Ginyanma: Legend of Skilled Mahjong Players 5

Ginyanma: Legend Of Skilled Mahjong Players

Chapter 7: Oneshot - Endoh

34,783 Dec 04,19 Nobuyuki Fukumoto

One of Fukumoto's earliest mahjong series depicting a detective called Hirai Ginji (not related to Sawada from Ten).
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GIRLS und PANZER - The Fir Tree and the Iron-Winged Witch 4.1

Girls Und Panzer - The Fir Tree And The Iron-Winged Witch

Chapter 4

63,037 Dec 27,19 Ryouichi Saitaniya,Michio Murakawa

The manga centers around Noemi Kohiyama, a second-year student at Count High School, a school with no established reputation in the world of tankery. Her first match as a tank commander is against Saunders University High School. She directs the crew of her tank with her orders, and she follows the orders of their team leader. At that time, she remembers the words that her senior said to her.
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Top Corner 4.7

Top Corner

Vol.1 Chapter 3

81,990 Jul 05,20 Yoonsung

A maths genius' kickoff!
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Bungo 4


Vol.9 Chapter 83: Evolution

1,924,577 Jul 06,20 Yuuji Ninomiya

In a town with no baseball team, young Bungo spends his days throwing the ball he received as a gift against a wall until Yukio Noda, Japan’s representative youth baseball player, appears before him and an unexpected showdown ensues! After a chance meeting in middle school, these two enroll in Shizuo Senior where they struggle to make it to Koshien with everything they have.
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SK8 2.5


Vol.1 Chapter 1: (Promo)

17,203 Oct 27,19 Emerald

SK8 is a story about 8 skaters who enter competitions to determine who is the best skater in Florida.
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WonDance 4.7


Chapter 16: One Move

187,337 Jul 03,20 Coffee

Hana Kotani, who lives in complete harmony with his surroundings. He couldn't help feeling attracted to Hikari Wanda, who is obsessed with dancing. Challenge yourself even if you are inexperienced to dance with her! Club activities, studies, employment, friends, love. What is really important? Is it really okay to do something as "useless" as dancing?
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Kinnikuman II Sei: Kyuukyoku Choujin Tag Hen 4.2

Kinnikuman Ii Sei: Kyuukyoku Choujin Tag Hen

Vol.11 Chapter 113: Another Wild Beast!!

154,100 Apr 12,20 Yudetamago

After the terrible battle against the Demon Seeds peace has been restored and thus Mantarou is wasting his time away sleeping around, like usual... Suddenly he has a weird dream of him fighting a tag match against the Original 'Machine guns' team (Kinnikuman x Terryman tag team)... Even weirder is that the machine guns aren't 60 something, but are instead in their top form at their fin
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Breakin' Girls! 3.9

Breakin' Girls!

Vol.2 Chapter 13: A Fresh Start (+Extras) [End]

288,881 Jan 02,20 Kirikirimai

Hana is a bored high school student, disillusioned with spending so much time studying that she has no other interests in life.<br><br>This all changes when her PE class temporarily replaces traditional Japanese dancing with break dancing. Being unable to accept failing at any class, even PE, she looks up break dancing online, which leads to her remembering seeing break-dancing when sh
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Speed Line 3.2

Speed Line

Chapter 52

405,586 Nov 05,19 Waywayu comic

It's a story about an impulsive yet conscientious policewoman who got the talent on car racing and depending on which enables her to catch lots of criminials of the city. It's a story about a police couple acting against each other at first and fall in love with each other in the end. It's a story about speed and furious...
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Pocha Climb! 4.4

Pocha Climb!

Chapter 9

263,994 Jul 06,20 Mintarou

Let’s go wall climbing with your childhood friend!
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9 Dan Girl 3

9 Dan Girl

Chapter 17

114,803 Sep 20,19 Yoshinori Kisaragi,Ri Yin Quing Kong,Bai Ri

Ten years ago, you disliked me because I am a girl. Who can win me now?
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Skill Unparalleled 4.3

Skill Unparalleled

Chapter 35

3,206,715 Sep 12,19 Lejiang Culture

The Tianwu Boxing Hall in Haicheng City is the branch of the world's largest boxing gym. In order to earn money for the treatment of the righteous girl, Su Chen came to Tianwu Boxing Hall to go sparring. Because of his outstanding learning ability and strong comprehension, Su Chen became the “gold medal training” of the boxing gym. However, the splendid performance of Su Chen attra
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Swim Classes for a Mermaid 4.7

Swim Classes For A Mermaid

Chapter 21

447,356 Mar 07,20 Yongchan

Lee Soo-young takes notice of Shin Cho-ah at a swimming competition. Despite telling him that she 'hates water', it turns out that there's more than meets the eye... especially when she touches water.
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Starlight Wizards 4.7

Starlight Wizards

Vol.1 Chapter 11

50,397 Aug 29,19 Ritsu Takagi

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Kinnikuman II Sei: All Choujin Daishingeki 3.7

Kinnikuman Ii Sei: All Choujin Daishingeki

Vol.3 Chapter 43: Let The Mortar Ring Deathmatch Begin! [End]

54,039 Aug 28,19 Yudetamago

Kinnikuman II Sei: All Choujin Daishingeki is an alternate retelling of Kinnikuman II-sei series.
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Alice Binetsu 38°C - We are Tsubasagaoka D.C. 4.6

Alice Binetsu 38°C - We Are Tsubasagaoka D.c.

Chapter 7

59,877 Aug 24,19 Ayumi Cocoro

That was the highest fever I never had. Because of those guys. When I entered in high school I met the team of “tsubasa ga oka D.C” Those guy were so problematic but looked like Host! That’s what I thought at the beginning...<br><br>“ with us Alice, bet with us!”<br>“I’m going to ridicule you guys!”<br>“Let’s
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Seventh Strikes 4.6

Seventh Strikes

Chapter 0: Prologue

92,572 Aug 06,19 Sonyeon

In order to get the headlines, the entertainment reporter Li Shu Zhen, while secretly follows and takes picture of the "Baseball World's Most Popular Superstar" Liu Xian, unexpectedly photographed his "nude photo"? Later on he discovered that Liu Xian is his former alumnus, not to mention he's the junior of the baseball department. Falling into deep thoughts, whether th
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Kuroko no Basket: Replace Plus 4.6

Kuroko No Basket: Replace Plus

Chapter 2

95,817 Mar 11,20 Tadatoshi Fujimaki,Ichirou Takahashi,Sawako Hirabayashi

The manga tells the story of the generation of miracles' middle school years, and compile other short stories.
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Run With The Wind 4.4

Run With The Wind

Chapter 2: Why???

54,140 Jul 19,19 Miura Shion, Sorata Unno

Kakeru, a former elite runner at high school, is chased for stealing food. He is saved by a Kansei University student Haiji, who is also a runner. Haiji persuades Kakeru to live in the old apartment 'Chikuseisou' where he plans to team up with fellow residents to enter Hakone Ekiden Marathon, one of the most prominent university races in Japan. Kakeru soon finds out that all of the residen
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Shakotan★Boogie 5


Vol.1 Chapter 1: A Tearful Request

28,830 Jul 07,19 Michiharu Kusunoki

Detailing the adventures of two friends interested in shakotan, the Japanese term for low riders.
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First Inning 4.7

First Inning

Chapter 34: Blooming [End]

261,578 Aug 29,19 Hiro

Max Ke may be a baseball prodigy, but he’s just your typical high school student. He’s not out for fame, nor grades really. No, what really brings Max to the ballpark is the same great dream that all young men share…to have a cute girlfriend! Can the baseball star hit a home run and get the girl or will he strikeout and lose the game of high school romance?
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Beatlyfe 3.7


Chapter : Beat 01

32,731 Aug 10,19 Namisa

Beatlyfe is a place where game freaks, music nerds, and adrenaline junkies intersect: a rhythm arcade. Join our heroes (read: rhythm gamers) as they work tirelessly to top their high scores, find the best late-night noodles, and support each other through life --- arcade culture at its finest.
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Vol.8 Final Stage - Ace

140,206 Jun 25,19 Jun Fudo

The encounter between Itto Ippongi, a high schooler who blunders no matter what he does, and a road race bike.<br>Riding a bike might very well be the way for him to change himself.<br>Thinking he might actually be able to achieve something great,<br>Itto joins Team CycleOn which Subara Miyata, his classmate, is a member of...<br>A genuine cycling road race manga that will
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