Carbonator 4.8


Ch.0 : One Shot

37,182 Jun 12,16 Atsuhito Muragimo

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Super Ninja Dan 5

Super Ninja Dan

Vol.1 Ch.1

39,390 Jun 12,16 Kariya Tetsu

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Hero Killer 4.9

Hero Killer

Chapter 1

104,940 Jun 12,16 Kase Daiki

The story of a young man's revenge on the heroes that failed him.
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Coyote Ragtime Show 5

Coyote Ragtime Show

Vol.03 Chapter 14 : Volume 14

61,090 Mar 29,18 Tartan Check, Ufotable

In 7 days planet Graceland is about to be destroyed. The planet, locked in a vicious civil war, has been threatened with termination by the Milky Way Federation.But hidden somewhere on the planet is an immense fortune placed there by the deceased Pirate King Bruce. Bruce bequeathed the fortune to his young daughter Franka, but she’s not the only one looking for the treasure.Now a race is on.
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HIDAMARI Sketch : Private edition 5

Hidamari Sketch : Private Edition

Chapter 0

26,433 May 31,16 Driyasfabrik

Hidamari Sketch meets GeGeGe no Kitarou.
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House of Dolls 4.5

House Of Dolls

Chapter 28

412,246 Jun 29,16 Lee Chong Kyu

The mysterious woman, and those who are controlled by her. Don’t be fooled by the devilish hidden grin! The legendary hit author, Lee Jongkyu and the god artist Rigeng’s full length webtoon.
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Dents 4.9


Chapter 53

140,974 Dec 14,17 Beth Behrs,Matt Doyle

Dents is an apocalyptic journey to the year 2111, where more than half of the world’s population has been wiped out by an ancient plague. After a vaccination is developed, there is a massive increase in the birth of identical twins possessing extraordinary powers, known in society as “Dents.” Following an incident at school, Eleanor learns that she herself is a Dent, separated fr
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Itai ITAI itai 4.9

Itai Itai Itai

Vol.1 Ch.2

101,651 May 17,16 Mentaiko

Itai Itai Itai manga is about a love triangle between High School boys, including Tachikawa Shikou, High School's Judo club president, Narumi Shusaku, member of Judo club and Ukeno Taiga, Shikou's friend and classmate. Which love will prevail?
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Shoujo Tsubaki 4.1

Shoujo Tsubaki

Chapter 8

239,479 Dec 02,17 Maruo Suehiro

12-year-old Midori is the constantly abused chore girl for a freakshow. Things begin to change for her after a dwarf magician joins the freak show, but not always for the better.
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Dead Word Puzzle 4.7

Dead Word Puzzle

Chapter 4

66,045 Aug 22,16 Tajika Kouhei

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Ga-Rei toka MHP2G toka no Hon. 5

Ga-Rei Toka Mhp2G Toka No Hon.

One Shot

39,792 Apr 29,16 Apricot Plus (Circle),AOKI Ume

Another Ume doujinshi. Originally sold at the third COMIC1 in April of 2009, the series she's talking about are nostalgic by now. There's more MonHun, lots of Ga-Rei, with a crossover between the two as well. Who knew that was possible? There's also an original manga that, like Sae's growling stomach story, feels surprisingly real. It also has a little bit of Vocaloid (Rin & Len) along with the us
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Doujin Sakka Collection - himegoto 2.7

Doujin Sakka Collection - Himegoto

Chapter 2 : Eat Me!

101,776 Sep 12,16 Himegoto (ketchup)

Pairing: Marco x Ace
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Sweet Tea 5

Sweet Tea

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Chapter Two

51,439 Apr 20,16 Kevyn Lao

Oliver Carlisle is sitting in a cafe one day, mulling over how crappy his life is as a dead-end, uninspired artist, when he is approached by a cute boy handing out drink samples. Not only is this boy extremely pushy and nonsensically bubbly, but he might just be the hottest guy Oliver has ever laid eyes on. Can Oliver hold it together long enough to find out just what role this odd character might
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Futago no Teikoku 4.9

Futago No Teikoku

Chapter 22: Noisy Bedroom

322,369 Jan 13,20 KITOH Mohiro

The story takes place during the 2595th year of the Ko (Light) Era. Ko, the country of the rising sun, invaded several countries and war rages. Its territory does not stop growing and in heaven, the battleships are a legion. Gaw, a young immigrant boy, and Fa, a mysterious young girl, will find themselves embarking on this "war."
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Absolute 5


Chapter 2 : Ragtag

43,752 May 01,16 Nick Reid

In the year 2199 a diving mecha gains consciousness, with the help of a Guardian of Atlantis crystal, and declares war on mankind. Believing that if humans are allowed to live, the Earth will die, the robot builds an army to cleanse the Earth of the human race. The robot, who calls himself Absolute, also learned how to use the “Light of Atlantis” power source to raise the city from the depths of t
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Karada Sagashi 4.5

Karada Sagashi

Vol.2 Chapter 13: Fourth Day (2)

367,285 Jan 03,19 Welzard

A cryptic request received out of the blue: "Hey, Asuka... search for my body". This is the start of how Asuka and her friends end up searching for scattered body parts in the middle of the night. If they don't find the entire body, 9th November is repeated and the red person will continue to kill them. Who is the red person? Why is Haruka asking the 6 of them to search for the body
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Outlaw Star 5

Outlaw Star

Vol.002 Ch.005 : Treasure Of Pirate

51,704 Mar 08,16 ITO Takehiko

Space is mainly inhabited by three different groups: the Federation, which is the real government; Various pirate clans, which use special techniques and magic to dominate the frontier; and the outlaws which are just about everywhere in between. There are also various alien races and empires which sort of fall within this category.It is on this frontier where Gene Starwind and his 11-year old part
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Clash-House Summer Style 5

Clash-House Summer Style

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Anything But Mountains!

50,415 Mar 01,16 Clash House (hirasaka Makoto)

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Saint Seiya Episode.G 4.8

Saint Seiya Episode.g

Chapter 55.5: The Ones Who Cross Swords

202,084 Oct 07,19 Kurumada Masami

(From Anime News Network): 7 years before the Saint Seiya storyline, this one tells the story of the Gold Saints and the fight against the Titans and their struggle to prevent the resurrection of the God of Time, Chronos.
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To Aru Majutsu no Index - Kamijou & Mikoto are a little embarrassed 5

To Aru Majutsu No Index - Kamijou & Mikoto Are A Little Embarrassed


42,427 Feb 01,16 Mayu (airmods)

A doujinshi between Kamijou Touma & Misaka Mikoto.
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heaven (tengoku) 5

Heaven (Tengoku)

Vol.1 Chapter 1.1 : Lust Intro

35,008 Jan 20,16 Rai-san

wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Those seven deadly sins are the sins that the lord have to erase them. Ayumi, Sai, Natsu, the three close friends go to the same school. Ayumi Utadaki famous for her devil voice, while Sai Nadeshiko famous for the devil eyes, the eyes could read through a person soul, last but not least Natsu Nadeshiko famous for her devil ear, she could hea
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Itsuwari no Mori 5

Itsuwari No Mori

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Mori Forest Saga Series (Complete)

48,686 Jan 20,16 Naono Bohra

The Mori (forest saga) series. 1) Otoyami no Mori - Yume no Koe While visiting the market one day, Doctor Ao happens upon a stand where they're selling demons and reluctantly purchases one as his own. Although the demon has been treated harshly in the past, he meets kindness at his new master's hands and comes to find peace with him. But when that peace is threatened can they find their wa
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Joker Trap 4.5

Joker Trap

Vol.1 Ch.2

98,000 Jan 20,16 Tennouji Mio

Cheif Mikimoto has been in a 'relationship' with co-worker Kosaka for the past month. Kosaka has now fallen in love. One night Kosaka is looking for Mikimoto too... but finds him having sex with the company president! So what does Kosaka do? Throw logical thinking to the wind and join them to form a Threesome! (duh!)
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Kamiyadori 3.9


Vol.5 Chapter 0.3 : [Continuation]

161,623 Jan 20,16 Sanbe Kei

From Tokyopop: Girard and ViVi are special government agents known as "Right Arms" whose job is to seek and destroy people who have become "infected." In this world, a weird virus that turns people into monsters has run rampant and the only way humanity can survive is to keep tight control on those who are infected. If the virus' symptoms appear, the person must be disposed
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