Dangerous New Hire 4.5

Dangerous New Hire

Chapter 1

4,449 Aug 30,20 Park Soo Jung

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Butai ni Sake! 4.4

Butai Ni Sake!

Chapter 7.5: Extras

17,491 Jan 01,21 Harusono Shou

Oniwa Asahi's just starting his high-school life, and he's decided it's time to turn over a new leaf and learn how to make friends and get to know those around him. How does someone who's terrible at interacting with other people go about doing that, though? Turns out, it's as easy as joining the Theatre Club and its quirky cast of characters, including the captain Imari, who s
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Another World Where I Can’t Even Collapse and Die 4.7

Another World Where I Can’T Even Collapse And Die

Chapter 6

223,255 Jan 16,21 Natsuno Yoruko,Matsui Tommy

Sumire was a high school girl before she leapt into another world the moment she fell down. Before she could collapse and die, she came across a silver-haired boy who had already collapsed and was dying. One thing led to another and she ended up working at an Adventurer’s Guild. She doesn’t have any special powers, but she’s well liked by strange plants and animals. What does Sum
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Black Dragon Romance 4.4

Black Dragon Romance

Chapter 30

371,145 Jan 18,21 July archive,Kidari Studio

The wealthy Black Dragon clan rules Shanghai, and their power knows no bounds. But for three ordinary young Koreans, life in the city is very different. Pyung-an, an art enthusiast, is working her dream job in a prestigious gallery. Yeo-rae, a talented cellist at the Music Institute, is grafting hard to make ends meet. And Jin-hwan is looking for inspiration after his dream of being a taekwondo st
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I got a date with the president 4.3

I Got A Date With The President

Chapter 128

2,094,458 Jan 22,21 Updating

i got a date with the presidentA thrilling story of office romance. Shin ha-ri attended a blind date on behalf of a friend. But is suddenly proposed to by her own boss! Will Shin ha-ri be able to work at the company safely?!
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Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan 4.6

Watashi No Tadashii Onii-Chan

Chapter 9

73,233 Jan 11,21 Morie Satoshi

[from cotton candy scans] Rize, who’s a university student, met Kairi at her part-time job at the supermarket. While lending her shoulder to Kairi who has trouble sleeping, she is reminded of her older brother who left her when she was young, and Rize starts to feel affection towards him. However, she was shocked when she saw Kairi’s diary in his apartment saying th
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The Shut-in Newlywed 4.7

The Shut-In Newlywed

Chapter 11.5: Volume + Twitter Extras

85,290 Jan 08,21 Ura

"Marriage"—when two who were once unrelated vow to love each other and wish for each other's happiness become "family." This marks the start of the married life of her dreams. Or so she thought.  Before she knew it, she became a shut-in!? What will the newlywed wife do!? This is the true story of a woman who became a shut-in as she was living
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Bite Maker ~Ousama no Omega~ 4.5

Bite Maker ~Ousama No Omega~

Chapter 2

13,833 Aug 18,20 Sugiyama Miwako

Alpha genes produce people with exceptional appearance, intelligence, and abilities, but only exists in 1/100,000 people. Nobunaga, born an alpha, will always attract other people. Despite having everything, all he wanted for was "a turn of fate." After meeting a woman that filled him with a need to have her and only her, the ultimate climax starts!
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In A Otome Game World, I’m A Villain!? I Can’t Accept This! 4.6

In A Otome Game World, I’M A Villain!? I Can’T Accept This!

Chapter 2: Ghislan Risent

73,020 Sep 17,20 Sougetsu,Ouka Nakamura,Ami Sasahara

She was supposed to break the love flag, but… she ends up having feelings for him!? This is the start of an unexpected romantic comedy♪ Mariko Kanzaki, a single office lady around her thirties, apparently got reincarnated in the world of her favorite maiden game as Cecilia, a villain (a death confirmed character)!! Only death penalty awaits her
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Totsuzen desu ga, Kyou Ai ni Kite 4.5

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Kyou Ai Ni Kite

Chapter 5: Totsuzen Desu Ga, Kyou Ai Ni Kite Extra [End]

16,451 Oct 08,20 Miyazono Izumi

[from cotton candy scans] A spin-off from the mega-hit “Totsuzen desu ga…”! You’ll meet Nana Ryuu, Asuka, and Kamiya again! Rika was dumped just before getting married. She thought her plan for the rest of her life was ruined… until she reunited with her ex-boyfriend from 6 years ago, Kamiya…? This volume also contains an extra story of Na
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My Fiancé is in Love with My Little Sister 4.4

My Fiancé Is In Love With My Little Sister

Chapter 4.2

113,600 Jan 16,21 Mashiro,Hanabusa

There my fiancé stood, gazing intently at my charming younger sister. When I saw them fall in love the moment they laid eyes on each other, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. Aah, again?   My fiancé had been in love with my younger sister even in my previous life. There was nothing I could do but watch it all unfold.
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Life in Another World as a Housekeeping Mage 4.8

Life In Another World As A Housekeeping Mage

Chapter 5

101,982 Dec 26,20 Akihito Ono,FUGURUMA You,Nama

A-rank adventurer Alec meets Shiori, a woman with the mysterious title of "household mage." Shiori, the low-rank magician, is able to prepare warm baths and delicious meals on their adventures with her strange use of magic, providing an all-too comfortable environment that would be unfitting to call an ordinary camp. Though she has thoroughly won over the hearts of Alec and his companion
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Neko no Te demo Yoroshikereba 4.8

Neko No Te Demo Yoroshikereba

Chapter 7 [End]

66,595 Sep 27,20 Ichika Hana,Utako Yumori

When a girl was taken to another world, for some reason she transformed into a half-cat beastman! Through a chance encounter, Cha found a new purpose in her isekai life - fighting youmas alongside her new comrades.
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This Unbound World's 4.9

This Unbound World's "normal" Is Difficult

Chapter 5: "normal" Treatment 2

130,625 Jan 21,21 NAKAMURA Satsuki,Batako

At least this much is "normal," is it not? Elma who was raised in a prison was dangerously granted pardon and released. Though she tries to heed her mother's words to be "normal," while working as a maid in the royal palace, her outlandish abilities and behavior end up shaking it up in its entirety. Successfully carrying out the job of four people by her
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Baskerville's Family Political Marriage 4.8

Baskerville's Family Political Marriage

Chapter 3

24,583 Sep 18,20 Takasato Michi,TSUBASAKI Fujiko

Baskerville, the family of tragedy. Sophia, the daughter of a wealthy family, is to marry Gwyn Baskerville, the young heir of the Baskerville family who succeeded the title at the mere age of thirteen. After the recent death of his family, Gwyn, the ‘tragedy boy’ was thrown into the public eye. Although Sofia manages to establ
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Is It Wrong to Get Done by a Girl? 4.5

Is It Wrong To Get Done By A Girl?

Chapter 6.5: How To Say Goodbye After A Regular Date

251,574 Jan 13,21 Nameta Nejiga

24-year-old Mitsuki is a proper, yet cute company worker who has dated plenty of guys. However, when her boyfriends pat her on the head, caress her cheeks, and say heart-racing lines, she ends up shuddering at these heart-pounding actions instead…! Unable to enjoy the “ordinary happinesses of women” and unable to date anyone for long, Mitsuki reached th
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Suicide Line 4.6

Suicide Line

Chapter 7: The Scent Of Life

15,007 Jan 24,21 Naked Ape

Kuroda is a police investigator with a special talent for sniffing out corpses -- literally -- due to a traumatic event in his childhood where he was trapped in a room with his deceased family members for several days. After being assigned to the Missing Persons Division where they hope to make the best use of his ability, he meets a genius detective with an unbelievably high case closure rate.
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Himitsu x Himitsu 4.3

Himitsu X Himitsu

Chapter 5: Now A Lolicon...

131,596 Oct 17,20 Monden Akiko

A collection of short stories involving many different couples and their sex life. Their everyday situations are told with humor and fun.
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The Duke’s Servant 4.4

The Duke’S Servant

Chapter 114

1,635,377 Jan 20,21 Morning,Oh yun

Lindsay is a top-secret spy about to take on her most difficult mission yet: to disguise herself as a man?! Her target is the Duke. Rich, mysterious, and… an infamous womanizer. Cutting her hair, drinking elixirs to hide her voice, as a servant she must infiltrate his manor and investigate the mysterious disappearance of lords and ladies in the area. However, when she meets the Duke for the
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Saikawa Fusai no Renai Jijou - Nananen Jikkuri 4.4

Saikawa Fusai No Renai Jijou - Nananen Jikkuri

Chapter 9.6: Extra: Saikawa-Kun Is Half Asleep + Drama Cd Recording Report

365,316 Dec 22,20 TOYAMA Monaka,KARASUMA Kanatsu

[from cotton candy scans] He’s super doting at work but sadistic when in private; the true nature of my colleague who’s great at his job is... Hanamura Mitsuki and Saikawa Chiaki, age 29, both work at an advertising firm. They’re called the “Saikawa Married Couple” by everyone around them because of the way they work in perfect synchrony after bein
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Manager Of The Inner Palace 4.5

Manager Of The Inner Palace

Chapter 2

14,479 Jul 29,20 Shikimi Aki,Hiromoto Shiwori

Yuuran, the daughter of a major merchant, was hurriedly married off because of an imperial edict, in order to manage the imperial harem. When her husband, the younger, handsome right prime minister came, she could only apologize to him for having to marry someone as old as her. But when she went to do her duty at the Imperial Palace, a beautiful woman appeared, and said-- "I do a
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Christmas Miracles 4.5

Christmas Miracles

Chapter 62

183,216 Jan 25,21 Hamster,Kidari Studio,Park hanna,Yi eum-sae

Kwon Nameun, a young script writer, recently finds herself caught in a career turn as well as romantic dilemma. As she reencounters her high school crush who mercilessly dumped her seven years ago, how is she supposed to face this adonis of an actor for whom she once set on the path of writing? She has to prove that she already let go. Luckily, she meets another cute, sweet and handsome singer, wh
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The Tyrannical Holy King Wants to Dote on the Cheat Girl, but Right Now She's Too Obsessed With Magic!!! 4.9

The Tyrannical Holy King Wants To Dote On The Cheat Girl, But Right Now She's Too Obsessed With Magic!!!

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Sealing For The First Time

45,481 Aug 24,20 Natsuno Chiyori,Sasahara Chiei

Even though Karen is the top student at the Magic Academy, she's also called the 'Worst Genius' and is currently in danger of being expelled!!! The key to avoid the expulsion is  the newly appointed Holy King, a dangerous, untouchable, complex tyrant with fiendish magic?! Rather than being afraid, Karen is in awe of the rare magic. "I w
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Lady Chinoiserie 4.1

Lady Chinoiserie

Chapter 22: The End

13,632 Aug 15,20 Hatsu Akiko

Because his cousin is under suspicion of murder, William is trying to find a beautiful woman who was his cousin's recent lover to prove his cousin's alibi. But she disappeared from the house where she should have been. The boy then fell in love with a mysterious blonde woman who wears Chinese dresses. He is trying to find her even though time keeps passing by...
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