Shoujo Jump 5

Shoujo Jump

Chapter 000

39,709 Dec 20,17 Kurumi yuu

Michika has lost her triple jump, so she begs a former Ice Prince to train her to regain her ability to jump.
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Shorty and Chubby Are in Love, so What? 4.7

Shorty And Chubby Are In Love, So What?

Chapter 001

73,685 Dec 20,17 Maki kyouko

Puniko is a manager for the basketball club. She has always been self-conscious about her weight. Puniko believed that she had no chance to fall in love... until Shou-kun, the basketball team's diminutive yet popular ace, confesses to her. Can Pinuko really find love at last? Is such a love even possible?
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Shishi to Cinderella 4.3

Shishi To Cinderella

Chapter 001

68,187 Dec 20,17 Violet winspear

Yvain has been working as a maid in the Sandell household since she was 15. One day she accompanies her employers on a luxury cruise ship. Who would have thought the ship would sink! Yvain is swept away by the strong currents of the sea... When she awakens, she finds herself on the Island of Lions, where the mysterious yet alluring marquess, Juan, lives...
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My Odile 3.7

My Odile

Chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

34,332 Dec 20,17 Isoya yuki

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Shinba Shounen to Nemuru Kyojin 3

Shinba Shounen To Nemuru Kyojin

Chapter 000 : One Shot

35,115 Dec 20,17 Maebashi haru

Shinba, who's always isolated himself and never made friends, finds stones that contain the souls of dead famous people. With his special power, he uses the stones to be people he thinks he could never be like.
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MORE!!! 5


Chapter 0 V2 : Oneshot

41,999 Dec 20,17 Hirano hirotoshi

Moe War is a comedic oneshot within which a popular girl tries to act "moe" to get out of repaying an otaku. As she soon realizes, however, she doesn't understand moe at all.
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Sweet Desire 5

Sweet Desire

Chapter 001 : Oneshot

40,901 Dec 19,17 Takemiya jin

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The Poisonous Flower 4

The Poisonous Flower

Chapter 001

135,113 Dec 18,17 Shinjo mayu

Misaki has dreamed to be had by Michiru, so much that she would die for it. Knowing that he is a player, she goes to find/meet him at a bar. She gets had by Michiru. But after that, is it over? Or will he still remember her? "The beautiful and most mysterious poison 'flower' tempting every part of me..." Misaki loved him from the bottom of her heart... because she loved him... and longed f
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The Legend of the President's Glasses 5

The Legend Of The President's Glasses

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

47,729 Nov 26,17 Irie Aki

The story of a fan club's attempt to steal their beloved idol's glasses.
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School Girls Glasses 3.2

School Girls Glasses

Chapter 1

53,422 Sep 11,17 Nii Michiyo

The musings of a spectacled school girl.
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Years 4.8


Chapter 1 : Oneshot

40,776 Sep 04,17 Nisei

Abandoned by his mother, Ayumu Hozumi was raised by his grandmother, who comes from a farming family. He helps his grandmother with the farm work, avoiding entering high school. But, one day he receives a camera as a memento of his grandfather…
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I Want Her Flower 4.4

I Want Her Flower

Chapter 4

65,018 Sep 01,17 Asube Yui

As the two with opposite personalities get closer, a love story starts.
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Oath of Allegiance 4.4

Oath Of Allegiance

Chapter 1

55,332 Aug 29,17

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Notice of Game Service Termination 4.5

Notice Of Game Service Termination

Chapter 48

93,544 Nov 11,17 Ajiichi

A short Zombie Girl x Girl oneshot.
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Perversion is Just a Part of Love 4.5

Perversion Is Just A Part Of Love

Chapter 29

53,107 Nov 11,17 Mani

Your face is what I most wish to watch over by your side.
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Evil Meal 4.9

Evil Meal

Chapter 1 : One Shot

47,037 Aug 21,17 Kayase Shiki

Yuuki has a problem: evil spirits are attracted to him. But one day, he meets a kid that can devour those evil spirits for him. Yuuki’s not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing…
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Waltz (OSHIMI Shuzo) 4.3

Waltz (Oshimi Shuzo)

Chapter 1

75,277 Aug 09,17 Oshimi Shuzo

A young girl, Onaga, discovers her neighbor, Kashiwabara, in his balcony one hot summer night, dressed up in women's clothing. A unique relationship between them ensues. From the mangaka of Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) and Happiness.
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Umi no Mukou, Tsuki no Uragawa 5

Umi No Mukou, Tsuki No Uragawa

Chapter 1

38,523 Aug 01,17 Shimokawa Saki

The story of two small-town high school boys and best friends, both striving to escape from their suffocating lives in the close-minded hamlet.
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Hoshikuzu no Sorakil 4.7

Hoshikuzu No Sorakil

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

52,409 Jul 31,17 Iwashiro Toshiaki

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Angelic 4.4


Chapter 1

48,612 Jul 27,17 Takaesu Yaya

A story of a young man who just adores his little sister... Maybe a little too much.
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School (HANAKUMA Yusaku) 5

School (Hanakuma Yusaku)

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

34,009 Jul 26,17 Hanakuma Yusaku

A oneshot from Garo 1995-10.
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Chick Bomb 5

Chick Bomb

Chapter 1

42,040 Jul 24,17 Sabu

A girl harboring feelings for her childhood friend receives some help from little balls of fluff... For better or for worse.
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