B-Eyes 4


Vol.4 Chapter 7-1

212,250 May 01,18 Shiomi Chika

From Aerandria Scans: In New York, behind all the hustle and bustle of the big city, Kazuya and Keith execute “requests” in order to live. No one knows about them. But what happens to people who look directly into Kazuya’s jet black eyes…?! For some reason, they start to change, little by little. The much-awaited first volume of a romantic horror between light and darkness.
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Hanma Meido! 4.1

Hanma Meido!

Vol.1 Ch.9 : Sea Of Mermaids

368,023 Jan 20,16 Miyahara Ayumu

From PROzess: Okada Keiichi nearly drowned in his childhood, which left him with a trauma for water. Now he faints on the slightest touch with water. To his grief, his girlfriend takes him to the pool to charm him with her swimsuit. By accident Keiichi falls into the pool and gets rescued by the swimming instructor, Mizushima. Keiichi senses something special about her and even Mizushima seems
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Happiness (FURUYA Usamaru) 4.7

Happiness (Furuya Usamaru)

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : Underground Doll

106,389 Jan 20,16 Furuya Usamaru

Paraphrased from Kotonoha: This is a collection of eight stories (there are 9 chapters, because story 6 is composed of chapters 6 and 7). Story 1: Teased and Stepped On, What Blooms is a Passionate Flower Describes the relationship between a girl and her teacher. Story 2: Lolita #7 Features the relationship between two cousins, an older male and a younger girl. One is a teacher, while t
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Hard Triangle 4.1

Hard Triangle

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Silent Voice

204,598 Jan 20,16 Minami Megumu

Collection of short stories: - Hard Triangle- Mutiple personalities, murder, rape and a shady past between a doctor and his teenage patient. - Doll - Crystal Game- Playboy Gaku is in love with his stern best friend, Takayuki. But the jeweler only seems to notice the crystals he works with. When Takayuki offers to give Gaku a crystal treatment, Gaku has his own ideas of how he wants to be tre
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Heads 4.8


Vol.4 Chapter 36 : From Jun With Love

111,931 Jan 20,16 Higashino Keigo

This manga's story is based on a thriller by Keigo Higashino. The main protagonist, the shy Jun Naruse, is a rather average guy who works for a electronic company and loves to draw. He falls in love with Megumi whom he met at a shop selling drawing materials and an intimate relationship develops. A few days later the office gets attacked and when the criminal tries to shoot a little girl he saves
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Henjin Henkutsu Retsuden 5

Henjin Henkutsu Retsuden

Vol.1 Chapter 7 V2 : Story Six

79,500 Dec 30,17 Araki Hirohiko

Explores the lives of the famous yet not famous people that lived in our world--such as Nikola Tesla, Typhoid Mary, the woman behind the Winchester Mystery House, Kou Yoshio, and much much more. Art by Araki Hirohiko and Onikubo Hirohisa, all stories by Araki Hirohiko.
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Hiroko at After School 5

Hiroko At After School


38,591 Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Jiro

Flowers and guns... With a gun in their hands, the girls will seize their days.
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Hitsuji no Uta 4.6

Hitsuji No Uta

Vol.7 Ch.47

353,016 Jan 20,16 Toume Kei

This is about two siblings with the vampire-like tendency for blood, and at first share the same home alone till their caring aunt decides to move in with her husband to care for them, however their normal life is going to get far crazier as a doctor and other characters become involved in the plot. From Tokyopop: The members of the Takashiro family share a terrible curse: only human blood can
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Hokuto no Ken - Ryuken Gaiden 5

Hokuto No Ken - Ryuken Gaiden


48,535 Mar 14,16 Hiromoto Shinichi

A oneshot story about Kenshiro's sifu Ryuken and also the other adoptive brothers. Elaborates on how he chose the Hokuto Shinken successor and the events related to it.
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Hokuto no Ken: Yuria Gaiden Jibo no Hoshi 4.8

Hokuto No Ken: Yuria Gaiden Jibo No Hoshi

Vol.1 Ch.9 : An Overwhelming Love

76,933 Jan 20,16 Kasai Ayumi

This is the story of Yuria, a woman with the power to foresee the future, and destined to re-unite and rule over a war-plagued land. Along with the her companion Kenshiro, she struggles to comprehend the depth of her power, and to defy fate to save the ones she loves.
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Holy Night (KAGO Shintaro) 5

Holy Night (Kago Shintaro)

Vol.1 Ch.0

46,860 Jan 20,16 Kago Shintaro

"This is a short Christmas-themed manga. Santa is terrorizing the Japan by flooding everyone with unwanted gifts. The only way to stop Santa from sending more is to convince him that you’re happy with what you got, or so they believe. The story is split between a girl trying to find a way to get Santa to stop sending her vibrators, and the various government schemes to try and capture or el
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Honey Baby 5

Honey Baby

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Afterword - End

74,582 Jan 20,16 Yamagata Satomi

A collection of 5 short stories: 1-5) Honey Baby - Already wise to the world and yet still naive to love, 14-year-old Aizawa struggles for affection from the one he loves, his 27-year-old teacher, Tachibana. - mochi*mochi 6) S - Junya and Kaoru have an understanding; they have sex with no strings attached. But nothing is as easy as it seems. - PresenceDear
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Hotel Harbour View 4.4

Hotel Harbour View

Vol.1 Ch.2.2 : Episode 2 - Brief Encounter Act 2

32,460 Jan 20,16 Taniguchi Jiro Sekikawa Natsuo

[From Manga-Sketchbook]: Female assassins mix sex and death in a pair of hard-boiled well-drawn film-noir stories of love and murder. From Baka-Updates: Two linked stories, both revolving around a deadly female assassin. In Hotel Harbour View, a Japanese expatriate in Hong Kong spends his time drinking whisky, photographing a high class prostitute and waiting for death at the hands of the assassin
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Ichatsuki Taino 4.8

Ichatsuki Taino

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Nightmare

48,041 Jan 20,16 Amane Yuko

From Shoujo Manga Maniac Yugao's grandfather privately owned library stands on a precipice. In this library there is a special room which filled with occult-related books. It is rumored that the room is cursed. Kiryu, a serious man, works alone in this mysterious room. He is crazy about giving lessons to people. Yugao is very fond of him, so she one day she kissed him and he becomes a different
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Retsujou no Hazama 4

Retsujou No Hazama

Vol.1 Ch.0

47,363 Jan 20,16 Kanbe Akira

Yuuichi and Takasugi's story continues. Yuuichi is having doubts about their relationship. Read in this order: 1. Okubyou na Junjou 2. Retsujou no Meikyou 3. Retsujou no Yuuwaku 4. Retsujou no Hazama 5. Retsujou no Rensa
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Igyoujin Oniwakamaru 4.9

Igyoujin Oniwakamaru

Vol.4 Chapter 33 : Sadness Becomes Hope

94,250 Jan 20,16 Saruwatari Tetsuya

28 years earlier, there was a plane crash in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture. The barrier that the Kobo Daishi, Kukai had created to seal away the demons was destroyed in crimson flames... Present day, Oniwakamaru, King of the Yokai, appears inside the body of pure and innocent Tachibana Hitori!!
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Island 5


Vol.7 Chapter 46 : Another Homeland Part 27

85,551 Jan 20,16 Youn In-wan

[Taken from Tokyopop]: Miho, a woman of beauty, intelligence and temper, comes to Cheju Island to teach school and is immediately flung into a world of terror and the supernatural. A demon attacks her and she is saved by the chance appearance of a mystery man with seemingly only one mission... demon killing.
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Iwa and Izaemon 5

Iwa And Izaemon


43,072 Jan 20,16 Kago Shintaro

The fascination with body and grotesqueness taken to extreme would be the best words to describe this little one shot. Basically a man has an ugly wife, he then stumbles on a group of people who also have ugly wives and then they show off to each others Warning: eroguro content.
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Junai ni Torawarete 4.9

Junai Ni Torawarete

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Chivalry - Lovers -, A Typical Sunday, Afterward [End]

114,454 Jan 20,16 Fujisaki Kou

[from Fantasy Shrine:] Since he was young, Sho has been in love with his older brother’s childhood friend, Kento. However, Kento rejects his feelings as nothing more but a whim. Will this rejection drive Sho over-the-edge of madness…!? No matter how much he embraces Kento, it’s never enough! Will this obsessive love ever find a happy ending!? Also included in the collection, a story of a pervert
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Junk - Record of the Last Hero 4.8

Junk - Record Of The Last Hero

Vol.7 Chapter 35 : Junk

286,323 Jan 20,16 Asamiya Kia

Hiro is a high school student refusing to go to school after a traumatic run-in with the local bullies. But his feeble life is forever changed when, one day, he applies online for a new gadget called "JUNK".
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Junsui Yori mo Aimai na 4.9

Junsui Yori Mo Aimai Na


48,819 Jan 20,16 Sakuraga Mei

Spoiled rich boy Kimihisa can never seem to tell his lover how he really feels. instead he's always arrogant and demanding to him. will he lose the one he loves because of it, or can he finally make his real feelings known?
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Kabocha to Mayonnaise 5

Kabocha To Mayonnaise

Vol.1 Ch.10

89,619 Jan 20,16 Nananan Kiriko

Ten stories about the everyday life of Sei, an idealistic songwriter, and Miho, the young woman who struggles to support the both of them. ------------ Miho and Sei are living together. She works at a boutique while he tries to make it as a musician. Even though Miho still can’t forget about Hagio, her ex-lover, she is happy in her relationship with Sei. However, all is not well for the youn
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Kamakiri 3.6


Chapter 5.5: Extra [End]

132,551 Aug 13,19 Konami Shouko

When he was young, Kouichi ("Usa") was taken in by his cousin Kaname's family. Usa extremely hates when others touch his neck... But what might be behind his strange behaviour? Also contains non shounen ai oneshot "Under the Purple Shade"
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Kami no Kodomo 4.2

Kami No Kodomo

Vol.1 Ch.11 : Judgement

197,719 Jan 20,16 Nishioka Kyoudai

The twisted and deeply disturbing tale of a psychopathic serial killer...
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