Totsuzen desu ga, Kyou Ai ni Kite 4.5

Totsuzen Desu Ga, Kyou Ai Ni Kite

Chapter 5: Totsuzen Desu Ga, Kyou Ai Ni Kite Extra [End]

12,298 Oct 08,20 Miyazono Izumi

[from cotton candy scans] A spin-off from the mega-hit “Totsuzen desu ga…”! You’ll meet Nana Ryuu, Asuka, and Kamiya again! Rika was dumped just before getting married. She thought her plan for the rest of her life was ruined… until she reunited with her ex-boyfriend from 6 years ago, Kamiya…? This volume also contains an extra story of Na
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The Saintess of Another World Is a Pâtissière 4.7

The Saintess Of Another World Is A Pâtissière

Chapter 3

11,117 Nov 29,20 Azuya Chitose,Marino

One day, Emi, an apprentice pâtissière, suddenly found herself in another world where evil spirits were abound. As she was about to be attacked by a beast, she was saved by a handsome knight. She makes some pudding to thank him, and by chance it was discovered that the sweets made by Emi were able to purify evil spirits! Dumbfounded by this, a shrine was set up in her name and she became known as
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Lady Chinoiserie 4.1

Lady Chinoiserie

Chapter 22: The End

11,093 Aug 15,20 Hatsu Akiko

Because his cousin is under suspicion of murder, William is trying to find a beautiful woman who was his cousin's recent lover to prove his cousin's alibi. But she disappeared from the house where she should have been. The boy then fell in love with a mysterious blonde woman who wears Chinese dresses. He is trying to find her even though time keeps passing by...
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Mugi-kun ni koi wo shite wa ikenai 4.7

Mugi-Kun Ni Koi Wo Shite Wa Ikenai

Chapter 3

9,685 Nov 05,20 Makiboros

Yui is a 28-year-old office worker who has just moved into a share house after a break-up. There, she meets a 19-year-old boy who is a member of a band...?! What kind of turn can this love that they can't tell anyone take?
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Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc 4.3

Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc

Chapter 12: 12Th Poem

9,128 Nov 30,20 Suetsugu Yuki,Tokiumi Yui,Tooda Oto (Onda Oto)

Translated Official description: During elementary school, it was competitive karuta that Arata, Chihaya, and Taichi were tied together with a strong bond––the new trio.  Arata went to a different middle school returning to Fukui, while Taichi attended a prestigious school that's hard to get into. Even when they're all scattered apart, Chihaya continues playin
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Life in Another World as a Housekeeping Mage 4.8

Life In Another World As A Housekeeping Mage

Chapter 1

7,530 Aug 09,20 Akihito Ono,FUGURUMA You,Nama

A-rank adventurer Alec meets Shiori, a woman with the mysterious title of "household mage." Shiori, the low-rank magician, is able to prepare warm baths and delicious meals on their adventures with her strange use of magic, providing an all-too comfortable environment that would be unfitting to call an ordinary camp. Though she has thoroughly won over the hearts of Alec and his companion
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Butai ni Sake! 4.4

Butai Ni Sake!

Chapter 7

7,229 Nov 24,20 Harusono Shou

Oniwa Asahi's just starting his high-school life, and he's decided it's time to turn over a new leaf and learn how to make friends and get to know those around him. How does someone who's terrible at interacting with other people go about doing that, though? Turns out, it's as easy as joining the Theatre Club and its quirky cast of characters, including the captain Imari, who s
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Bite Maker ~Ousama no Omega~ 4.5

Bite Maker ~Ousama No Omega~

Chapter 2

6,934 Aug 18,20 Sugiyama Miwako

Alpha genes produce people with exceptional appearance, intelligence, and abilities, but only exists in 1/100,000 people. Nobunaga, born an alpha, will always attract other people. Despite having everything, all he wanted for was "a turn of fate." After meeting a woman that filled him with a need to have her and only her, the ultimate climax starts!
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Manager Of The Inner Palace 4.4

Manager Of The Inner Palace

Chapter 2

6,863 Jul 29,20 Shikimi Aki,Hiromoto Shiwori

Yuuran, the daughter of a major merchant, was hurriedly married off because of an imperial edict, in order to manage the imperial harem. When her husband, the younger, handsome right prime minister came, she could only apologize to him for having to marry someone as old as her. But when she went to do her duty at the Imperial Palace, a beautiful woman appeared, and said-- "I do a
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Dachi no Imouto 4.8

Dachi No Imouto

Chapter 2

6,215 Sep 21,20 Shima Tokio

The long awaited new series from Shima Tokio, an irregular boy meets girl story. Please enjoy this extraordinarily sweet romantic comedy.
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Suicide Line 4.6

Suicide Line

Chapter 5: Episode 5

5,484 Aug 23,20 Naked Ape

Kuroda is a police investigator with a special talent for sniffing out corpses -- literally -- due to a traumatic event in his childhood where he was trapped in a room with his deceased family members for several days. After being assigned to the Missing Persons Division where they hope to make the best use of his ability, he meets a genius detective with an unbelievably high case closure rate.
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Yo-Jo Life! 4.9

Yo-Jo Life!

Chapter 2

4,947 Sep 02,20 Ama (あまー)

Akihiko Shimura, 20 years old (male). When I woke up in the morning, I was a little blonde loli.
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Ihou no Oswald 4.1

Ihou No Oswald

Chapter 2: Pursuit Of Sleeping Beauty

4,144 Oct 25,20 OKAZAKI Satono

Year 198X, Puerto Rico. Mamiya Musashi, a boy who dreams of encountering intelligent extraterrestrial life, meets genius maverick Isaki Aira who he entreats to be hired as an assistant. From that encounter begins a story to surpass mankind's intelligence.
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Hiyama Kentarou no Ninshin 3.6

Hiyama Kentarou No Ninshin

Chapter 5: The Case Of Miyaji Noriko

3,101 Oct 25,20 SAKAI Eri

You ever watch that movie Junior?
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Korogaru Onna to Koi no Numa 4.6

Korogaru Onna To Koi No Numa

Chapter 2

2,937 Oct 17,20 Akuta Fumie

My motto is “continue as you are”. What will my precious life become once it starts to change?
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1/4 x 1/2 ® 4.2

1/4 X 1/2 ®

Chapter 1.1

2,149 May 27,20 Shinohara Udou

The lead is a spirit medium, although unfortunately he's not the best. His medium house has lasted for generations, but he only has a quarter of their ability - the only spirits he can call are animals, and while his touch can feel the spirits, he can't even hear them. For that, he needs help from his feline sidekick, although he can only be called half a cat, as he has the past life memor
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Venus Trap 2.8

Venus Trap

Chapter 6

1,532 Sep 06,20 六十一分漫画工作室 / 芝士棒 / 阿喵喵喵3 /

I’m Mia Tang, a hustler, a black widow who can lure you in with a few sweet words. I’ve spent my life perfecting the ‘art of the con,’ and I’m proud of what I do. Why shouldn’t I be? The hustle is the only thing that’s real in this world full of deceptions. So when you, Ellie Xia, try to steal my biggest mark from me, with your pink frills and long lashes&
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Koi no Kiseki 3.5

Koi No Kiseki

Chapter 3: Ticket To Paradise

1,201 Oct 21,20 Morita Yuko

Chubby and plain, Taeko's biggest worry is whether she'll ever have the courage to tell her crush how she feels. Then one day a mysterious cousin comes to stay and Taeko's world is shattered. Cast out of her own home after her mother's death, Taeko stumbles into the night and is hit by a truck. When she wakes up, she's greeted by a doctor who promises to turn her life around. A
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Dangerous New Hire 4.5

Dangerous New Hire

Chapter 1

960 Aug 30,20 Park Soo Jung

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Summer Breeze 4.4

Summer Breeze

Chapter 1

307 Sep 30,20 Han Kyoung Charl

In an unfamiliar place I met a boy with a not so unfamiliar gaze. After the summer breeze passes, we will be… Han Gyung Chal’s new summer special!
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Cool na Otto wo Koi ni Otosu Houhou 3.4

Cool Na Otto Wo Koi Ni Otosu Houhou

0 Jul 23,20 Tachibana Yuzuha,Aoi Itoshi

[from cotton candy scans] “Starting from today, I’ll be your husband.” The person I’ve admired for so long suddenly becomes my “husband?!" Takatsuki Honoka, 22 years old. I’ve been crushing on someone since I was in high school. He’s my father’s subordinate, the cool and handsome, yet super kind Nagakura Kousuke-san. On
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