Junsui Adolescence 4.3

Junsui Adolescence

Chapter 1: Prologue - Hidden Name

245,672 May 02,20 Kazuma Kowo

A student-teacher romance. • Summer Window Syndrome Why doesn't Nanao want the school doctor to call her by her first name? • On My Tiptoes in October Nanao sees a different side of Matsumoto. • First Love Canon Another teacher gives Matsumoto and Nanao some advice. • Liars' Engagement Part A + B In the first half of "Liars' Engagement," Nanao and Matsumoto disagree over Nanao's plans fo
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RG Veda 4.8

Rg Veda

Vol.10 Chapter 10.1

238,596 Sep 27,18 Ohkawa Ageha,Clamp

300 years ago, a powerful warlord rebelled against the Heavenly Emperor. After killing the Emperor, the warlord crowned himself as the new Emperor, starting a cruel reign. But there is a prophecy: Six Stars will one day assemble and overthrow his tyrannical rule ... Now, the ruler of the Yasha Clan has found Ashura, the last of the Ashura Clan, and together they set out to find the Six Stars and
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Aoi Shiro - Kaeishou 4.9

Aoi Shiro - Kaeishou

Vol.3 Chapter 13 V2

230,100 Jun 22,18 Fumotogawa Tomoyuki

The Seijou Girls Academy's Kendo Club is traveling to Shoushinji for summer training camp. Near there is an island, Urashima, where a demon extermination took place long ago. It happens that this summer something related to that demon extermination is also going to take place as the captain of the team, Osanai Syouko finds a young girl washed up on the beach... This is the official comic base
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Yamanko! 4.9


Vol.3 Ch.22

229,152 Jan 20,16 Zappa Go

From SCX-Scans: Though it was a bit strange, three people ended up meeting. One, who looks younger than her age and able to see the supernatural. Another who is possessed by a "Yamanko" which refers to "Yama no ko", or a mountain child. She was possessed due to her bloodline and due to the possession, she has superhuman abilities which she can call upon. Finally, an awkward person who enjoys wr
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Yuri Mekuru Hibi 4.5

Yuri Mekuru Hibi

Chapter 19

213,131 Jun 21,16 Umitsuki Reona

A chance meeting blossomed to love between two girls. But it’s quite a peculiar couple: Sayuri is ordinary in every way, while her love interest, Yoriko, is a refined lady who seems to be completely lacking in common sense. Graceful attraction between two very different personalities, a sweet and slightly dazzling love story.
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Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan 5

Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan

Chapter 19: Otomeiro Stay Tune 4

211,675 Jun 19,18 Fujieda Miyabi

Set at a shop called The Amber Teahouse, this is a very heartwarming story that focuses on Seriho, the proprietor of the teahouse, and Sarasa, the high school student who works there part-time. It'll set your heart aflutter!
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The Girls' Arcadia 4.7

The Girls' Arcadia

Chapter 9.1: Twitter Extra

207,865 Jun 30,20 Yatosaki Haru

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Candy Boy 4.7

Candy Boy

Vol.02 Chapter 11

203,720 Feb 09,18 Touge Hiro

Based on the popular yuri OVA series, which is about the relationship between two fraternal twins and their daily life. Yukino and Kanade continue their schooling, and Kanade takes a late night art class in preparation for her future. As before, she usually ends up fooling around and drawing her sister in strange poses before finally getting her work done. Kanade begins to question the feelin
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Gamma 5


Vol.5 Ch.20 : Rider Mask Stag, The Rookie Hero [End]

202,090 Jan 20,16 Ogino Jun

From MangaHelpers: It's an age where aliens, monsters and other dangers threaten the Earth, and various heroes have risen to protect it. Supporting these heroes are the human defense forces, of which the sisters Kitajishi Miyuki and Yuri are a part. Specifically, their office is for hero consultation, and they help heroes solve their problems, but they also help evacuation procedures during em
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Honey & Honey 5

Honey & Honey

Vol.2 Ch.34 : And Then... [End]

200,887 Jan 20,16 Takeuchi Sachiko

Takeuchi Sachiko's Honey & Honey is a realistic look at an adult lesbian couple living in Japan; to be precise, it's autobiographical. The artwork is rough, but hopefully the plot (and the information the manga imparts) will be enough compensation for those who don't like that style of drawing. The first chapter introduces the two main characters, Sachiko and Masako, and depicts their first meetin
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Irrational Us 4.4

Irrational Us

Chapter 15

199,546 Dec 25,17 Takemiya Jin

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Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo 4.7

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Real Love

190,554 Jan 20,16 Morinaga Milk

Collection of 7 short stories revolving around an all-girl's school. From Lililicious: • Tomodachi ja Nakute mo (Even if We're Not Friends) - "Even if We're not Friends," is about two girls who were friends in junior high but end up going to different high schools. • Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Natsu (The Summer Closest to Heaven) - Tells the story of a ghost who accidentally possesses a
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Nettai Shoujo 4.7

Nettai Shoujo

Chapter 9: Birthday [End]

180,816 Jul 14,19 Yoshitomi Akihito

Two friends enjoying summer and then realizing they have feelings for each other on their last day together.
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Nijipuri 4.6


Vol.3 Ch.19 : If I Become A Rainbow

179,244 Jan 20,16 Tachibana Ayun

On the last day of school, Mihane confesses to her senpai the long-term admiration she's had for her ever since they met, as well as tells her that she will try her best to enter Niji no Oka Girls' Academy next year, the school to which her Senpai is going to attend. Now, one year later, she's managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious school and is taking the bus to the school. Unfortun
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Negima!? Neo 4.7

Negima!? Neo

Vol.07 Chapter 034 : Kiss Of Promise

174,834 Dec 23,17 Akamatsu ken

Features the same characters and locations as Mahou Sensei Negima!, however, this series has a different story than the original. The new storyline explains the addition of punctuation to the title.
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Vanilla Jingai x Jingai Yuri Anthology 4.7

Vanilla Jingai X Jingai Yuri Anthology

Chapter 9

168,456 Nov 13,19 Yukiko, Mintarou, Nekotarou, AMANO Saki, ITOU Hachi, Neji, Sekihara, Subaru, TAKANO Saku, TAKEMIYA Jin, TAKESHIMA, Eku

Ch. 1 - Oni x Mountain Goddess Ch. 2 - Welcome to the Zoo Bar Ch. 3 - The Sacrificial Bride
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Hatsukoi Shimai 4.8

Hatsukoi Shimai

Chapter 13.6 : First Love Sisters In Wonderland

156,518 Jan 21,16 Komao Mako

From Seven Seas: During a fateful visit to Tsunojo Girls' School, Chika Matsusato meets the girl of her dreams--cool upperclassman Haruna Kanzaki. Even though they spent only one short day together, Chika will never forget Haruna's kindness, and has made it her life's goal to study hard and get accepted into Tsunojo Girls' School so that they can be together. But will Haruna share Chika’s feeling
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Lemonade (SHIOYA Teruko) 4.8

Lemonade (Shioya Teruko)

Vol.1 Chapter 23

155,419 Jan 20,16 Shioya Teruko

From Yuri Project: Youko has a complex from being compared to her older sister her entire life, so middle school is off to a bad start when the tennis club is trying to recruit "Aiko-senpai's younger sister" and her best friend Maki. She is shocked to find out that Maki is interested in both the club and its leader Keita, whom Youko immediately disliked, and unfamiliar feelings of jealousy soon
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Yours and My Different Meanings 3.7

Yours And My Different Meanings


151,933 Jan 20,16 Kanarashi Works

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Strawberry Shake 4.9

Strawberry Shake

Vol.2 Ch.17

151,900 Jan 20,16 Hayashiya Shizuru

Slapstick shoujo-ai romantic comedy made special by Hayashiya Shizuru's unique brand of humour; Julia Tachibana, an experienced idol, is infuriated when her boss saddles her with playing 'senpai' to 15-year-old new recruit Ran Asakawa. But the moment she first lays eyes on the tall, cute blonde who is to be her kouhai, all of that changes... NOTE(info courtesy of Rosa Foetida) by yuri21: Straw
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Pieta 4.5


Vol.2 Chapter 5B

148,757 Mar 17,18 Haruno Nanae

[From Lililicious]: A story about two classmates who become friends, Sahoko and Rio. Rio is depressed and self-abusive and isn't loved by her "family" (which consists of her father, stepmother, and stepbrother), but Sahoko seems to be the bright spot in her life. Sahoko also seems to have a mysterious past and doesn't seem to have a good relationship with her parents; she lives with her aunt. I
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Sorairo Girlfriend 4.9

Sorairo Girlfriend

Vol.1 Chapter 9.5 : [Before] Key Of Heart

145,625 Jan 20,16 Rikachi

Little Girl (Romeo) - A girl who dreams to become a prince, and a transferee that looks like a princess
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Fading Colors! 4.2

Fading Colors!

Chapter 5: [End]

145,114 May 16,18 Nightmaker

Amongst Cat People, those who has three or more fur colors are considered to be of the lowest social class. One day, when the phone of a so-called “spotted one” named Alik - with precarious pictures, falls into pureblood Tavis’ hands, his curiosity is piqued. He plunges into Alik’s world which is a lot more exciting and colorful than anything he’s ever known before
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Darenimo Ienai 4.1

Darenimo Ienai

Vol.1 Ch.7

144,975 Jan 20,16 Shigisawa Kaya

A woman struggles with her attraction to her adult cousin, haunted by the games they played a a child. Her sister finds love where she least expects it, and views her surroundings through different eyes. Two women find their secret lesbian relationship threatened by the world around them.
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