Someya Mako's Mahjong Parlor Food 4.5

Someya Mako's Mahjong Parlor Food

Chapter 13: Takoyaki For Hangeshou

157,315 Jul 03,20 Ritz Kobayashi,Mekimeki

Saki spin-off focusing on Someya Mako as she cooks meals for customers of her family's mahjong parlor.
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Darkness of Mahjong Fighter Mamiya 5

Darkness Of Mahjong Fighter Mamiya

Chapter 1

45,576 Aug 03,19 Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Japan has entered a new era called “Reiwa”, after moving past the Hesei Era on April 30th 2019. It is in this era, past the time of people like the legendary Akagi Shigeru and others like him who gambled on mahjong for a living, that a new gambler has arisen known only as “Yami-ma no Mamiya”, which in English might translate to “Mamiya of Mahjong's Darkness”
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Beast Children 4.8

Beast Children

Chapter 26: Matching

799,977 Nov 25,19 Kento Terasaka

Blood, guts and glory! You can find it all on the rugby field. A young man is about to be introduced to the sport of rugby!
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Area no Kishi Gaiden: Enokou Early Days 5

Area No Kishi Gaiden: Enokou Early Days

Vol.1 Chapter 13

120,729 May 25,19 Kibayashi Shin

Their pass work has become splendid! The captain observes the field! In the ever-popular Enoshima soccer manga, "The Knight in the Area," serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Iwaki Teppei progresses from being a young soccer coach to a professional soccer player. The story from his high school days is about to unfold! How did this young soccer boy evolve into a genius midfielder?! The l
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Double Taisei 4.5

Double Taisei

Chapter 27: #27 Double Taisei

558,020 Dec 07,19 Kentaro Fukuda

Genius shogi player Taisei Amado has a secret...Kentaro Fukuda, the creator of Devilyman and Shinigiwa, brings his beautiful art to a shogi story that you won't be able to put down!
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Haikyuu-bu!! 4.9


Chapter 51: From Today, We Will...

555,473 Jul 08,20 Haruichi Furudate,Kyouhei Miyajima

A new official spin-off of the popular weekly series Haikyuu!! In which our protagonists are the members of the rival schools. A comedy series about their ridiculous antics that you can't read in the original story!
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Blue Lock 4.8

Blue Lock

Chapter 91: Godspeed

3,691,995 Jul 09,20 Muneyuki Kaneshiro,Yuusuke Nomura

The story begins with Japan's elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which prompts the Japanese Football Union to start a programme scouting high school players who will begin training in preparation for the 2022 Cup. Isagi Youichi, a forward, receives an invitation to this programme soon after his team loses the chance to go to Nationals because he passed to his less-skilled teammate &mdas
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Latent Blue 4.5

Latent Blue

Chapter 21

450,986 Jul 04,20 ceci

In this remote seaside town, different people meet with their own confusions and misgivings. In the face of the deep blue sea, everyone can find their own answers. The Deep Blue journey of scuba diving and ordinary youth begins!
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Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors 4.9

Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors

Vol.1 Chapter 20: Final Chapter

124,222 May 01,19 Inukorosuke

If a telepath, a clairvoyant, a vice detective, a ninja with super reflexes, a spirit medium, an oil magnate, an extremely lucky boy, and an extremely strong man were to fight it out in a rock-paper-scissors tournament, who would you bet your money on? Just because it's a simple game with simple rules doesn't mean the matches will be simple. Mind games, chea
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Summer Taste 4.1

Summer Taste

Chapter 85: The Same Goal... [End]

501,945 Nov 05,19 Bei Xiang

Jiang Xue has transferred from school to school ever since she was young, out of specific reasons. This summer, she meets Xia Zhi, our male lead who turns her world upside down. She also meets Shi Haitian who is crazy about her. A story full of youth, dreams and basketball is just about to unfold.
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Moon Land 4.7

Moon Land

Chapter 43: Looming Presence

883,621 Jan 02,20 Sai Yamagishi

Mitsuki Amahara is an avid gymnast in his third year of middle school, but it's not until the final middle school competition that he competes for the first time. There, he is taken aback by the stunning performance of Sakura Dogase, a member of a renowned club. What will Mitsuki do in order to get closer to his goal...?!
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Dricam!! 4.6


Chapter 103

1,278,347 Jan 10,20 Yu Chiba

“Drifting is a sport!” Rin Todoroki, a natural drifting genius, just wants to put driving aside and live out a normal, comfy university life. What will happen when she is confronted by the automobile club, or “auto” for short? Students who’ve put it all on the line… their stories start here!!
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Akagi Zawa... Zawa... Anthology 5

Akagi Zawa... Zawa... Anthology

Chapter 37: Chicken

140,777 Apr 02,19 Saibara Rieko, Takahashi Noboru, Clamp, Tanaka Keiichi, Owada Hideki, Mizushina Takayuki, Tsuge Aya, Oshikiri Rensuke, Murata Hiroyuki, Koshiba Tetsuya, Karasuya Satoshi, Kaitani Shinobu, Suzuki Masa

A collection of one-shot tributes to Tohai Densetsu Akagi compiled for Akagi's 20th Anniversary. 36 Different Manga artists, including Maeda Jirou, the author of HERO - Gyakkyou no Tohai, come together to pay tribute to a very long-running manga series!
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Kemono-Human School 4.8

Kemono-Human School

Chapter 58: Drying Story

985,380 Jun 17,20 Kaminosaki

Little stories about a world where humans, beastmen and half-beast live together. This manga follows the everyday life of a diverse cast of middle schoolers, mostly from the basketball and volleyball club, as they learn about each other's differences.
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1518! 4.7


Vol.1 Chapter 2: The No.18 Girl

50,472 Apr 02,19 Yuu Aida

The manga's story centers around Sachi Maruyama, a girl who has just entered high school. In her new school, she finds that no club activities really interest her, so she is invited by an upperclassman from her middle school — now the student council president of her high school — to help with student council activities. There, she finds Karasuya, a boy she had met three years ago
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Harlem Beat 4.8

Harlem Beat

Vol.5 Chapter 33: Out Of Tricks

478,452 May 19,20 Nishiyama Yuriko

Some athletes dream of the bling-bling, others dream of the women. But real hoop dreams reflect the desire to be the best. The dream of being able to take the rock, drive the lane, and take it to the hole. That's Nate Torres, branded as the team bench-warmer, just trying to get that shot at high school fame and glory. When he blows his chance to try and make his high school team, he takes his
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Gut's 4.8


Chapter 27: Vol.7 Game 27: Conclusion!

304,006 Mar 30,19 Jun Fudo

Maguma is obsessed with baseball; in fact, his dream is to hit all the strong fastballs on earth. However, Maguma isn?t a good team player and doesn?t actually have any interest in joining the baseball team! Now, Meguma no longer gets a thrill of hitting a baseball at 140 KPH, so he decides to take up tennis, where balls can fly over 160 KPH! Will Meguma be able to handle this new speed, and
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Strike or Gutter 4.5

Strike Or Gutter

Chapter 27: A League Match?

1,169,764 Jul 08,20 Yuu Andou

Touka is an ordinary high school girl who loves bowling. Her father runs a bowling alley, she has a crush on her former coach, and she is a pro at the game. The only issue is that if anybody watches her bowl, she becomes extremely conscientious of her body and plays poorly. To ensure this doesn't happen, Touka's best friend tries to help her overcome her shyness while bowling.
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Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Princess of Zipang 3.1

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Princess Of Zipang

Vol.8 Chapter 48

187,999 Jul 04,20 Hideki Oowada

The sequel series to The Legend of Koizumi.
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Toppu GP 4.8

Toppu Gp

Chapter 46

452,990 Feb 27,20 Kosuke Fujishima

The story follows Toppuu Uno, a Japanese boy who is aiming for MotoGP, the "world's top motorcycle race." The manga will feature "obsessively accurate depictions" of mechanical equipment, motorcycles, and cars. The manga will also have the "full cooperation" of various Japanese motorcycle makers, motorcycle-wear companies, and various circuits in Japan.
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Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari 4.4

Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari

Vol.6 Chapter 63: Little Lords Of Karate [End]

2,184,811 Apr 26,19 Baba Yasushi

Takeru and Meo, two best friends both troubled by tragedies in their pasts, have been sweeping local junior karate tournaments as high school freshmen. But now, they set their sights on a national karate tournament. Unfortunately, the funding required to achieve their goal can only be secured if they form an official karate club at their school. Their first challeng
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My Story of Becoming a Master Fishermen 4.5

My Story Of Becoming A Master Fishermen

Chapter 3

86,323 Jan 28,19 Zhaoxing Huang

The highest peak of fishing comics~ Sun Yubing, a young man who followed his father to learn fishing, suddenly received his father’s death. In order to regain the 16 years of fishing skills, he took up his father’s leftover fishing equipment and re-find the fishing base.
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Imocon 4.3


Vol.1 Chapter 2: Sister Battle

94,115 Jan 06,19 Naoki Sakurai

A battle tournament to decide who is the little sister number 1 of Japan begins!
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Kasane no Michi 5

Kasane No Michi

Vol.1 Hole.11: A Tight Place

87,235 Dec 25,18 Kasane Hibino, a 15 year old girl managing a ramshackle driving range, winds up meeting golf superstar Jambo Otokozaki. Will she be successful in achieving her goals?

Kasane Hibino, a 15 year old girl managing a ramshackle driving range, winds up meeting golf superstar Jambo Otokozaki. Will she be successful in achieving her goals?
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