Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai 4.8

Dame Na Watashi Ni Koishite Kudasai

Vol.10 Chapter 40

1,738,669 Dec 31,18 Nakahara Aya

From Dazzling Scans: The unemployed Shibata Michiko is betting everything she has on her romance with a younger man—literally. In order to keep him happy, she deprives herself of the things she wants and buys him expensive clothing and accessories. Since she's flat out broke, she needs to find a job before she starves to death and loses her young love interest. However, Michiko discovers
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On the Emperor's Lap 3.9

On The Emperor's Lap

Chapter 61

1,729,050 Nov 30,20 Updating

Little Bella, a war orphan who once trusted for survival; grows up carrying an abandonment wound. It’s a life without purpose, she’s the unseen, unheard, and a war slave. Kiris embraces Bella, a girl he once abandoned, now has been forgotten. Maybe it is too late when he’d found her again. Will she get over past hurts and believe in love again, when there is too much damage do
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Lost and Found 4.7

Lost And Found

Chapter 36

1,710,653 Mar 16,19 Amapora, Saza

After Jade’s childhood friend and boyfriend comes to terms with his sexuality and breaks up with her, she stumbles to a nearby park feeling lost and alone. There, she meets a stranger who listens to her story and offers her a place to crash for the night. The handsome stranger is Nathan, a silent and puzzling man who has a tendency to pick up strays from the street.
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The Lady with a Mask 4.8

The Lady With A Mask

Chapter 55 [ End ]

1,631,981 Dec 05,19 min

By day Viola Lim is a secretary, but by night she’s secretly a children’s storybook author under the pen name Violet. Too talented to be just an office worker, she created The Child with A Mask to escape her terrible boss, Harrison Kwon. Sure, he’s attractive, intelligent, but he’s also super rude! And now, he wants to find the creator of the book. How long can she keep her
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Her Shim-Cheong 4.8

Her Shim-Cheong

Chapter 84: Start Of A New Life (2)

1,560,993 Oct 09,20 Seri, Biwan

Set in historical Korea, some legends are not completely told. This is the untold half of a legend concerning a beggar woman and the wife of a powerful minister.
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I got a date with the president 4.4

I Got A Date With The President

Chapter 117

1,496,282 Dec 02,20 Updating

i got a date with the presidentA thrilling story of office romance. Shin ha-ri attended a blind date on behalf of a friend. But is suddenly proposed to by her own boss! Will Shin ha-ri be able to work at the company safely?!
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Perfect World (ARUGA Rie) 4.5

Perfect World (Aruga Rie)

Vol.9 Chapter 44: On A Sunny Day, Cherry Petals Dancing All Around

1,492,799 Aug 28,19 Aruga Rie

Kawana Tsugumi works for an interior design company. She goes to a drinking party at a client's architectural office and happens to meet her first love. He's more handsome than ever and it isn't until he's leaving that she realizes something has changed; Ayukawa is in a wheelchair.
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Akachan Ryuu no Osewagakari ni Ninmei Saremashita 4.7

Akachan Ryuu No Osewagakari Ni Ninmei Saremashita

Vol.2 Chapter 14

1,486,797 Sep 23,20 KUSANO Setsuri

The dog trainer Yui was summoned into another world as a "Guiding Hand" to raise a baby dragon. The dragon is a "Holy Dragon", who have protected the humans from the invading demons for many generations!
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I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags... In a Dire Situation!? Verge of Destruction Arc 4.7

I Reincarnated Into An Otome Game As A Villainess With Only Destruction Flags... In A Dire Situation!? Verge Of Destruction Arc

Chapter 12.5: Extra Story: This Person On My Mind

1,477,065 Nov 07,20 Yamaguchi Satoru,nishi

As she was busy bullying the honour student with the power of light magic, Maria Campbell, along with her friends, the fifteen-year-old daughter of a Duke Katarina Claes suddenly hit her head and remembered her previous life.<br><br>Thanks to those memories, Katarina realized that she was actually the villainess of an otome game that she had played in her previous life, with a struggle
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The Problem of My Love Affair 4.8

The Problem Of My Love Affair

Chapter 43

1,463,417 Nov 02,20 Heo Yunhwa,King D

Always doing her best to avoid any connection to internal powers in the company until she retires, Mo Taehee. <br>Cha Soohyeok, the general manager who has overcome all kinds of obstacles, finally finds his way to be the CEO. <br>The love and shameful(?) story of a young man and woman, who spent one night in a secluded cottage with their own secrets, unfolds!
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Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu 4.9

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

Vol.8 Bonus Manga: Tv Drama Report

1,397,660 Feb 12,19 Miyazono Izumi

Asuka is a twenty four years old successful career woman who dreams of marriage so she can become a full time housewife and someone who can create a warm home where in her husband would always be fond of returning. Nanami Ryuu is the complete opposite; although he is someone sincere in his job and a gentleman to women, for him, marriage is nothing but a hindrance. To Asuka, Nanami is a person who
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7 Seeds 4.8

7 Seeds

Vol.35 Chapter 178: Finale [Today, Then Tomorrow]

1,367,480 Aug 02,19 Tamura Yumi

Scientists had predicted this disaster, and in response, the leaders of every country met to develop a plan for human survival before the meteor hit. The Seven Seeds project was developed out of this meeting. Each country froze a number of young healthy people, which allowed them to survive the meteor. After the computer determined that Earth was once again safe for human life, it released them in
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Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife 4.6

Arranged Marriage With My Beloved Wife

Chapter 80 [End]

1,361,510 Nov 28,19 Xuan Miao Studio

She was forced to marry a crippled president for the sake of her family. Reluctant to accept the marriage at first, she kept a distance with her nominal husband. But his love and respect slowly unsealed her heart…
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Will you marry me again if you are reborn? 4.8

Will You Marry Me Again If You Are Reborn?

Vol.4 Chapter 19: A Dream Gone Halfway

1,303,069 Nov 15,20 Miku Morinaga

Toranosuke fell in love with his servant Kaoru. For twenty years, they slowly developed their love for each other, thus a Showa couple of clumsy husband and muscle brained wife was born.<br>They spend a lot of time together, and they begin to talk in a nostalgic manner in Toranosuke's hospital room.<br>Gentle memories of a deeply in love husband and wife.
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Dear, Only You Don't Know! 4.7

Dear, Only You Don't Know!

Chapter 109

1,254,191 Apr 27,20 Yuria

Everyone knows women are tricky beings, with layers upon layers of secrets they hide, but there are some secrets women must risk everything in order to keep hidden! These women with such hidden secrets are being revealed in the new series, "Dear, Only You Don't Know!" Original Webtoon
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Mr 45 Years Old Beast 4.6

Mr 45 Years Old Beast

Vol.1 Chapter 5

1,194,368 Aug 31,19 Tsubomi Chikuwa

Love story of an old handsome man with a young girl
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Teen Mom 4.6

Teen Mom

Chapter 34: What Should My Expression Look Like?

1,187,828 Nov 19,20 Theterm

Follows the heartwarming story of a teenage mom who finds herself at odds with society because of her early pregnancy.
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I Don't Want to Become Crown Princess!! 4.7

I Don't Want To Become Crown Princess!!

Chapter 7

1,172,998 Oct 24,20 Saki Tsukigami,Kuroki Natsu

Japanese in her previous life, Lidi is a duke’s daughter in this life. Her fiancé is the Crown Prince, Freed, who is known for being flawless.<br>“No matter how beautiful he is, I absolutely don’t want to marry a polygynous royal!”<br>Troubled, Lidi came up with an outrageous plan for the sake of breaking off the engagement!<br>It’s a thrilling roman
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Happy if You Died 4.4

Happy If You Died

Chapter 61.5

1,158,948 Oct 10,18 Gold Kiwi Bird

Everyone would be happier if this boss was dead... From Easy Going Scans
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Kuragehime 4.9


Chapter 84

1,133,435 Nov 30,17 Higashimura Akiko

From Baka-Updates: Kuragehime follows Tsukimi Kurashita, an 18-year-old who moved from Kagoshima to Tokyo to become an illustrator. Tsukimi is a jellyfish otaku who comes to live in a shared bath and toilet, women-only apartment, Amamizukan. Other tenants include fujoshi, NEETs and others who consider fashion their natural enemy, calling themselves "Amars". One day, Tsukimi meets a fashi
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The Duke’s Servant 4.4

The Duke’S Servant

Chapter 107

1,129,297 Dec 02,20 Morning,Oh yun

Lindsay is a top-secret spy about to take on her most difficult mission yet: to disguise herself as a man?! Her target is the Duke. Rich, mysterious, and… an infamous womanizer. Cutting her hair, drinking elixirs to hide her voice, as a servant she must infiltrate his manor and investigate the mysterious disappearance of lords and ladies in the area. However, when she meets the Duke for the
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Shiota-sensei to Amai-chan 4.7

Shiota-Sensei To Amai-Chan

Chapter 43: Cheating, Pt.1

1,126,404 Aug 01,20 Nakatoka Kumiko

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Before Love Kills Me 4.6

Before Love Kills Me

Chapter 23

1,113,333 May 04,20 Lin Lang Studios

Being reborn ten years later, my childhood friends have become a ruthless businessman, a son of a rich family, and a superstar respectively. What is even more ridiculous is that I seem to be their first love from years ago?
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