TakuLez Meet-Up Report 5

Takulez Meet-Up Report


30,468 Jan 20,16 Morishima Akiko

A brief story about a lesbian otaku meet-up.
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Sidekicks: The First Mission 5

Sidekicks: The First Mission

Chapter 1 : Chapter 1

30,467 Jun 26,17 Iron Shin

Hero's first mission to preserve Prana, the origin of superpower! The story of the birth of a superhero
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Holiday Part 2 5

Holiday Part 2

Vol.1 Ch.1

30,463 Jan 20,16 Nananan Kiriko

A girl reads a shoujo manga and is left unsatisfied by the ending.
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Sayonara Blue 5

Sayonara Blue

Vol.1 Ch.1

30,457 Jan 21,16 Honda Keiko

Souta's mom left he and his dad to live by themselves, and suddenly returned when Souta's dad won a rookie novelist award. When Souta and a girl, Sanae were hiking one day, they run into a dog searching for its lost owner.
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In Logos Creo 5

In Logos Creo

Ch.0 : In Logos Creo (Oneshot)

30,451 Jan 20,16 Shelter

Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin. One builds, the other reduces to naught. Our World isn't made out of only one Universe. There are myriads of others, completely different from the one you know. With their own rules, laws, sciences… We all coexist in the same World built on a material and immaterial balance. Should there be a disruption… all the Universes would be threatened. I am Lo
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Mr. Bojangles 5

Mr. Bojangles


30,446 Jan 21,16 Toyoda Tetsuya

Follows the journey of a Detective looking for a man who went by the name of "Mister Bo"
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Matane 5



30,442 Jan 20,16

Dialogue-less oneshot.
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Itoshi Kingyo 5

Itoshi Kingyo

Chapter 5 : Your Eyes

30,433 Jan 20,16 Takano Ichigo

A collection of short-stories. - Beloved Goldfish: Ai and Jin are childhood friends and neighbours. When they were kids, Ai got a goldfish from Jin and she took care of it since then, but one day, Jin decides to leave for a reason Ai has yet to know. - Real intentions: Mizuho is a high-school girl who doesn't get that her friend Ootsuka is obsessed with UFOs. But when Niizaka, the popular gi
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Autumn Sleepiness 5

Autumn Sleepiness

Chapter 0

30,422 Jan 20,16 Arata Toshihira

The 9th oneshot in Yuri Tengoku Anthology; In "Autumn Sleepiness," two girls are stuck coming into school on a Sunday to do work for the Student Council. But why is one of them so sleepy? (from Lililicious)
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Toriya Trip 5

Toriya Trip


30,417 Jan 21,16 Haruno Makoto

Karin Kusunoki is the 17 year-old manager of her deceased father's construction firm. Her car breaks down on a lone highway. She's about to call for help when two little fox-girls steal her cellphone. She chases them into a shrine and right through the torii gate into ... an udon shop? The Star Fox Shrine Udon Shop is run by Inari, who tells her she is their guest. Karin wants to go back, but the
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If the World Ends, That's Cool! 5

If The World Ends, That's Cool!

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

30,410 Jan 21,16 Rangto

Friday the 24th, August 2012.The world will end due to a meteorite crash... tomorrow. But people are fine with it. No one is screaming. No one is praying. Because they are all... cool.Original webcomic: 13 (of 35) of '2012 지구가 멸망한다면?' - a collection of oneshot webcomics related to the supposed end of the world in 201
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Firescooter 5


Chapter 1

30,407 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Tatsuyuki

A young man wakes up to devastation that could only have been caused by WWIII. Knowing he might be the last man alive, he sets off to see if he can rebuild the world.
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Peerless Evil 4.9

Peerless Evil

Chapter 3

30,403 May 06,20 绝品邪少

The son of the campus master is enrolled in the high school, and he has not only forgotten all the beautiful women around him, beautiful and arrogant school flowers, pure and lovely clas
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Picky 5


Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

30,375 Jan 20,16 Morishita Hiromi

From Garo 1982-07.
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Tarepanda Goes on an Adventure 5

Tarepanda Goes On An Adventure


30,359 Jan 21,16 Suemasa Hikaru

Cute little Tarepanda one day wants to go on an adventure. But, after a few bad turns, he realizes he misses home.
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Kemo's 24 Hour's 5

Kemo's 24 Hour's

Chapter 1

30,350 Jan 20,16 Takahashi Rumiko

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Ameto 5


Chapter 1: Sthork The Mercenary

30,335 Jan 10,19 Rael Mochizuki

Ameto tells the saga about a young prince who is destined to save his people from the clutches of the fearsome villain Valxer. The story is filled with action, drama, science, metal heroes, and more.
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Orthoros 5



30,325 Jan 20,16

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Exit Trance Album Art 5

Exit Trance Album Art

Vol.1 Ch.0

30,319 Jan 21,16 Various

For this artbook, the images all seem to be album covers for some music group or company.
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Hirahira no Tsuri 5

Hirahira No Tsuri


30,314 Jan 20,16 Hosuka

Frill is a young boy who travels from town to town, selling the beautiful flowers that grow on his back. One day, the flowers on his back mysteriously begin to wilt and Frill worries that he can no longer grow any flowers.
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The Gutsy Frog 5

The Gutsy Frog

Vol.1 Chapter 3: The Tearful Voice-Over Scheme

30,311 Feb 19,20 Yasumi Yoshizawa

While frog Pyonkichi is hopping in an empty lot in Nerima, Tokyo's Shakujii Park, middle schooler Hiroshi trips over a rock and squashes him. However, Pyonkichi is reborn as an imprint on the front of Hiroshi's shirt and now gives him advice and commentary on his life.
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Magic (SHIMIZU Reiko) 5

Magic (Shimizu Reiko)

Vol.1 Ch.2

30,305 Jan 20,16 Shimizu Reiko

From MangaArt: There are 2 manga series in the book. In the first series, Magic, the background is set in the futuristic 2200's in the edge of the galaxy. Super model Kana has died in a space ship accident when she traveled to a planet on the edge of the galaxy. Her daughter was found 3 years after the magnetic storm has rested. A distant related cousin of Kana adopted the young child (he was a
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Lighter 5


Chapter 1

30,291 Jan 20,16 Ozawa Toshikazu

From Garo 1982-07.
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Hiiragi's English-Japanese Dictionary: Abnormal 5

Hiiragi's English-Japanese Dictionary: Abnormal

Chapter 1

30,278 Jan 20,16 Hiiragi

A meditation (or, if you will, a parody) on what what we consider “normal” and “abnormal”.
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