The Pinnacle 4.7

The Pinnacle

Chapter 22

8,423 Sep 21,20 Xiao Xin Yu

Jia Fugui, the leader of the Muye School, may have crushed the martial world in terms of force, but he is still extremely insecure about his bald head. In order to find a formula for hair growth, he and his second in command traverse the world.
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Prince of Daxia 3.6

Prince Of Daxia

Chapter 3

8,284 Sep 08,20 极漫文化

Ning Chen accidentally came into the Daxia Dynasty and was going became a “eunuch” at Empress Changsun’s side, coincidentally he befriended the assassin of the daxia Emperor – Gure Chengxue. He used the advanced knowledge that the ancients did not understand to break through the many dangers, all the way up to hit the face to soar to the top and become a great god of Kyushu
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Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan 4.2

Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan

Chapter 6

8,248 Sep 20,20 Oshioshio

A grenade Lv slapstick comedy Fun Fact : -Author is illustrator for 天音かなた: Vtuber -Because of that, Physical copies on Amazon store soldout in 1st day
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Sweet Salty 4.5

Sweet Salty

Chapter 12

8,233 Jul 19,20 Dal pi

I can’t get fired from my part-time job! The troublemaker police trainee with a fiery temper starts a new part-time job.
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Rain Man 3.8

Rain Man

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Hitsujigaoka Apartments

8,191 Aug 01,20 Hoshino Yukinobu

Amamiya Taki, an employee - albeit a reluctant one - of the Parapsychology Research Institute, is suddenly notified of the suicide of a twin brother he never even knew existed. This event sets into motion a shocking chain of occurrences, the first of which is the discovery that Taki has no brain. Note: Nominated for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2017.
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Righteous Evil 4.8

Righteous Evil

Chapter 4

8,180 Sep 21,20 老头

Amidst a world of Tao and evil demons, good and bad, an ancient poltergeist and a young priest of guardian seals accidentally break a seal whilst going on an adventure to find the way of imprints, constantly challenging the line between good and evil.
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Crawling Into Me in the Middle of the Night (Official Colored) 4.6

Crawling Into Me In The Middle Of The Night (Official Colored)

Chapter 1

8,114 Jul 30,20 Taoka

After moving to Tokyo, Tatsuka Azusa's daily life had changed into nothing. For her, people left company because of marriage or due to their own circumstances. After dinner, she felt a presence of someone beside her on the bed... It was the guy next door!
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A Ruined Princess and Alternate World Hero Make a Great Country! 4.6

A Ruined Princess And Alternate World Hero Make A Great Country!

Chapter 1.2: Mission 1: Make A Dining Table (2)

8,113 Sep 08,20 Kiki

A clumsy princess and cool adventurer collect materials for their new country! A new kingdom-building fantasy!
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Hapiel 4.3


Chapter 5: I'm Going To Beat That Crazy Bitch To Death

8,088 Sep 15,20 Hira Masuo

You would think getting hit by a truck on your way back from school should change your life forever, right? Well for Saya Takahashi it did, but not in the way you would think. After  a miraculous recovery, Takahashi is on her way to get her life back on track. Unfortunately, life doesn’t seem to have that planned for her. Hapiel, an angel that for some reason only she can see, has broug
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Moto Sekai Ichi'i Subchara Ikusei Nikki: Hai Player, Isekai wo Kouryakuchuu! 3.6

Moto Sekai Ichi'i Subchara Ikusei Nikki: Hai Player, Isekai Wo Kouryakuchuu!

Vol.1 Chapter 1

8,058 Sep 19,20 Sawamura Harutarou

The protagonist who was rarely ever at school during his middle school and high school days, is unemployed even as an adult. From morning till night, it was video games. For him who was ranked first worldwide, it was his life. One day, his character is suddenly hacked. The data was unrecoverable and there was nothing that could be done. Feeling great despair at having lost his rank th
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I Want To Drink Your Tears 4.7

I Want To Drink Your Tears

Chapter 4

8,057 Sep 21,20 Hirose Ayumu

Imekai Kippei, a high school student, confessed to Arisa Umegami, an admired senior at his school, that he was ready to be rejected, but unexpectedly he got the OK and she decided to go out with him. Ippei was overjoyed, but Umegami-senpai asked him to make a certain condition as a "relationship"...?
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The Devil In The Suit 4.3

The Devil In The Suit

Chapter 4

8,051 Sep 11,20 You du jun

A second-rate novelist Shao Xin Yu who always can’t write good novels, cross-dressed under the alias “Shao Xin Yu”, and risks it all by sneaking into the legendary men idol company, the Rong Guang Group- with the plan of writing a popular novel based on CEO Wen Qi Jing. Wen Qi Jing is cold and arrogant. He has frightened away numerous personal assistants. Even so, the carefree an
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Hereos of imjin war 4.4

Hereos Of Imjin War

Chapter 6

8,016 Sep 21,20 Lee Woo-Hyuk,Team Landscape

Two centuries after the establishment of the Joseon dynasty, a long war breaks out because of the Japanese invasion. Four beings, both human and celestial, struggle to correct the balance of the universe: Eun-dong, a boy who lost his mother to the war and is now searching for his father; Tae-eul, the Angel of Death who seeks to solve the mystery of the lost souls, the honorable 800-year-old Tiger
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Shirokuma to Fumeikyoku 3.6

Shirokuma To Fumeikyoku

Chapter 8

8,015 Aug 29,20 Afro

Kumamoto Chieko died just before she could fully enjoy school life as a high school student. Before it's fully decided whether she should be sent to Heaven or Hell, she gets tricked by a mysterious pumpkin-head "person" who instead sends her to Purgatory.
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Reverse The Dimension 3.7

Reverse The Dimension

Chapter 1

8,003 May 21,20 Updating

This game is so huge, I want to have a look at it! Register in the Juvenile login to the world's most popular game "Epoch", with the goal of being the champion, tear the hot pepper with your bare hands!!
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Kimi no Kokoro Boku no Kokoro 5

Kimi No Kokoro Boku No Kokoro

Chapter 1: Asuka

7,924 Mar 17,20 Miyauchi Saya

This series is about dog therapists — people who train dogs for hospital visits to help patients recover — and their dog partners, or therapy dogs.
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It's OK / It's Embarrassing! 4.7

It's Ok / It's Embarrassing!

Chapter 2: It's Embarrassing!

7,922 May 28,20 Uchimura Kaname

Description: The thought of going on a field trip and taking a bath togther with Ricchan makes Fuuchan a mess. Two parts oneshot from Comic Lily vol. 1 and 2
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The Alchemist of Turandot 5

The Alchemist Of Turandot

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Alchemist Of Turandot

7,907 Mar 23,20 GOTOU Keisuke, KATOU Hiroyuki

A collection of surreal, steampunk-inspired short stories. Escapism through music, mechanical dolls, and dragons.
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Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc 4.3

Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc

Chapter 10: 10Th Poem

7,875 Aug 22,20 Suetsugu Yuki,Tokiumi Yui,Tooda Oto (Onda Oto)

Translated Official description: During elementary school, it was competitive karuta that Arata, Chihaya, and Taichi were tied together with a strong bond––the new trio.  Arata went to a different middle school returning to Fukui, while Taichi attended a prestigious school that's hard to get into. Even when they're all scattered apart, Chihaya continues playin
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Hong Tianshen Zun 4.8

Hong Tianshen Zun

Chapter 1

7,853 Jun 01,20 Updating

Xu Nian is the most powerful genius in history, but was abandoned because of family suppression. After experiencing the revenge of the family, the goddess of the realm was admitted into the harem, the deity of the demon world bowed his head as an apprentice, and the dragon of the demon world was a mount! Annoying Xu Nian, whoever touches Xu Nian’s reverse scale, will definitely die better th
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Arcana Fantasy 4.8

Arcana Fantasy

Chapter 5

7,813 Sep 21,20 Yoohee

Arcana Fantasy, the game which took over the world, traps your consciousness in the game once you login. Can the numerous victims be able to escape the boundary between reality and the virtual world? This is a tumultuous adventure of the main protagonist Yun and his growth in another world.
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Metropolitan Super Doctor 4.5

Metropolitan Super Doctor

Chapter 6

7,759 Sep 17,20 Nine summer anime x martia

Fang Han, the grandson of the King of Shen Needle, has the body of nine Yin and no veins. He entered the world to search for the lower part of the “Huangpu Needle Sutra” for autonomy, but by accident, he became a security guard at the Medical University. The security guard knows martial arts, and the hooligans can’t handle it. The security guard knows medical skills, and the beau
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My Lady and I ♂ 4.5

My Lady And I ♂

Chapter 1

7,757 Jun 16,20 Natsu Samako

The story of a male high school student cross-dressing maid × a natural airhead lady with a dislike for males. His cross-dressing is a secret!? The story of these two is walking a tightrope…
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