Shounen Aromatic 4.9

Shounen Aromatic

Vol.1 Chapter 0

28,131 Jan 20,16 Watase Yuu

Kabuki Takitsugu is a son from a family of the "Fragrance Way", who has the special ability to smell out human scents. A girl named Hatsune appears before Kabuki while he is making money on school grounds by matchmaking people. But for some reason he can't smell Hatsune's scent.
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Zakki ni Umoreta Otome 5

Zakki Ni Umoreta Otome


28,093 Jan 20,16 Nao Tsukiji

A young maiden seeks the perfect gift for the man she's fallen in love with.
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Summer Switch 5

Summer Switch


27,710 Jan 20,16 Suzuki Tsuta

Jiro and Ma-kun had been friend since they were little. When they were in Junior High Jiro kissed Ma-kun, Ma-kun just ignores it and treated it like it was a joke but they never talked since then. They grew up seperately, Jiro now a grown up 21yr. old came back home and Ma-kun is acting as if he's been wanting to see Jiro back again and even invited him to go see the fireworks and then sparks
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HIDAMARI Sketch : Private edition 5

Hidamari Sketch : Private Edition

Chapter 0

27,219 May 31,16 Driyasfabrik

Hidamari Sketch meets GeGeGe no Kitarou.
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Black Cat Tunnel 5

Black Cat Tunnel

Chapter 001

26,799 Jan 08,18 Buchi Keiko

When high school student Tsuruta goes in search of a missing cat, he could never have guessed what lies in store for him on the other side of the tunnel...
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Rockman 5



26,086 Jan 20,16 Ishikawa Ken

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Hopeless Kacchan's Love Story 5

Hopeless Kacchan's Love Story


26,009 Jan 20,16 FUKUMOTO Nobuyuki

A oneshot by Fukumoto Nobuyuki
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Bokura no Hana no Saku Koro no 4

Bokura No Hana No Saku Koro No

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

25,747 Jan 20,16 Kita Ako

Love blossoms in your face.
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Blooms in Sunny Places 5

Blooms In Sunny Places

Chapter 0 V2 : [Oneshot]

25,646 Dec 27,17 Sengoku Hiroko

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Traces of Snow 3.8

Traces Of Snow

Vol.0 Ch.0

25,241 Jan 20,16 Takahashi Mako

In "Traces of Snow," by Takahashi Mako, the protagonist goes to visit an old friend.
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Rabu Rabu Butabara 5

Rabu Rabu Butabara

Vol.1 Ch.1

24,869 Jan 20,16 Duo

Matsuyo, a model frustrated that he isn't recognized on the street, antagonizes Keiko, a waitress in a cafe, and is amused when she responds in kind. This encounter results in his cake served to him on the wall and her with an invitation to dinner at his apartment! But why will it take four days to prepare the meal?
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Rainy Days Sunny Days 5

Rainy Days Sunny Days

Vol.1 Ch.0

24,214 Jan 20,16 Hakamada Mera

The third installment of the series in Yuri Hime as the vice-president continues to explore her feelings and move ever closer to the president.
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Moyashi Fuufu 5

Moyashi Fuufu


24,208 Jan 20,16 Ono Natsume

Short heart-warming 12 page special about an old couple.
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Phoenix's Return of a Favor 5

Phoenix's Return Of A Favor


23,865 Jan 20,16 Sugiura Shinya

Several days after a living-alone student, Tsuruno Naoki, saved a young bird from its plight... a cute, but unfamiliar girl made her visit!
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The Flustered Shabby Santa Claus 5

The Flustered Shabby Santa Claus


20,449 Jan 20,16 Yamamoto Kana

On a Christmas night, a man sneaked into an apartment room and managed to finish his goal. However, during his escape from the balcony, he encountered a girl standing at the balcony next door. Thinking that he would get reported to the police, what he heard was instead... — Synopsis from ComicWalke
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Calming of the Heart 5

Calming Of The Heart

Chapter 2: Part 2 [End]

10,391 May 27,20 Otose Miya

A two-part oneshot about the story of a lonely god and a troubled high school girl.
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