Ouji-Sama ni Midara ni Midareru 4.6

Ouji-Sama Ni Midara Ni Midareru


295,681 May 12,16 Kayoru

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I Want to Lock You Up 4.1

I Want To Lock You Up

Chapter 5

288,697 Jul 16,18 Rokuroichi

In her dreams, Chika can freely confess her love for Mitsuki. But the reality, where she barely manages to talk properly with her classmate, isn't as kind.
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Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi 4.1

Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi

Chapter 1: Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi

286,585 Mar 21,19 Komeya (Circle),NEKOTA Yonezou

When Kobayashi Jiro, a 28-year old physics teacher asked his student, Atana, to try applying for K University, Atana said he'd do it... Only if he can see Sensei's crying face?!
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Liquor & Cigarette 4.9

Liquor & Cigarette

Chapter 5.5 [End]

275,383 Dec 29,18 Zaria

Liquor, cigarettes, and a grapefruit-scented shampoo.
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...Curtain 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.5 : Love Supplication Guidance

275,144 Jan 20,16 Mizutani Kyoko

Contains 5 stories: 1. ...Curtain. Living purely together with Sensei: Hiyori Okamura is a new mathematics teacher at a high school she graduated from. She still loves Shibasaki, a chemistry teacher who she loved as a student. One day, it happened that Hiyori couldn't use her room, so she moved to Shibasaki's room in the same apartment house, and began to live there. A curtain divided the room
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Yajirushi 4.3


Chapter 6.7: Paper

272,618 Dec 21,18 Harada

A student who’s had it super easy his whole life & an errand boy with communication difficulties.
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Aisare Sugite Komaru no 4.5

Aisare Sugite Komaru No

Chapter 008

266,429 Jan 11,18 Mira,Peachpulsar

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Musume-iri Hako 4.1

Musume-Iri Hako

Chapter 8: We Don't Learn Carelessly

259,767 Feb 19,19 Akatsuki Akira

A delinquent finds a girl abandoned in a box... and takes her home...
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Onnanoko wa Koi o Suru to Mousou Shichaun desu 4.5

Onnanoko Wa Koi O Suru To Mousou Shichaun Desu

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Kouryaku Seyo Capture Me

252,311 Jan 21,16 Ginnohashi Rin,Hanamoto Asami,Hattori Miki,Kumagai Kyoko,Minase Ai,Shiumi Saki,Souda Momo

From Chibi Manga: "With my beloved boyfriend I want to do that and this..." Every girl who's fallen in love before will nod because they're full of "No-Good Fantasies!" This should fill your maidens' hearts for sure! -Do You Really Love Me? I love him, but he's from a different world...that's what I thought, but then I caught Itou-kun kissing my desk. Is it that he likes me...? -Invention
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Tabegoro Girl 4.1

Tabegoro Girl

Chapter 227

234,512 Dec 11,18

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Mayu-tan no Tokimeki Note #3 - Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite 4.6

Mayu-Tan No Tokimeki Note #3 - Kokoro Wo Hadaka Ni Shite

Vol.3 Chapter 14.5: Omake

231,683 May 22,19 Shinjo Mayu

[Taken from ShoujoMagic] : A collection of Shinjo Mayu's earlier (and less smutty) short romance stories. 1) Bare the Heart (Kokoro wo Hadaka ni Shite). Mina is a high school freshman with a crush on her math teacher...who also happens to be her cousin Yukiya! Mina has always been very precious to Yukiya, and at times it seems like he can see straight through to her heart, but can he ever se
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Tenshi no Kyuu 4.7

Tenshi No Kyuu

Ch.0 : An Angel's Hips

230,566 Jan 20,16 Asamori Mizuki

He likes to watch women' butts from below when climbing train's stairway. One day, his favorite girl fell down, hit her butt to him, broken his arm. She then offers to cook for him while he's still injured...for a month.
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Namida ni Nureta Koi 4.4

Namida Ni Nureta Koi

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Phantom Pain

220,055 Jan 21,16 Abe Tsumika,Kamishiro Kyouko,Sakurano Nayuna,Tanaka Rin

From JShoujo Scans: Contains Five One-shots: 1) Yoake Mae (Before Daybreak) Iori is the daughter of a wealthy family who has lived a caged-in existence. She has lived her life following the path set down by her parents, and now she is about to be married off to a man she doesn't love. She runs away and stumbles upon the late-night food stand run by Akira. His kindness and warmth opens her m
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Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater 5

Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater

Vol.3 Ch.38 : Go! Go! Ackman Part 11

218,015 Jan 20,16 Toriyama Akira

Compilations containing many one-shots published by Akira Toriyama that appeared in Shounen Jump between 1978-1997.
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Velvet Going Underground 5

Velvet Going Underground

Ch.29 : Welcome To Wonderland

212,843 Jan 20,16 Nakamura Asumiko

A collection of short stories: Le théâtre de A 1.Oeufs D'ange - Tenshi no Tamago A man is asked by a young painter to be her model. 2. Velvet Going Underground A doll becomes a super idol. Hijinks ensue. 3. Childhood's End Alastair runs away and meets the Rabbit. 4. Bite Me Something Allistaire followed Mr. Rabbit all the way to Wonderland. Will he be able to find him among the cr
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Himitsu - H na Naishobanashi 3.6

Himitsu - H Na Naishobanashi

Ch.6 : Pure Heart Urges (Junjou Shoudou), By Ibuki Kaede [End]


A collection of naughty tales:1. II40°C (Shigano Iori)Yuiiko is dating Seki-sempai, but he's very protective of her. One night at a party her friends get him drunk so she can have fun, but she ends up sleeping with sexy DJ Ritsu! But she'll probably never see him again.2) Sensational Love Lesson Ensnaring Melody (Murata Yuka)Nana is a slave to her piano teacher, Satsuki. Satsuki has a split person
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Making Love Like Newlyweds 4.8

Making Love Like Newlyweds

Vol.1 Chapter 0

211,847 May 29,17 Minami Haruka

For his boyfriend's birthday, Chiyuki agrees to play 'newlyweds.' However, the cos in this cosplay turns out to be an apron - and nothing else. (from Liquid Passion)
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Concierge no Koibito 4.8

Concierge No Koibito

Chapter 5.5 : It Doesn't Seem Like... His First Time

208,830 Jan 21,17 Takagi Ryo

Hinata has never had any experience with love for his 19 years of existence, and finally manages to snatch a date with the help of a classmate. With no experience with girls, Hinata asks help from his best friend, Yuuma, who seems to have had many experience with girls, who in turn teaches him how to seduce a girl, but then, something happens?
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Atashi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai 4.4

Atashi Wa Sore Wo Gaman Dekinai

Vol.1 Chapter 4

204,520 Jan 20,16 Enjouji Maki

from Baka-updates: 1) Atashi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai A very ordinary office lady named Mahiro Yano becomes a slave to former crush's Kyoichi's passions. The married man fools around with her, exhausting her physically and mentally. Still, she can't find a way out of this love fix. 2) More Tender Than Commanded Ayumi wakes up after a car accident with no memory. Alone in the world she clings
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Irrational Us 4.6

Irrational Us

Chapter 15

202,943 Dec 25,17 Takemiya Jin

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Kalimeris Porno 4.3

Kalimeris Porno


202,542 Feb 18,16

From Sentimiento Yaoi: Mimasaka-san is hiding a big secret that will lead to his perdition... when Kagaya finds out and makes use of it to catch him.
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Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo 4.7

Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo

Vol.1 Ch.7 : Real Love

193,010 Jan 20,16 Morinaga Milk

Collection of 7 short stories revolving around an all-girl's school. From Lililicious: • Tomodachi ja Nakute mo (Even if We're Not Friends) - "Even if We're not Friends," is about two girls who were friends in junior high but end up going to different high schools. • Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Natsu (The Summer Closest to Heaven) - Tells the story of a ghost who accidentally possesses a
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Amai Jouji 4.6

Amai Jouji

Vol.1 Chapter 1 V2 : Sweet Love Affair

192,344 Apr 30,18 Sasaki Yuna

Mii is an innocent girl, and she thinks that the act of sex should be romantic, tender, and beautiful. One day, however, her boyfriend Renji adopted a provocative attitude, and kissed her. The moment Mii experienced that kiss, it gave her a pleasant shock. The works by Yuna Sasaki, a new star of Comic Monthly Cheese, that describe girls' real feelings are collected.
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