moka Akashiya, a vampire who soon develops an obsession with his blood, and later meets other girls who soon take a romantic liking to him.
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Koakuma no Jikku! 4.7

Koakuma No Jikku!

Chapter 1

87,705 Nov 17,16 Ichikawa Shou

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The Bride and the Beast 3.9

The Bride And The Beast


130,250 Nov 14,16 Ayuma Iri

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Blood+ 5


Vol.5 Chapter 1 : Ch17-20 (Fixed)

89,537 Nov 10,16 Katsura Asuka

Set several decades after the events in the popular Blood: The Last Vampire anime film, an amnesiac Saya Otonashi lives as a seemingly normal high school student with her adoptive family in Okinawa. Horrible nightmares are the only hints at the violent life she once led, but her past is about to catch up with her and awaken the merciless warrior within. Chiropterans--powerful shape-changing creatu
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After Christmas 4.7

After Christmas

Chapter 1

80,562 Nov 03,16

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Devils First Love 4.6

Devils First Love

Chapter 1

141,339 Oct 14,16

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