Mushishi 4.8


Vol.10 Chapter 50 : Drops Of Bells (Part 2)

448,113 Sep 27,18 Urushibara Yuki

Some live in the deep darkness behind your eyelids. Some eat silence. Some thoughtlessly kill. Some simply drive men mad. Shortly after life emerged from the primordial ooze, these strange creatures, called "mushi", came into being. Ginko, a wanderer with a sardonic smile, is a "mushishi" one who has the knowledge and the skill, to help people get rid of their various mushi rel
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Please Save My Earth 4.7

Please Save My Earth

Chapter 12.2

101,049 Sep 27,18 Hiwatari Saki

Alice Sakaguchi has recently moved to Tokyo from her country home in Hokkaido... and she absolutely hates it. The air is polluted, there are far fewer of her beloved plants in the city than she would prefer, she can't seem to make friends at her new high school, and her seven-year old neighbor, Rin, is constantly bullying her. One day, Alice takes Rin to the zoo, where, as usual, the animals c
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Garouden Boy 5

Garouden Boy

Chapter 9-19 V2

78,248 Sep 27,18 YUMEMAKURA Baku

Based on the Garouden manga. A short 2 volume manga about two males whose goals are to become number one in life (and their success). The plot outlines the protagonist, Tanba and a former sumo wrestler turned high school teacher, Kiriu and their head to head combat, from the eyes and views of the main character, Shinichi Kido.
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Skin and Bone 5

Skin And Bone

Chapter 4: Caterpillar

77,119 Sep 26,18 Hino Hideshi

From A volume of four terrifyingly witty novellas. Skin and Bone: Poor Taichi is bullied incessantly at school because of her weight problem, but she undertakes a diet from hell, which leaves her nothing more than skin and bone. The Red Satchel: Haruna's deathly appearance shocks her friends when she returns to school. She disappears again, leaving only her red school satchel and i
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Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi 4.3

Torikagosou No Kyou Mo Nemutai Juunintachi

Chapter Extra: Premium Book

387,218 Sep 23,18 Kabei Yukako

From Turtle Paradise: 16-year-old Kizuna stalks the city at night, flirting with middle-aged salary men and coercing them out of their money. The thrill should be enough to satiate her, but Kizuna remains unsatisfied with her everyday life… That is, until the beautiful Inoue Yuki, also living in “Birdcage Manor” approaches Kizuna with a job proposition- to model in the nude for Yuki’s cousin, a
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Yellow Heart 3.9

Yellow Heart

Chapter 28 [End]

902,916 Aug 02,18 Yonekura Kengo

A former prostitute and a man with a violent past meet in near-future Japan. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll collide in the Japanese underworld.
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Shounenshoujo Ryouryuuki 5

Shounenshoujo Ryouryuuki

Vol.01 Chapter 12 : Homeroom [End]

116,640 Jul 26,18 Furuya Usamaru

A collection of standalone stories written by both Furuya Usamaru and Otsuichi. The stories all revolve around the common troubles that teenagers go through, whether it be falling out with a friend, being bullied, or dieting.
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A Wage Slave is Reincarnated in a Different World!! It's Heartbreaking!!! 4.2

A Wage Slave Is Reincarnated In A Different World!! It's Heartbreaking!!!

Chapter 2

143,414 Jul 20,18 Poppoyakiya

Truck-kun's latest victim finds out what it's really like to have the Ultimate Cheat Skill. Shockingly, there are no slave harems.
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Redrum 327 5

Redrum 327

Vol.3 Chapter 6: Silent Anthology [End]

137,487 Jul 16,18 Ko Ya Sung

From MangaCity: Redrum 327, a manhwa by Ko Ya Sung, plunges readers into a world that's a cross between the "Scream" franchise and Stephen King's "The Shining." It tells the tale of a group of friends who plan an impromptu visit to an isolated chalet in the mountains. Their weekend getaway starts out as a pleasant idyll, but as the evening progresses, tensions rise, rif
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Innocent Devil 4.6

Innocent Devil

Chapter 18 [End]

391,638 Jul 09,18 Nakamura Moto

Jack the Ripper; Ed Gein; Andrei Chikatilo; John Wayne Gacy; Jeffrey Dahmer - separate from these serial killers who shocked the world, there exist offenders known as "Innocent Devils", who murder without malice. A criminal psychologist and her beautiful assistant probe the depths their minds.
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Dear, My God 3.9

Dear, My God

Chapter 5: Papers [End]

148,787 Jul 04,18 Asada Nemui

From Must Be Endless: Read this while praying for the fate of two people, a BL that will save your soul. "You will be my other half." Having infiltrated a religious organization to save Liv, who adores the cult leader, Catholic priest Ross is instead captured and held captive. "If you become my other half, we can both be saved," Liv believes blindly. Giving Ross a drug which du
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Death Note 4.7

Death Note

Chapter 112

2,206,332 Jun 16,18 Ohba Tsugumi

Death Note Manga is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The storyline follows a high school student who falls upon a supernatural laptop from a shinigami named Ryuk that allows its user the power to kill anyone whose name and face he understands, Light Yagami. The series centres around Light's subsequent attempts to make and rule a
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Bashing Renai 4.5

Bashing Renai

Chapter 3

76,292 Jun 11,18 Abe Miyuki

From Peccatore Sanctuary: Murakami Keisuke possesses beauty which cannot be missed, many people admire him due to his beauty. But he has never accepted any one of these people. One day student council president Masaki, due to some incident started to become close to him...
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Death Song 4.7

Death Song

Chapter 2

128,098 Jun 09,18 Jeong Eum Kim

Soran's father passed away when she was ten years old and her uncle became her legal guardian, who then left her in a nunnery. Years past and he died, and at that time, she was given two choices. One was to become a sister for the rest of her life, while the other was to get married, having no choice in which man. She chooses the latter.
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Fuan no Tane 5

Fuan No Tane

Chapter 7

241,441 Jun 09,18 Nakayama Masaaki

It's a collection of very short and mostly atmospheric stories dealing with urban legends, ghosts and superstitions all organized around a specific theme (School, Visitors etc.).Some are just two pages long.
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Brothers of Japan 4.5

Brothers Of Japan

Vol.01 Chapter 1

44,132 Jun 08,18 Matsumoto Taiyo

Collection of miscellaneous short stories.
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Hyakka Teien no Higeki 5

Hyakka Teien No Higeki

Chapter 1-6

66,161 Jun 07,18 Yamada Akihiro

On the outskirts of Neo-Hong Kong lies a mysterious Chinese-style garden. Legend has it that anyone who looks upon the fairy of the garden will die before the night is out. Five years ago, Douglas Pyke was charged with discovering the true nature of this fairy, but when he accidentally killed a woman in the line of duty, he left the police force forever. Now, a cabbie and sometime private eye,
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Ichi the Killer 4.6

Ichi The Killer

Chapter 103

2,202,960 Jun 07,18 Yamamoto Hideo

[From Anime News Network]: In Shinjuku Kabuki-Cho, the biggest sin town in Japan, there are two crazy guys. Ichi is a coward and a wimp, but once he breaks into tears, he turns into a human weapon. With great martial arts skill and a blade hidden in his boots, he butchers a bunch of enemies into mincemeat in the blink of an eye. His arch enemy is Kakihara, a yakuza boss who's tired of everythin
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G (KOIKE Keiichi) 5

G (Koike Keiichi)

Vol.1 Chapter 0 : [Complete]

37,824 Jun 07,18 KOIKE Keiichi

G takes place at these points we call boundaries. Boundaries between times, dimensions, destinies, life and death, …It tells the story of young Tomak through his initiatic journey.The Death Grass Spirit is never far... This story is related to the short story "Lazaro Franco's Fourth Hour" published in Heaven's Door ( ).
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Kanojo no Omoide... 4

Kanojo No Omoide...

Chapter 10: That's Amazing World [End]

97,629 Jun 04,18 Otomo Katsuhiro

Collection of short stories, including; - Flower - Memories - SOUND OF SAND - Farewell To Weapons - Hair - Electric Bird Land - MINOR SWING - Chronicle of The Planet TAKO - Chronicle of The Planet TAKO, Chapter of Dawnlight - Fire-ball - That's Amazing World - Magic pot of Aladdin - That's Amazing World - Noah's Ark - That's Amazing World - old man and sea - That's Amazing Worl
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Hana wa Knife o Mi ni Matou 5

Hana Wa Knife O Mi Ni Matou

Chapter 4: Yori-Chan's Feelings

149,400 Jun 04,18 Sakurada Hina

From Evil Flowers: Kako Saeki is a senior in high school. She has been modeling and harboring her love for her favorite art teacher, Enjoe. Her heart breaks when she finds out that her love is actually engaged. Now, Kako's innocent love takes a dangerous turn when she finds out who is he engaged to.....
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BxP Anx 4.7

Bxp Anx

Chapter 7: [End]

211,177 Jun 04,18 Jaryuu Dokuro

From Yaoi Is Life: Volume 1 : Inside a crowed train, a punk boy, You, is for some reason protected by a (dotekaku kakkou ii) B-boy. The B-boy, Makino, carries away with him a precious 'stone' that You had unknowingly dropped. He comes to ask You, who had ended up moving in Makino's home after much confusion, if he has any memory of himself. Has he met Makino is the past?! You was is sh
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Akira 4.7


Vol.06 Chapter 6

450,590 Jun 03,18 Otomo Katsuhiro

In the year 2038. A police state, scheming politicians, religios sects, revolutionaries and a secret scientific project all combine to produce an explosive mixture in Neo-Tokyo. The rival groups all have their eyes on one prize: control of Akira, a boy of such destructive psychic ability that he has been held in cryo-stasis for over 30 years. A coup is planned, but there is a wild card in play: th
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Judge 4.5


Chapter 32: Court Adjourned [End]

571,444 May 30,18 Tonogai Yoshiki

Hiro's brother Atsuya is dating Hiro's childhood friend and secret crush Hikari. Hiro's affection for Hikari will lead him to commit an un-punishable crime against his older brother. At least, he thinks it is un-punishable, until he is kidnapped and imprisoned by a group of people wearing animal masks. The judging is about to start! Basicly same principles of "gore Game of conceal
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