Toritome no Nai Koi no Shi 4.4

Toritome No Nai Koi No Shi


40,323 Jan 20,16 Ichikawa Kei

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Koi Wakaba 4.8

Koi Wakaba

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

41,273 Jan 20,16 Hirama Kaname

From Shoujo Crusade: What does it mean to be in love? Inoue Fuuko has a huge crush on the handsome Takamiya-senpai but due to her over the top delusions, she's mistaken as a stalker. Even though Fuuko really likes her senpai, she just doesn't know how to approach him without her delusions being triggered! Find out what this total amateur in love will do to get her beloved's attention!
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Anta Miteru to Muramura Sunda Kedo 4.5

Anta Miteru To Muramura Sunda Kedo


39,613 Jan 20,16 Junk-lab (takemiya Jin)

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Christmas no Mahou 4.9

Christmas No Mahou


50,407 Jan 20,16 Tamura Kotoyu

December 25th is a special day for Runko, but will anyone else remember why it's special?
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Heart ni Harukaze!! 4.7

Heart Ni Harukaze!!

Chapter 1

46,286 Jan 20,16 Kiyota Tomo

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Santa Claus wa Blue 5

Santa Claus Wa Blue

Ch.1 : Oneshot

39,678 Jan 20,16 Kiachi Machi

Christmas is a joyful time to eat cake with loved ones. But is that the case for Hujita?!
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The Boy Next Door 4.1

The Boy Next Door

Chapter 6

151,232 Jul 31,19 Yumeno Makoto

A girl catches the younger boy next door peeping at her in the shower, it's five years later and how will she deal with him?
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Watatsu umi no juunin 5

Watatsu Umi No Juunin

Vol.1 Ch.1.2

46,098 Jan 20,16 Oyokawa Nao

Not long after Kohei lost his parents, he saw a silhouette of a person who seems like trying to commit suicide by the sea. He immediately reached out and he's even more surprised when that person transformed before his eyes ...
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The Flustered Shabby Santa Claus 5

The Flustered Shabby Santa Claus


21,777 Jan 20,16 Yamamoto Kana

On a Christmas night, a man sneaked into an apartment room and managed to finish his goal. However, during his escape from the balcony, he encountered a girl standing at the balcony next door. Thinking that he would get reported to the police, what he heard was instead... — Synopsis from ComicWalke
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Bocchan to Osawagase Maid 4.8

Bocchan To Osawagase Maid

Chapter 4

100,977 Feb 11,16 Nanaji Yuuki

Louis and his maid, Linette, used to be very close. But as Loui grows up, they become distant from each other. Linette fears that her master doesn’t need her anymore. But is that really the case?
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Amiami Romance 4.4

Amiami Romance

Ch.0 : Oneshot

55,348 Jan 20,16 Otomo Nana

Momiji knits a sweater for her friend, Yunobe, who's going to be in the school's Christmas fashion show.
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Love Steal 4.8

Love Steal

Ch.0 : Oneshot

53,306 Jan 20,16 Yui_7

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Inu to Kami-sama 4.1

Inu To Kami-Sama

Ch.7 : Epilogue [End]

124,107 Feb 04,16 Hideyoshico

Continuation of I Love You Until the End of the World. Takase Hajime's perspective of his stalker.
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Beautiful Name 4.8

Beautiful Name

Vol.1 Chapter 3

73,120 May 01,18 Katayama Kozue

Taken From First year high school student Karin holds tightly to the memory of her childhood love Yuuki-kun; so tightly that she still wears her hair in the same childhood style (two ponytails) to be sure that if they ever meet again, he'll recognize her. Delivering papers to the school infirmary, she meets up with a boy who see
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-Rain- 4.5


Chapter 88

1,862,226 Aug 07,18 Hayase Hashiba

On a rainy day, when Mai got stood up by the guy she likes, she met a beautiful girl who told her that she was the Rain and that she had come because of her tears. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart. A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season.
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