Sumika 5


Ch.1 : 0

31,025 Jan 20,16 Sagami

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Sakashita-senpai no Koigokoro 4.9

Sakashita-Senpai No Koigokoro


47,111 Jan 20,16 Mizuno Minami

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Witch of the Old World 5

Witch Of The Old World


34,662 Jan 20,16 Isakawa Megumi

A 64-page fantasy/sci-fi one-shot that ran in Afternoon. Winner of the Four Seasons Award but didn't get serialized.
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Nanai Sanami ga Kiratte Kurenai 4.8

Nanai Sanami Ga Kiratte Kurenai

Ch.1 : Oneshot

94,891 Jan 20,16 Relucy

Stalker - a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person. Instead of running away from stalkers, who love to pursue you, how do you make them hate you? Inasaki's means to get Sanami to hate him requires more than just to disgust, ignore and to run away. What great lengths will he hurdle for her to hate him? Inasaki's story has just begun, but has he already been entangled in
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Dokuzetsu no S na Ore ga Jimi Riman ni Kuwaresou Desu 4.9

Dokuzetsu No S Na Ore Ga Jimi Riman Ni Kuwaresou Desu

Chapter 0 : Oneshot

55,433 Jan 20,16 Ogeretsu Tanaka

A strange relationship starting in a video store.
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Little Lovers (OKADA Haruki) 4.9

Little Lovers (Okada Haruki)

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

37,863 Jan 20,16 Okada Haruki

Two lovers go on a Christmas date... but everything goes wrong?!
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Kokuhaku Kurabu 4.1

Kokuhaku Kurabu

Vol.3 Chapter 14 : [Extra] Love Laboratory

145,762 Dec 26,17 Yamamoto Nobuyo

Fateful Encounters: Story 1 - Confession Club Ueda Yuki saw the boy she likes, Mashimo Arata, kissing a book that he borrowed from his senpai. Seeing the situation as it is, Yuki knows immediately that Arata likes Misato-senpai. Thus, in order to be able to talk to him freely, Yuki volunteers to become Arata's practice partner by forming a so-called 'Confession Club' to help Arata confess to M
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Neko Mahime 5

Neko Mahime

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

32,161 Jan 20,16 Uki Atsuya

An experiment goes wrong, an assistant turns into a cat. But not to worry, it can be reversed... kind of.
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Gokuaku Drop 5

Gokuaku Drop

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Oneshot

53,114 Jan 20,16 Tajima Mimi

Nami has been friends with Ryouku since they were children. But ever since they watched a kiss scene on TV, Ryoku became a ''kissing monster''. After entering middle school, Nami is getting confused wondering what kind of relationship she has with him.
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Inio-chan's Cool Japan 5

Inio-Chan's Cool Japan

Ch.1 : Oneshot

33,841 Jan 20,16 Asano Inio

A webcomic written by Asano Inio and put up on Big Comic Spirit's online reader.
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Bikou Root 5

Bikou Root

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Oneshot

54,543 Jan 08,18 Takanashi Mitsuba

From Nekohana & Eden: Ichiko has idolized Arashi-sempai from a far, ever since she saw him play in his band a year ago. When she accidentally damages his right hand, she promises to become his right hand and do everything he needs until he recovers. Will this be the chance she's always wanted to get close to him, or will it prove to be more than she can handle?
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Maps and Shapes 5

Maps And Shapes


29,914 Jan 20,16 Okudaira Yla

A short by an Avant-garde artist, Okudaira Yla.
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Ninja Cat Meow! 5

Ninja Cat Meow!


33,929 Jan 20,16 Kuromi Moni

Those who have a cat, know how naughty they can be. But what kind of cat uses this kind of ninjutsu to irritate its owner and avoid to be sold with his siblings?! Well, none other than the black cat Kuro!
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Matsuri Connection 5

Matsuri Connection

Ch.1 : Oneshot

33,270 Jan 20,16 Mizukami Satoshi

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BattleSexer Seishiro 3.6

Battlesexer Seishiro

Chapter 100 : The Finals

140,580 May 01,18 Yasuhisa Kubo

It is the 23rd century, an age of science and technology, where sex is no longer required to reproduce. However, humanity has not forgotten sex! Sex has evolved to become a form of martial arts, and those who practice it are known throughout the world as BattleSexers!
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The Princess of the Library 5

The Princess Of The Library

Chapter Extras

44,497 Dec 18,17 Osawa Amane

Aet of 4-panel strips about the library committee of an all-girls school.
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Mentality 4.5


Ch.1 : Oneshot

117,857 Jan 20,16 Ratana Satis

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Mori no Youshokujou 4.6

Mori No Youshokujou

Ch.1 : Oneshot

34,423 Jan 20,16 Togashi Sachi

A boy goes fishing in the forest, and is invited to dinner by a strange old man.
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Together With Master 5

Together With Master

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Together With Master

38,208 Jan 30,16 Himawari Souya

A young girl has collected pets...only thing about these pets is that they are humanoids. Follow this tale as Usagi (The one who misunderstands things.) tries to earn the respect of her "Master."
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Ch.0 : Oneshot

33,615 Jan 20,16 Iwai Aki

Side Story of S to JK manga.
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Lien no Tou yori 5

Lien No Tou Yori

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

34,054 Jan 20,16 Umeda Abi

In a post-apocalyptic world, a girl fears the uncertainty of moving forward.
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Gosan de Fukou na Gojitsudan 4.8

Gosan De Fukou Na Gojitsudan

Chapter 1

47,945 Jan 20,16 Yoka (ogawa Chise)

Short story about the Udou brothers very different love lives.
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Rumoured Girlfriend 5

Rumoured Girlfriend

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

50,243 Jan 20,16 Yamashiro Tonami

Tsukasa Endou, who has moved to a new school and rumors start to fly about her…she meets the prince of the school, only to find out he is not what he seems to be…One mishap on her part and she is now his slave..will they ever be friends or will they end up killing one to find out!!
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